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How to Obtain BIS Certification for Aniline in India?

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BIS Certification for Aniline

Aniline is a slightly yellow colour liquid with a characteristic odour. It doesn’t readily evaporate at room temperature. Aniline is slightly soluble in water & mixes readily with most organic solvents. Aniline is used to make wide categories of products like polyurethane foam, agricultural chemicals, synthetic dyes, antioxidants, stabilisers for the rubber industry, herbicides, varnishes and explosives. IS 2833: 2019 cover Aniline. This standard specifies the requirements and sampling & testing process for Aniline. In this competitive market, it is not easy to survive in the market with a standard certified and quality product. BIS Certification is required to sell products in the Indian market. To get BIS Certification and manufacture a standard certified product, the manufacturer must ensure that their product follows the specified Indian standard. The ISI Certification is BIS’s most recognised quality product certification scheme. BIS ISI Certification ensures the quality and safety standards of products delivered to the customers. Standard Mark (ISI Mark) guarantees that the products adhere to the Indian Standards. The procedure to obtain an ISI mark is a voluntary act. The Certificate proves that products are safe to use. Any manufacturer/importer who wants to get their product registered with the ISI Scheme of BIS needs to follow a pre-defined process from the department that comprises product, application filing, application scrutiny, testing, and inspection. In this write-up, we will know about BIS Certification for Aniline.

What is ISI Mark?

ISI (Indian Standards Institute), the National Standard body renamed BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)[1] in 1987. The ISI mark is the Indian standard mark provided to manufacturers from the BIS for several product categories. The ISI mark has been considered a standard mark of safety, trust, and purity since 1955. The ISI mark has served as a conformity mark for industrial goods. It ensures that the product complies with an Indian Standard (IS) established by India’s National Standards Organisation, the BIS. BIS ISI Certification is the process to obtain the ISI mark for any product which complies with Indian Standards. Various electrical appliances need compulsory ISI marks like Electric Iron, Room Heaters, Electric cables, Room AC, Electric Stoves, Freezers, and other products like PVC Pipes, Rubber & Leather Footwear, Composite Cements, various acids, etc.

Important Factors for BIS Certification for Aniline

The following are the important factors for obtaining BIS Certification for Aniline:

  1. The product needs to meet the Indian Standard (IS) Specification criteria.
  2. BIS Certification is only given to the manufacturers of finished products, not to the Distributor or Retailer.
  3. If a manufacturer has multiple manufacturing premises, each located at a distinct geographical location, the manufacturer must file a separate application for each manufacturing premise.
  4. The lab should be fully equipped with product testing devices and qualified quality control personnel to test the product under the applicable ISS.
  5. All manufacturing machinery and testing facilities should be located on the manufacturing premises according to ISS norms & respective SIT.
  6. All processes should be completed in the same manufacturing premises, from receiving raw materials to final packing. If any out-sourcing is required, the BIS may request clearance.
  7. The technical guidelines for all products covered under the Product Certification Scheme as ‘Product/User Manuals. Product manuals include sampling guidelines, a Scheme of Inspection, a list of test equipment and testing, a description of scope etc. Applicants can refer to the Product Manual/User for BIS Certification to prepare for the audit & application form submission so that chances of rejection can be avoided.

Documents Required for Obtaining BIS Certification for Aniline

Following are some vital documents required for obtaining BIS Certification for Aniline:

  • Manufacturing unit address proof;
  • Information on equipment used in testing;
  • Copy of factory registration Certificate;
  • A certified copy of product samples test report by a BIS authorised lab;
  • Packaging information like quality, storage facility, product size, etc.;
  • Copy of Trademark Registration Certificate;
  • Layout plan of a factory;
  • Copy of the bank statement of the company;
  • Certificate copy by the Regulatory Authority;
  • Proof of Indian residency;
  • Flow chart of the manufacturing process;
  • Latest utility bills like gas bills, electricity bills, water tax receipts, etc.
  • Particulars regarding the raw material being used;
  • Product or component drawing;

Procedure for obtaining BIS Certification for Aniline

There are two different procedures to obtain BIS Certification for Aniline:

Normal Procedure

Step 1: First, the applicant has to prepare for the BIS Certificate requirements, especially setting up in-house labs and preparing products according to Indian Standards (IS) with other required documents.

Step 2: Afterwards, the BIS official & inspection team will conduct an audit process of the factory.

Step 3: Once the inspection is completed, the product samples are further sent for testing at the BIS-certified laboratory.

Step 4: If the product completes all the procedures successfully, it only gets approved by the BIS. The authority grants the BIS certificate to the name of the Manufacturers within 60 to 65 days from applying.

Simplified Procedure

Step 1: Primarily, the applicant has to submit the test report of the product samples already tested & approved by BIS certified lab according to Indian Standard.

Step 2: Afterwards, the applicant must submit a BIS online application form, pay the Certification Cost, and submit other required vital documents.

Step 3: During an inspection of applications and documents, the BIS official will conduct an inspection process of products and the factor.

Step 4: Once the inspection process is completed, the product samples are further sent for testing at the BIS-certified laboratory.

Step 5: Then, if verified & approved as per the standards, the BIS issued the BIS certificate within 35 to 40 days from applying.

Note: BIS Certification for Aniline is valid for two years, and it can be further renewed through filing a renewal application form and paying the prescribed renewal fees. The renewal application form must be examined by a Practising CA (Chartered Accountant).


The BIS Certificate enables producers to continue producing and selling their goods throughout India. A BIS certificate enables firms to produce goods that are subject to the obligatory certification programme. Without a BIS certificate, manufacturing these products could result in a huge fine, imprisonment, or both. Any product with the ISI Mark protects consumer health and safety and fosters confidence. A product with a BIS Certification guarantees good quality and customer satisfaction, which boosts sales.

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