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How to Obtain Jewellery Hallmark Logo?

calendar20 Oct, 2022
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How to Obtain Jewellery Hallmark Logo?

Hallmarking is the process which helps to determine the content of the precious metal in Jewellery. Hallmark’s primary objective is to ensure that the manufacturers conform to the standards set by the organisation & protect the public from impurities & adulteration. Hallmarking of Jewellery increases the trust factor for the customers as it ensures that the gold they buy has exactly the same purity as mentioned in the Hallmark. The Government of India has mandated gold Jewellery hallmarking effective from June 16, 2021. A certified jeweller can obtain BIS hallmarked from any A&HC recognised by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Scroll down to check how to obtain Jewellery Hallmark Logo in India.

How to Check the Jewellery Hallmark Logo?

The Jewellery Hallmark Logo on an article comprises 3 different signs. The following are 3 signs of purity on hallmarked gold Jewellery:

  1. BIS Logo;
  2. Purity or Fineness Grade;
  3. 6 digital Alphanumeric Code, also known as HUID

The fineness/purity of Jewellery (gold) will be shown as follows on the hallmarked product:

Purity Sign on Hallmarked Item
24KT 24KS995
23KT 23K958
22KT 22K916
20KT 20K833
18KT 18K750
14KT 14K585

What is HUID?

It acts as an integral hallmarking system to ensure the traceability of precious certified articles to protect consumers from being cheated. The HUID is given to every single piece of Jewellery during hallmarking & it is distinct for every piece. Currently, it is voluntary to mention the HUID no. on the invoice.

Different Methods to Check the Purity of Jewellery

The following are two methods to test the purity of gold at Hallmarking centres:

  1. XRF Method: This method is the one in which the article is not destroyed, and it is only to analyse the content of the gold on the surface only. A purity certificate cannot be issued with the XRF method.
  2. Fire Assaying: In this method, the article is destroyed completely, and this method is one of the most accurate & popular methods to determine the purity of gold all around the world. A purity certificate can be issued with this method.

How to get Jewellery Hallmark Logo?

Following are two ways with which an individual gets their Jewellery Hallmark Logo:

  1. Getting the Jewellery Hallmark Logo for gold Jewellery: The Department of Consumer Affairs defines that a customer could go to the BIS-certified Jeweller & get their Jewellery hallmarked and a consumer must go & deposit their article to the BIS-certified Jeweller, who shall later visit BIS Assaying & Hallmarking Centre to obtain their Jewellery Hallmark Logo.
  2. Getting Jewellery testing from Assaying & Hallmarking Centre: Another option for the customer is to get the Jewellery tested from any BI-certified Assaying & Hallmarking Centre. Once the article is submitted, the centre will give a report after testing the article and provide details to the consumer regarding the purity of the Jewellery.

Process to get Jewellery Hallmark Logo for Your Old Jewellery

If you have old un-hallmarked silver or gold jewellery, then you can follow either two options mentioned below to get Jewellery Hallmark Logo for your old Jewellery:

Option 1: First, the old Jewellery can be tested at any BIS-recognised Assaying & Hallmarking Centre and hallmarked via a BIS registered Jeweller.

Option 2: Old un-hallmarked jewellery can be melted to convert into a new product which can be hallmarked by a BIS-certified Assaying & Hallmarking Centre.

T0 get the old Jewellery hallmarked, the BIS-certified Jeweller will submit the old Jewellery for testing & hallmarking to a BIS-certified Assaying & Hallmarking Centre. After testing, the A&H Centre will apply the Hallmark[1] on the Jewellery if it meets the requirement of the purity standards. The Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS has developed a digital solution in which the workflow at the A&H centre is automated. The Jeweller submits the online request for marking & the data for the overall process, comprising inward receipt & weight, X-ray Fluorescence, fire assay, sampling, and laser marking, are observed in real-time.

After testing, a unique 6-digit alphanumerical code is generated from the BIS service for each jewellery article & is laser-marked by the Assaying & Hallmarking Centre on the Jewellery along with a BIS logo & purity mark.

BIS Hallmarking Signs Before July 2021

Earlier, the hallmarking of Jewellery has two other signs apart from the purity sign & BIS Logo Mark. These were:

  1. Identification mark or number 0f the Assay Centre;
  2. Identification Number of the Jeweller.

However, these 2 signs have been replaced with the alphanumeric HUID Code, as we discussed above. If a customer buys gold jewellery that has old-hallmarking signs, then it is not mandatory to get it re-hallmarked with the 6-digit code.


The BIS has made the process of getting a Jewellery Hallmark Logo very easy & non-cumbersome. One can obtain their hallmarked Jewellery via a registered BIS jeweller or by visiting an Assaying & Hallmarking Centre.

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