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How to obtain PRO Authorization – E-waste?

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PRO authorization-E-waste

PRO Authorization-E-waste means a professional organization authorized collectively or individually by producers, which takes the authority for collecting and channelizing e-waste generated from the end of life of their products. It helps in ensuring environmentally sound management of such e-waste. In this write-up, we will discuss PRO Authorization-E-waste, Legislation, and its role in E-waste management.

What is PRO Authorization?

PRO Authorization stands for Producer Responsibility Organization that deals with end plastic goods management and recyclability. The manufacturer has to comply with the policies introduced by Central Pollution Control Board. The high consumption of various complex durable goods has caused severe environmental problems. Proper handling of the waste produced has been distress for policymakers. The officials recently introduced a policy for producers of these goods to be accountable for their destructive management. Such manufacturers may also delegate this responsibility to a third party who the Central Pollution Control Board authorizes.

The guidelines of Producer Responsibility Organization are based on Extended producer responsibility, which makes the manufacturer responsible for the environmental effects around the life cycle of products. 

Regulations of Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO)

In India, the concept of Producer Responsibility Organization is explained in two sectors-

  • Plastic Waste Management
  • E-waste Management

The E-Waste Management Rules, 2016, and Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016, make manufacturers of such products responsible for collecting plastic electronic products waste. Such manufacturers need to establish a system to manage the trash generated due to their products.

In December 2020, the Prime Minister[1] spoke on the advantages of using electronics items to the fullest and carefully rejecting old things. Also, he talked about the need to handle electronic waste better. Of late, in August 2021, he announced the ‘Waste to Wealth’ mission, focusing on utilizing waste for better use.

Role of Producer Responsibility Organization in E-waste management?

Producer Responsibility Organization assist the manufacturers upon engagement in one or more of the following tasks:

  • Reaching the target of collection.
  • Creation of waste collection practices such as door-to-door collection.
  • Take back administration
  • Positioning of the logistics 
  • Create the identifiable process of the e-waste collected and transmitted & destroying the waste & end of life plastic waste.
  • Helping the manufacturers file quarterly/annual returns as per the rules.
  • Guide on extended producer’s responsibility plan as legally required.

Functions performed by Producer Responsibility Organization 

A Manufacturers should mention its capacity for waste handling; this includes a size for storage, collection, and reuse with whom it has positioning for recycling such waste. A manufacturer should also be skilled in channelizing plastic and electronic waste to meet its Producers’ collection targets.

Responsibility of Recycler in Producer Responsibility Organization

  • Every individual proposing to recycle plastic waste shall make an application to the State Pollution Control Board or the Pollution Control Committee for grant of registration
  • To ensure environment-friendly management of the waste
  • To facilitate adequate pollution control equipment to prevent environmental pollution.
  • Every individual engaged in recycling plastic waste shall arrange and submit an annual report to the local authority concerned under intimation to the concerned State Pollution Control Board or Pollution Control Committee by the 30th April of every year.
  • In every case, the Central Pollution Control Board has the authority to audit, substantiate and scrutinize the application and decide accordingly. 

Authorization and Recognition of Producer Responsibility Organization

For recognition and authorization of Producer Responsibility Organization, the form to be submitted to the Central Pollution Control Board for registration of PRO is annexed with the directions for both plastic and electronic waste management. The specifications for e-waste management does not stipulate any minimum requirements for registration of PRO, while guidelines for waste management specify the below-mentioned requirements –

  • Registration from any Statutory Body,
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in Waste Management.
  • Disclosure of successful disposal of Municipal Solid Waste & plastic waste,
  • Details of TAN, GST & PAN numbers.

Before granting registration, CPCB has the authority to scrutinize, verify and examine the application. Further, the E-waste management rules’ registration shall be valid for three years. 

Role of Producer Recognized Organization in E-Waste Management

In India, the need of the hour is the challenge of reducing E-waste. Every individual must be aware and take responsibility to eliminate the pollution created through e-waste. Also, the authorities have initiated to lower the production of e-waste in India. Therefore, they have established Producers Responsibility Organization. The role of the Producers Responsibility Organization is to assist the producers and fulfill their legal obligation in achieving the collection E-waste objective, introducing the collection centers of E-waste, and organizing the awareness programmers related to the collection of E-waste. PRO authorization agreements shall be signed between the producers or with an association of producers. The agreements shall specify the part and responsibility of the Producer Responsibility Organization.


Producer Responsibility Organization initiative taken by the government is a practical step in the waste management process. However, the success of PRO is based on higher management. The authority must have a suitable regulatory framework highlighting the role of various stakeholders and appropriate guidelines for producers.

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