Importance of LMPC Importer License for Importers of Packaged Commodities

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Importance of LMPC Importer License for Importers of Packaged Commodities

Any importer that imports pre-packed commodities or goods to distribute or sell must apply for the packer or manufacturer registration under rule 27 of the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011. Several business operations need to review measurements and weigh for their operations. This Act’s main objective is transparency and clearness in the business. The business should apply for the registration of a license within 90 days from the date of import has been made. The LMPC importer license for Importers is a must before the goods are imported into India. Under these rules, the importer has to ensure that certain mandatory declarations are made on the pre-packed commodities. Obtaining an LMPC certificate means precise and accurate handling of goods and having correct measurements. Also, it establishes a strong impression of consumer awareness and reduction of unfair trade practices pertaining to such products.

Who Can Get An LMPC Importer License?

  • Manufacture Company
  • Food Importer
  • Cosmetic Importer
  • Importer and Packager

Why Do Importers Need An LMPC Certificate?

Having an LMPC certificate or failing to comply with the rules of LMPC can lead to your imported goods being detained by customs. Given the delays, expenses and other repercussions of a customs seizure, ensure your importer registration is done before your goods arrive in India.

Benefits of LMPC Importer License for Importers

Measurements and weighing play an essential role in business practices, so it is always important to maintain a sense of balance between the sellers and buyers.

  • Reduction Of Transaction Cost

The LMPC importer license helps to mitigate poor measurement practices, which lead to time-consuming, and these practices also affect both the business and the consumers. But when the measurements and weighing are done accurately following the norms of the Legal Metrology Act[1], it increases the customer’s trust and also boosts the product.

  • Supports The Trade Practices

The LMPC importer licences for importers control unlawful and unfair practices. The Act ensures that the measuring instruments comply with international standards to serve the customers.

  • Building Customers Trust

Suppose the customers realize that the product they get is in the correct quantity, verified by rules and regulations. In that case, it will undoubtedly boost the customer’s trust in the specific product or seller, eventually resulting in suitable trading. The LMPC importer license for importers also symbolizes consumer protection. It ensures that all commerce transactions of goods on a national and international platform resort to genuine and correct weights and measures.

  • Trading Barriers Reduction

The LMPC importer license for importers mitigates the burden of technical barriers for the importers and promotes confidence and clarity of the measurements.

Why is LMPC Certificate Necessary?

In LMPC, Rule 27 mandates acquiring an LMPC importer license for importers before importing pre-packaging goods for sale or distribution in the country. The Department of Consumer Affairs specifically ensures that such importers or manufacturers engaged in selling pre-packaged commodities in one state should apply to the Controller of Legal Metrology department in that specific state.

Responsibilities of an LMPC Importer License for Importers /Manufacturers

It is the responsibility of all the licensed importers to make a declaration on all pre-packaged commodities with the following information

  • Name and address of the importer in the package
  • Specify the general name of goods contained in the package
  • From where the product is imported is required
  • The total quantity of the product with respect to standard units of measurement or weights
  • Date of import and manufacture
  • Maximum Retail Price (MRP) in the package
  • Size and dimension of the goods
  • Contact details of a concerned person or office in case of any consumer complaints arise.

The declaration can be printed in Hindi or English, or any regional language based on the product requirement; however, it is mandatory to maintain a given structure to be displayed on the packaging. Violating any LMPC rules will attract fines extending up to Rs. 4,000. Additionally, a late fine will be imposed if an importer applies for an LMPC certificate post 90 days of commencing imports.

Documents Required for LMPC Certification

  • Details of the product are written in an Excel sheet.
  • Certificate of Incorporation, MOA.
  • GST Registration Certificate.
  • Import Export Code
  • Board Resolution certificate.
  • PAN & Aadhaar card of the proprietor or owner.
  • DOB of the Authorized signatory.
  • Products list with its 8 digit ITC (HS) code.
  • Mobile No and email ID for registration purposes.
  • Labour License/ Professional tax

Additional documents required for LMPC Certification

Specific additional documents may be required depending on the state where the registration is made.

  • Documentary proof of ownership or lease agreement
  • Location map of premises
  • No objection certificate (NOC) from the State pollution control board.

Essential Guidelines for LMPC Certification

The following are the guidelines that LMPC importer license for importers to follow for the registration of goods. Guidelines cover measuring weight under sec 47 of the Standing of Weights and Measures Act (SOWM) 1976.

  • The rules under LMPC Act define that any imported product should have certain specifications on its packaging label. That label information should be honoured, and the contained part in the label should be specific.
  • In case of an incomplete application, the Controller of Legal Metrology shall return the same within seven days of receiving the application.
  • If the application is complete in every respect, then the Controller shall grant the LMPC certificate to the applicant within ten days of receiving the application.


The LMPC importer license for importers is mandatory for pre-packaged commodities. The importer being registered under the Legal Metrology Act and acquiring the LMPC certification demonstrates that the business adapts authentic business practices to cross-border trades. Importers must register their trades within the prescribed time limit, and any ignorance to complying with such a condition required by the Act may incur penalties for the defaulters.

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