Details about HPRERA and its Establishment

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HPRERA and its Establishment

The Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation notified RERA rules for the RERA Himachal Pradesh on 28 Sept 2017 to protect buyer’s interest, enhance professionalism, and ensure transparency in the real estate sector. The promoters and agents need to follow the HPRERA provisions and get them registered. The buyers have the option to file a complaint in HPRERA against the promoters and agents.

Project registration with the RERA

The real estate developer can register his project by filling up the application for registration of the project (Form A) and a Self-assisted affidavit (Form B).

Documents for Real estate projects in Himachal Pradesh

  • An authenticated copy of the PAN Card of the firm/ company etc. when the type of applicant is Firm/ Company etc.
  • The Audited Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Auditors Report, and Income Tax Returns of the promoter for 3 preceding financial years.
  • An authentic copy of Aadhaar Card/ PAN Card of the promoter in the Promoter Details section, in the firm/ company Aadhaar Card/ PAN Card of all the members, director, chairman, and chairman. need to be attached in particulars section
  • The Passport size photograph of the promoter in the Promoters Details section, in case of firm or company photos of all the members, director, chairman, needs to be attached in particulars section.
  • The sanctioned plan, layout Plan & specifications of the proposed project or the phase & the whole project as approved by the competent authority.
  • The copy of a legal title deed along with the relevant documents must be attached.
  • Declaration in “Form B – A declaration, supported by an Affidavit, which will be signed by a Promoter or any person authorized by a Promoter” to be submitted by a Promoter. That they will not discriminate against the allottees on the grounds of a caste or creed or community or the other grounds at the time of allotment of any plot, apartment or building.

Validity of the Registration

The registration must be valid for a period declared by the promoter while submitting an application. It must be extended by the authority on an application made by the promoter up to a period of 1 year.

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Agent Registration in HPRERA

An application must be submitted by an agent in Form G to apply for the registration. The registration fee must be paid using a demand draft, a cheque, or through online payment mode:

  • An individual agent must pay Rs. 5,000 for RERA registration.
  • A sum of Rs. 25,000 for the RERA registration shall be paid by other than individuals.

Documents required for an agent

  • A duly filled RERA agent registration form
  • Particulars are stating the type of organization (Pvt. Ltd. /Public Ltd./LLP/Partnership firm/Proprietorship Firm) with the registration number.
  • The address proof for the place of business shall be too attached.
  • An authentic copy of the Pan Card of the real estate agent.
  • Allotment letter, possession letter, agreement for sale, and conveyance deed in favor of the allottee
  • The professional project details and the respective certificates
  • Civic facilities checklist
  • Structural liability certificate
  • Project plan, location plan, sanctioned plan,
  • Himachali Agriculturist Certificate under ‘Section 118 of H.P.T and Reform Act, 1972′[1] certificate

Validity of the Registration

The registration certificate must be granted to the agent will be valid for 5 years, which can be extended further. The registration can be revoked if the agent contradicts with the RERA provisions.

Elements of RERA

Elements of RERA

How to get Register with HP RERA Real Estate Project

Register in a real estate project with RERA Himachal Pradesh with documents to be uploaded to the portal. Below is the comprehensive, step-by-step guide to be followed to get register the real estate project.

Step 1: Visit official RERA Himachal Pradesh site.

Step 2: If one has to register a real estate project for the first time, then you need to first register as a ‘Promoter.’ Click on the ‘Register’ at the top of the page and select ‘Promoter.’

Step 3: Once there, fill in all the details and upload all necessary documents. Click on the  ‘Save’ in the end to successfully create the profile. Then can proceed with the project registration.

Step 4: Head to a main page and select ‘Registration.’ Select ‘Real Estate Project’ and click on ‘Apply New Project’ or ‘Apply Ongoing Project,’ depending upon the requirement.

Step 5: It will then be directed to a page where one will need to sign in to the Promoter account. Then, they can now proceed with the project registration. HPRERA Fees and Charges for Real Estate Agents

For Real Estate Agents   Fees
Agent Registration   For Individual- Rs.5,000Other than Individual- Rs.20,000  
Renewal of Registration   For Individual- Rs.25,00Other than Individual- Rs.10,000  
Filing Complaint to Authority   Rs.500


It is evident that the HPRERA has been designed primarily to protect the interest of customers in the real estate sector. It serves as an efficient mechanism for grievance redressal and introduces accountability and transparency in the sector on a macroscopic level. Furthermore, an Appellate Tribunal will also be established to hear pleas against the verdicts delivered by the state RERA. The Corpbiz team is very versatile and experienced. We have in-depth and practical experience in dealing with various issues and RERA litigation before different RERA authority.

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