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Why the ISO Registration Has Creditability in India: Process of ISO Certification

calendar13 Jan, 2020
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Online ISO Registration

ISO stands for International Standards Organization which approves the safety, efficiency and quality of the products and maintains standards for the businesses. ISO is an independent organisation which has developed the standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001etc, but this organisation does not issue any certificates to a particular company. However CASCO[1] the committee of ISO on Conformity Assessment has given a number of the standards related to ISO registration which is used by the certification bodies. Further, there are benefits and procedures for registration and certification.

Why ISO Certification Obtained in India

The ISO certification has provided set standards for the international level, which guaranteed the products or services manufactured or sold by the companies. The ISO certified is useful for the company reputation and ensure the quality of the product. The customers are also assured about the product which contains ISO certification and can easily rely upon the company’s quality standards. There are furthermore points which indicate the ISO registration importance:

  • The company having ISO certifications have better branding for the product and services they provide to the customers.
  • The tenders provided by the government are also to those companies and legal entities which contain ISO standards.  
  • The ISO has provided the international standards which are helpful for the customers all over the world to know about ISO certified companies.
  • The sale and purchases are also dependent upon the ISO certification as the standard served the satisfaction of the customers and increased their interest in the product or service.
  • The consumers rarely reject the product of the ISO certified companies, and if any flaw occurs, it can be checked by the companies easily according to the standards.
  • The operations in the business increase its efficiency and quality because of the ISO certificated mark, and it raises the status of the company as well.
  • The mark of the ISO certification such as ISO 9001 standard in itself is a branding and marketing for a service and product and also increases the value of the business.
  • The profits and path to set place in the international market are also because of the ISO certification.
  • The expectation level will increase and maintain the growth in the business. The necessity of ISO registration so that it attracts the customers and make positive influence about the product and services.

Benefits of the ISO Certification Online

The numbers of organizations taking this ISO certification such as ISO 9001 as there are continuous development and improvement in the company. The standard benefits have given good outcomes to the companies such as improving their product and service quality according to the standards. This improvement has proved to gain more customers satisfaction. The Online ISO registration is bound to exponentially benefits to an organisation after an ISO 9001 certification with the legal guidelines. There are certain benefits of the ISO certification required by the company are as follows

  • The company or organisation gets a platform after maintaining the standards to enhance their decisions for the betterment of the company.
  • The set standards allow a company to check over the issues and to resolve the same accordingly.
  • The ISO certification provides a healthy approach to maintain the standards for the company and increase the value in the market.
  • The standard gave the competitive edge to the companies, which are also helpful for getting the government tenders.
  • The ISO registration is worth to add more value to the companies policies.
  • The ISO certification increases the perception of the customers and helps in increasing the satisfaction of the customers more.

Advantages of ISO Certification

  • International credibility: ISO Certification plays a fundamental role in assisting the organizations to develop credibility in the overseas business.
  • Customer Satisfaction: ISO standards are anticipated to make the enterprises serve their consumers in an improved way that would result in increase in customers’ satisfaction
  • Government Tenders: ISO Certification is important to bid for Government Tenders.
  • Business Efficiency: Functional effectiveness of enterprises is improved by obtaining the ISO Certification. The work instructions and the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) can be developed with the help of ISO Certification Agency. The proper implementation and execution of ISO by a business organization manages the resources efficiently.
  • Product Quality: the consumers are ensured about the product quality if it is matching up with the international standards by obtaining the ISO Certification. It will lessen the risk of rejections of the product orders due to the defective products.
  • Marketability: ISO Certification shall improve the credibility of the business and it helps the business marketing directly.

Procedure for Obtaining ISO Registration Online

The ISO registration is mandatory in the law and also sometimes effective by the contract. The procedure requires for the ISO registration is first to get the ISO 9001 certification right which benefits the business for the long run. The other thing is to know about the ISO registrar who has ISO certifications followed by the CASCO standards. The ISO Company can be non-IAF certified, or the IAF certified [2].

IAF stands for the International Accreditation Forum, and this IAF provides the legality to the registration as it adds on more credibility to the ISO certification in case the IAF accreditation is not present the standard followed by the company is not legally applicable. IAF none other than the third party which has assigned on behalf of the ISO to decide the company is following the certain standards after ISO registration or not.  The following is the process for the ISO registration as below:

  • For the ISO registration, there is the form filled online with the complete information like the nature of work of a business, the complete company address and communication address as well and also the years of the completion of the business etc. After completing the ISO application form, the documents are also submitted.
  • There are many ISO standards specified by the CASCO standards, and therefore it is required by the company to decide the best accreditation standard required for your company. The Corpbiz team experts provide advice related to ISO certification.
  • The documents submitted along with the ISO application form has to be verified by the company and then further be submitted to the ISO registrar.
  • After the confirmation of the submission of the form and the documents, the payment is made online for the completion of the ISO registration.
  • The ISO audit is conducted to check the records and documents filed for the ISO registration. The internal audit or a party audit is done by the company in itself or can be done by the other company as well. The external auditor conducts the supplier audit afterwards to ensure the working of the suppliers and functions within the company. This will ensure the standards maintained by the company suppliers are proper or not. After this, another audit is conducted by the auditors of the certification bodies for the ISO certification.
  • The checking of the documents by the ISO auditors submitted before the registrar and ensured the accuracy of the documents according to the business conducted by the company.
  • Now if no mistakes or error found in the audit process, then the certificate is issued in the company’s favour that is ISO certified.
  • The ISO registration then referred to be completed and requires renewal once in a year by the company. For the renewal, the surveillance audit is conducted by the authorities to ensure the maintenance of the standards.

Required Documents for the ISO Registration in India

The following documents are required for the ISO registration, and mandatory for the certification are as follows:

  • Proof of registered business, the documents required such as GST certificate, MSME certificate or certificate of incorporation.
  • The copyright or trademark for the incorporated business conducted
  • The invoices of the sales and purchase
  • The balance sheet of the company for a year to prove the years of completion of the business in the company.


The ISO registration is mandatory for the benefit and growth of the company for the long run. The above procedure is briefly described for the basic registration, which can differ from one company to another company business. For further assistance and detail information, the Corpbiz team experts are ready to severe you.

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