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E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation: How to get it?

calendar21 Feb, 2022
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E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation

Are you planning to start a legalized e-waste dismantling unit in India? If so, then you have to address various legalities such as obtaining CTE and CTO and E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation from respective SPCB. This write-up shall brief all the information regarding E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation and post-registration legalities.

Common Certificates required to set up an e-waste dismantling unit in India

  • Consent to Establish (required before setting up the unit)
  • Consent to operate (Serve as a secondary consent and it is only available to CTE holders)
  • Fire NOC
  • Factory license
  • E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation from SPCB

How to Apply for E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation in India?

To obtain E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation under E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 from respective SPCB in accordance with the norms under sub-rule (3) of rule 13.

Every Dismantler of e-waste shall apply for E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation via form 4 in triplicate to the respective SPCB. The said form must be filed with the following documentation:

  • Consent to Establish (CTE) conferred by the respective SPCB under Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981(21 of 1981) and the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, (25 of 1974)
  • Consent to operate (CTO) conferred by the respective SPCB under Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981(21 of 1981) and the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974[1], (25 of 1974)
  • Registration certificate granted by the DIC, i.e. District Industries Centre or any other competent agency.
  • Proof relating to unit’s installed capacity and machinery granted by DIC, i.e. District Industries Centre or any other competent agency
  • In case of renewal, a compliance certificate of effluent & emission norms, treatment and disposal of harmful wastes as applicable from the respective SPCB or any other competent agency.

Mandatory inclusion of Form 4 for E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation

  • Name and address of dismantling unit
  • Contact detail of person in-charge
  • Date of commissioning
  • Workforce detail
  • Detail of CTO with validity
  • Validity of prevailing consent under E-waste (Management & handling) rules, 2011
  • Installed capacity of dismantling unit (MT/year)
  • E-waste processed during last 3 years
  • Detail of waste generated during e-waste processing
  • Detail of residue’s disposal
  • Name of treatment storage and disposal unit used for
  • Details of e-waste proposed to be acquired from re-processing
  • Detail of occupational safety & health aspect
  • Details of units for dismantling both manual and mechanised
  • Copy of agreement with producer, collection unit, recycler
  • Details pertaining to the storage for e-waste underwent dismantling process
  • Details of storage for recovered and raw materials

Conditions of E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation as per E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016

Dismantlers with E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation are obligated to: 

  • Adheres to CPCB’s guidelines relating to the processing
  • Ensure apt management of e-waste through its supply chain such as procurement, dismantling, storage, transportation etc.
  • Ensure that the process of dismantling stay in line with CPCB’s norms and does not adversely affect the human life and the environment
  • Ensure that the dismantled e-waste is subjected to an apt segregation process and then sent to certified recycling units
  • Ensure that non-recyclable components or items are routed to certified disposal & treatment storage units.
  • Maintain records pertaining to e-waste procurement, dismantling, and mobilisation in form 2 .
  • Assist SPCB’s officials during on-site scrutiny of dismantling units and records.  
  • Provide documents on demand wherever prompted by the governing authority.
  • File annual return via form 3 with concerned authority on or before 30th June following the FY to which such return belongs.
  • Confined operated around dismantling related activities only.  

E-Waste Annual Returns format to be filed by Dismantler with E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation

Quantity in MT and numbers


Name & address of the dismantler



Name & contact detail of the concerned person handling the unit’s affairs   



Net quantity of e-waste accumulated  or mobilized to recycler for processing during the year for electronic category cited in Schedule I



Particulars of the above





Bulk consumers: Quantum of e-waste





Bulk consumers: Quantum of e-waste






1.       Quantum of processed e-waste (Code-wise)

2.      Details of components or material recouped and sold

3.      Quantum of e-waste mobilized  to recycler

4.      Residual quantum of e-waste sent to certified storage, treatment, and disposal unit







Name as well as address of the dismantling unit w.r.t to 3 (A)-3(D) above



Types and quantum of materials underwent segregation or recovering process  from e-waste of different codes as applicable to 3 (A)-3(D)



Noteworthy points regarding the E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation

  • Obtainment of CTE and CTO is a must before applying for E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation
  • CTE is referred to as primary clearance that needs to be obtained before establishing the dismantling units
  • CTO, on the other hand, serves a final approval granted by the respective SPCB after screening the compliances under CTE
  • E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation comes with a limited validity that varies state-wise.


E-Waste Dismantler Authorisation is a mandate for every registered or new dismantling unit in India. Since the e-waste dismantling process poses a risk to human life and the environment, registered dismantlers are obligated to comply with CPCB norms. They should have a capable e-waste channelization system to minimise environmental risk. They need not comply with EPR requirements that seek comprehensive screening and management of e-waste. Their duties are confined to in-house operation and channelling e-waste to certified refurbishers and recyclers.

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