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How to Obtain BIS Certification for Acid Oil in India?

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BIS Certification for Acid Oil

Fatty acid oil or acid oil, also known as Oleic acid. It is the main by-product of a mixture of fatty acids in the treatment of soap stock with a mineral acid solution. It is an essential component as required by Cosmetic and skin care products, and while in the body, in the absence of glucose, it is the main source of energy. Without a standard quality and recognized product, it is difficult to survive in the market in this cutthroat environment. A BIS license might also be necessary to sell goods in the Indian market. The Bureau of Indian Standards has made BIS certification for acid oil mandatory under the Acid Oil (Quality Control) Order, 2022. According to Scheme-I of Schedule-II of the Bureau of Indian Standards (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018, Acid Oil shall comply with IS 12029:1986 and wear the Standard Mark (ISI Mark) under a license from the Bureau of Indian Standards. The manufacturer of acid oil must make sure that acid oil complies with all applicable Indian requirements to receive a BIS certificate. The requirements, as well as the sample and testing procedure, are laid forth in this standard for acid oil. The acid oil must meet the iodine value that the supplier and the buyer agreed upon. The acid oil must comply with the standard’s requirements when tested using the prescribed method. In this article, we will discuss BIS Certification for Acid Oil.

What is BIS Certification?

Under the BIS Act, 1986, the government of India established the National Standards certification body BIS, i.e., the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) under the Indian Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food & Public Distribution[1]. BIS is the largest Indian certification body and has an increasingly essential role in managing, grading & standardizing the quality standards of various products. As an agency in this role, BIS is responsible for several vital certifications in the Indian consumer market. The BIS grant BIS Certificate in India to the manufacturers of many products to assure customer quality, safety, and reliability. BIS gives the BIS certificate to the companies after confirming the Indian standards of their products.

Additionally, this procedure conducted by BIS helps the companies to put up a reputed brand value of their product in the industry. For all these years, the BIS has become the second name of quality & genuineness. After BIS Certification, the manufacturers obtain eligible to use the standard mark, i.e., the ISI mark, on their BIS-certified products.

Essential Requirements for BIS Certification for Acid Oil

Following are some essential requirements for getting BIS Certification for Acid Oil, as listed below:

  1. The product must meet the BIS Indian Standard Specification criteria.
  2. BIS ISI Certification is only given to the factory (manufacturer of finished products), not to the Distributor or Retailer.
  3. Suppose a manufacturer has multiple factory locations, each of which is located at a distinct geographical address. In that case, the business need to file a separate application form for each product and factory location.
  4. The BIS-authorised laboratory should be fully equipped with product testing facilities and qualified quality control personnel to test the product samples under the applicable ISS.
  5. All production machinery & product testing facilities should be located on the factory premises according to ISS norms and respective SIT.
  6. All procedures should be completed in the same factory premises, from receiving raw materials to final packing. If any outsourcing is required, clearance from the BIS may be requested.
  7. The technical guidelines for each product are covered under the Product Certification Scheme as ‘Product Manuals.’ Product manuals include a list of test equipment, sampling guidelines, a Scheme of Inspection and Testing (SIT), a description of the scope, etc. Applicants can refer to this Product/ user Manual for BIS Certification to prepare for the inspection and application form submission so that chances of rejection can be avoided.

Documents required to Obtain BIS Certification for Acid Oil

Following are some require vital documents to obtain BIS Certification for Acid Oil in India:

  • Name & address of office & factory premises.
  • Documents showing the establishment of the producing premises, such as Registration Certificate, Incorporation Certificate, MoA, etc.
  • MSME/SSI certificate (if applicable)
  • Manufacturing process flow covering all processes of manufacture (from raw material to finished product stage)
  • List of manufacturing machinery with the machinery details.
  • details on outsourcing of manufacturing operations (if applicable)
  • List of testing facilities and testing devices.
  • Copy of valid calibration certificates of testing equipment
  • Third-party laboratory product test report as per Indian Standards (if applicable)
  • Layout plan of the factory premises and map location plan of the factory
  • In-house or independent test report (if applicable)
  • If the authorized signatory signs the application form, the authorization letter through the CEO in the authorized signatory’s name;
  • In case of a foreign manufacturer, nomination information of Indian agent & nomination form.

Procedure to obtain BIS Certification for Acid Oil

Following is the process to obtain BIS Certification for Acid Oil:

Step 1: Product Testing: The products for BIS certification need to be tested in any BIS Authorized lab as per the designated Indian Standard. The BIS-authorized lab performed each test per the guidelines under the Indian Standard and generated the product samples test report.

Step 2: Application form Filling: The applicant must fill out the application Form and submit all required essential documents as prescribed by the authority in the respective fields with all the details asked in the application. Once the details and required documents are uploaded, the applicant must pay the licensing & surveillance fees.

Step 3: Audit Process: After the application form filling, the BIS officer & BIS authorized Inspection team will visit the factory to inspect the production and manufacturing premises. And also see all the facilities & working conditions.

Step 4: Verification Procedure: After the factory Inspection process, the BIS officer and inspection team will verify the product test report and all the essential documents.

Step 5: Grant of License: Once the product test report is reviewed & verified, all the required documents. And the BIS official is satisfied with the product samples test report and documents. Then BIS is granted the BIS Certification for Acid Oil.


If the products fall under the BIS Conformity Assessment Scheme, all manufacturers, importers, distributors, and foreign entities must obtain BIS Certification. The BIS may cancel the Certification if the product fails to meet Indian Standard requirements.

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BIS Certification

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