ISI Certification

ISI Certification

How to Obtain BIS ISI Certification for Acetic Acid in India?

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ISI Certification for Acetic Acid

The most essential of the Carboxylic Acid is Acetic Acid (CH3COOH), also known as Ethanolic Acid. Vinegar is a diluted (5% by volume) solution of Acetic Acid made by fermenting and oxidising natural carbohydrates; acetate is an ester, salt, or acylal of Acetic Acid. In the manufacturing industry, Acetic Acid is used to make cellulose acetate, which is used to make photographic films and textiles, vinyl acetate, which is used to make plastics, and volatile organic esters (like ethyl and butyl acetates), which are frequently used as solvents for resins, lacquers, and paints. Acetic Acid (AA) occurs naturally in body fluids, and plant juices and is a crucial metabolic intermediary in living things. On a large scale, Acetic Acid is produced by butane and butane being oxidised in the air. Acetic Acid[1] is covered under IS 695:2020. The specifications, sampling, and testing techniques are outlined in this standard. In addition to being used in the textile industry for dyeing, Acetic Acid is used to make cellulose acetate and vinyl acetate. Lead, sodium, and calcium acetates are a few compounds that can be produced from Acetic Acid. Butyl and ethyl acetates are two widely used paint industry thinners made from acetic Acid. A diluted version known as white-wine vinegar is used in pickles. Scroll down to check the BIS ISI Certification for Acetic Acid.

What is BIS ISI Certification?

BIS Certification is issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). BIS ensures any product’s reliability, quality and safety to the Buyers. The BIS is involved in various activities like Certification of products, Hallmarking, testing, standards formulation, calibration scheme, etc. The BIS Certification for products is voluntary. However, the Government has made it compulsory for certain products considering public health. According to the Government notification, 380 products are required to obtain the BIS Certification. The BIS ISI Certification permits the Certificate holders to use the standard mark (ISI mark) on their products. The Indian Standards Institution (ISI) mark denotes quality goods.

Documents Required to Get BIS ISI Certification for Acetic Acid

Following are some crucial documents required to obtain BIS ISI Certification for Acetic Acid:

  • Name & address proof of office and factory premises
  • Document showing the establishment of the producing unit like Incorporation Certificate/Registration Certificate/Memorandum of Association, etc.
  • MSME or SSI certificate, if any
  • Manufacturing process flow covering all processes of manufacture (from raw material to finished product stage)
  • Manufacturing machinery list along with the machinery information
  • Information on outsourcing of manufacturing operation, if applicable
  • A detailed list of testing facilities and list of testing equipment
  • Copies of valid calibration certificates of testing devices
  • Third-party lab test report according to Indian Standards, if applicable
  • Layout plan of the factory premises and Map location plan of the factory
  • In-house/ independent test report, if any
  • In case the authorised signatory signs the application, the authorisation letter by the CEO is in the authorised signatory’s name.
  • In the case of foreign manufacturing, the nomination information of the Indian agent and the nomination form

Procedure to Obtain BIS ISI Certification for Acetic Acid

The BIS ISI Certification for Acetic Acid process generally involves registration and surveillance processes. The following steps are involved under the BIS Certification process:

  • First, the manufacturers submit the application for BIS ISI Certification for Acetic Acid.
  • The BIS officer and inspection team will visit the factory premises for a preliminary inspection.
  • After the preliminary inspection, the product samples will be tested in BIS Authorised labs.
  • After completion of the evaluation, the BIS officers will derive the final result.

After the inspection process, the inspecting BIS officer will conduct the surveillance procedure to conduct a complete factory survey. The following steps are involved in the surveillance process:

  • The inspecting authority will visit the factory to examine the product test results
  • The inspecting BIS officer will send the product samples to the independent labs
  • The Product samples test report will give feedback or brief the complaint on the investigation
  • The performance review test report will be prepared
  • Once the test report is reviewed, the BIS ISI Certification is granted

Testing, Marking and Packing Requirements of BIS ISI Certification for Acetic Acid

The following test will be done under the method prescribed in IS 695:2020 standard:

  • Description;
  • Relative density;
  • Determination of Solubility in water;
  • Determination of crystallising point;
  • Determination of Acetic acid content;
  • Determination of Chlorides;
  • Residue on evaporation;
  • Determination of Iron;
  • Determination of water content;
  • Determination of Sulphates;
  • Arsenic Content.

Marking and Packing will be done under IS 695: 2020. Each container needs to be securely closed & clearly labelled with the details specified in this standard. The ISI mark will be marked on the product’s container, provided that the marked material meets the specification requirements. The manufacturer must obtain a BIS Certification by the BIS to use a standard mark (ISI mark). The BIS issues a Certificate based on a successful assessment of manufacturing infrastructure, production process, quality control, and testing capabilities.


If the products fall under the scope of the BIS Conformity Assessment Scheme, all manufacturers, foreign entities, and importers need to obtain BIS ISI Certification. The Bureau may reject the Certification if the product fails to meet BIS certification requirements.

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ISI Certification

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