Kerala Society Registration: All You Need to Know

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Kerala Society Registration

This write-up pens down the procedure & legal requisites for Kerala Society Registration. In a legal purview, society refers to an association of people who collectively work to serve a common goal. Societies are usually registered with charitable undertakings, such as music, sports, art, religion, & education. In India, the society registration Act underpins the standard guidelines for the society registration. The ultimate goal of the Act was to broaden the legal stipulations of society registration, to improve science, literature, fine arts & awareness of needful rights of the nation. Up till now various amendments has been made to the Society Registration Act, 1860.

What is the Ultimate Objective Of Society Registration?

The main objectives of the society have been briefed out in Section 20 of the Act.

The society registration aims to;

  • Advocate Fine Arts
  • Develop Political Influence
  • Facilitate charitable aid
  • Incentivize literature & science
  • Procure military orphan funds
  • Build galleries
  • Advocate natural history
  • Advocate philosophical or mechanical inventions, design or instruments

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Kerala Society Registration- Legal Procedure

Societies are registrable in Kerala[1] under the ambit of Societies Registration Act, 1860 or Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific & Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955.

Societies operating in the region of Travancore are registrable under Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific & Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955. All societies follow the identical legal procedure for registration purposes.

What is Eligibility Criteria for Kerala Society Registration?

The followings are eligible to register a society in Kerala under the aforesaid Acts:

  • Individuals
  • Foreigners
  • Partnership Firms
  • Limited Company
  • Registered Society

Mandatory Documentations for Kerala Society Registration

Following are the primary documents that are mandatory for the Kerala Society Registration under the aforesaid Act.

Letter to Registrar

A letter cum declaration regarding the establishment of the society to be submitted to Registrar

Name Clause

The Society’s name shall not resemble to other operating societies


A written declaration manifesting applicant’s assurance that proposed name of the society is unique to its core.

Memorandum of Association (MOA)

This would manifest the primary objects of the society


A copy of bylaw including the norms & regulations. It ought to enclose the signature of at least three members of the body.

Application Form No:1-

Duly filed & attested. A challan receipt worth Rs 50 should be attested & added with the registration form.

Challan Receipt

A challan receipt manifesting the capital amount has to be provided.


A briefed and clear plan related to the society

List of Promoters

The promoters’ list highlighting fiscal contribution of individual partners towards to share capital and shared subscribed.

Memorandum of Association (aka MOA) of the Kerala Society Registration

The memorandum of association (aka MOA) of the Society entails:

Memorandum of Association (aka MOA) of the Kerala Society Registration

Step by Step Guide for Kerala Society Registration

The procedure related  to the Kerala Society Registration is mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit Kerala Government Portal

First of all, head over the Kerala Government Portal  by using the following URL

Step 2: Choose new society registration

Go to the category section and opt for the new society registration

Step 3: Submit requested details

The portal will ask you to render the basic detail and upload photo along with the ID proof

Step 4: Create login credential

In this step, you are supposed to create the login credentials such as username and password to access the portal securely

Step 5: Fill E-form

Login to the portal and starts filling the web-based application for Kerala Society Registration. While filing the e-form, the portal will ask you facilitate the following details;

  • Name of the society
  • Details of the members such as names and address
  • Designation of the members in the society

Step 6: Submit the fees

Once the rendered the above details & uploaded the requested documents, proceed to make the payment regarding the registration fees.

Step 7: Grant of the Registration

As soon as you submit the requested fee amount, the portal will sent you the unique id to your submitted email id. Once this process is completed the registration certificate would find it way to the applicant.


Keep in mind that the Kerala Society Registration comes under the ambit of two Acts i.e. Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific & Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955 and Society Registration Act, 1860. The procedure under the two act is more or less the same. At the state level, the requirement are- organization’s name, seven members, and a charitable purpose. At the centre, the only extra prerequisite is nine members to form the Society.

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