Corporate Logos on Face Masks: An Effective Brand Approach

calendar17 Apr, 2021
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Corporate Logos on Face Masks

A Corporate logo is an identity to a business, and it helps in garnering a new customer base. Apart from that, it also communicates the values and purpose of a business to the target consumers. A strong logo can ensure the widespread reach for a company in a given market. The COVID 19 has pushed the global economy on the back foot, making businesses suffer substantial financial losses.

Amid this pandemic, enterprises are striving harder to ensure the best safety for their employees by implementing several health-related measures. Washing hands frequently and wearing masks are the parts of those measures. The marketing department of many companies is eyeing these practices, especially mask-wearing, as an opportunity to promote a brand. For many companies affixing a corporate logo on the employee’s masks has become a tangible way of brand promotion. This article is entirely focused on this affair.

Relevancy of a Corporate Logo in a Marketing Realm

A corporate logo has unprecedented relevance in the marketing world. Nothing can work better than a well-crafted logo. For most companies, it acts as a vital marketing tool, and they often use it on an array of promotional materials such as business cards, letterheads, and social media.

It enables consumers to recognize the brand and product quickly. A logo is a standalone mark that creates companies’ identity in a given marketplace and helps to create a strong bonding with new customers. An effective logo can empower a business to solidify its presence in the target market by giving it a distinct identity.

Face Mask: An Effective Tool for Brand Communication

Be it radio advertising or TV commercials, Businesses in the present era use multitudes of ways to communicate their brand with the target consumers. Interacting with customers through these mediums seeks a considerable budget. To keep marketing budget under control, companies often search for a Cost-effective medium for effective brand promotion.

At present, it does seem that face masks are doing precisely that. One of the best advantages of using face masks as a marketing tool is that it doesn’t cost a fortune. Owing to widespread reach, many companies are now considering face masks as a prominent promotional tool. 

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Different Type of Logos used for Brand Promotion

Logos roughly comprise images, words, and combinations. Following are different types of logos that are frequently used in the marketing realm.

Different Type of Logos used for Brand Promotion

Monogram Logos or Letter Marks

Such logos are comprised of letters, especially brand initials: CNN[1], IBM, HP, etc. Popular organizations mostly use monogram logos to shorten their long name.

Word Marks Logos

These logos reflect the business name alone: Google, Visa, Nike etc. Being a font-based logo, Word marks logos adheres to strong and distinct typography that helps establish substantial brand recognition. 

Abstract Logo

Abstract logo marks are more or less similar to pictorial logos. But there is a minor difference. These marks leverage abstract geometric form in place of a recognizable image. Some best examples of the abstract logo are strip-y Adidas flower and BP starburst-y logo.

Pictorial Marks

Pictorial marks refer to graphics-based logos such as Apple Logo and Twitter bird etc. Companies that prefer emblematic design instead of initials have a great degree of affinity for these marks. 


Mascots are logos that usually reflect an illustrated character. They embrace animation and colorful artworks. Some examples of Mascots logos are KFC Colonel and Kool-Aid Man.

Letter Form

The letterform is a minimalistic version of monogram logos. They usually consist of one-letter logos such as WordPress, McDonald’s, Yahoo, etc. 

Emblem Logos 

Emblem logos look more authentic as they consist of font inside a symbol. At first glance, they look like a seal, badges, and crests. Starbucks Coffee and Harley Davidson are few brands that use the emblem logo. These logos are not easy to be copied since they entail complex artworks. 

Combination Marks

As the name suggests, these marks entail a combination of words and images. Popular brands like Lacoste, Doritos, and Burger King use combination marks. 

Steps to Create Valuable Corporate Logo Images

Logos act as a face of an organization. A distinct and well-designed logo has the potential to entice the end-users and create an unseen bonding with them. Therefore, it is advisable to spend considerable time on logo designing and avoid promoting it until you are sure it effectively reflects your intentions.

Logo designing seeks expertise skill, and it is indeed a cumbersome task. Companies having issues in such areas can use the following tips to create an effective logo

  • Evaluate the brand
  • Analyze the industry’s trend
  • Curate a list where logo will be used
  • Sketch out different logo design
  • Create  the digital version of the selected logo
  • Test the feasibility of  logo design with the help of marketing experts
  • Refine the logo as per recommendation of experts

Why Brand Strategy Plays a Vital Role in Marketing?

The brand strategy makes the brand visible among the target consumers. Also, it can empower the brand to share its values and attributes with the customers more effectively. An effective brand strategy can pave a roadmap of success for the company and its offering by enticing customers effectively.

The companies can leverage past data to build a sound brand strategy. The concept of “no one-size-fits-all” doesn’t work in brand strategy since every company deals with different sorts of consumers and has different objectives. Businesses must build a brand strategy that perfectly syncs with their business objectives and strongly resonates with end-users. Following are the widely-known branding strategies that are frequently used by firms globally.

  • No-Brand Branding, aka minimalist branding
  • Online Branding
  • Co-Branding
  • Service Branding
  • Personal Branding
  • Product Branding


Affixing a Corporate logo on an employee’s mark is indeed a smart move from a marketing perspective. And the cost at which this can be done is considerably lower as compared to other mediums. Considering the present scenario, it seems the Covid-19 virus will take its time to perish from this country. In the meantime, businesses can use masks as a marketing tool to communicate with their target consumer effectively. 

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