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WPC ETA Certificate for Drone

The Government of India created The Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC) branch in 1952. WPC is a division of the Department of Telecommunications, which was founded by the Indian government’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. In India, importing any radio equipment such as walkie-talkies, Bluetooth devices, RC vehicles, boats, drones, and UAVs requires permission from the WPC. WPC ETA Certificate for Drone is Mandatory. If radio equipment is brought into India without the WPC’s prior approval, Customs will seize it at the port of entry. In order to meet the demands of users of wireless technology, the WPC Office grants WPC (ETA) Licences for IT and Electronic devices.

Why to Obtain WPC Certificate for Drone Business?

It’s important to obtain WPC ETA Certificate for drone manufacturing business. An authorization known as the Equipment Type Approval, or ETA, is needed to produce drones in India. In order to operate in unlicensed frequency ranges, drones need an ETA. The Indian Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) wing can provide an ETA. Without a cord, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), another name for drones, are becoming more and more used in a range of applications, such as package delivery, security, and even entertainment. To obtain WPC certification for their goods, manufacturers of wireless drones must meet a number of technical standards, including Qi Standard, Power Transfer Efficiency, Foreign Object Detection, and Safety Standards.

Obtaining WPC certification is essential to ensure that the products are safe and reliable, as well as to ensure compliance with international standards. Wireless drones have become more and more common in recent years for a range of uses, such as delivery, entertainment, agriculture, and monitoring. The current trend where we need equipment-type clearance is drones. The equipment type clearance for drones is only one component of the two levels of permission that will be required in this case. India has established a comparable procedure for obtaining permission for drone equipment types as it does for other items.

What WPC ETA Approval is all About?

One of the most important permits in India is the WPC ETA Approval/Certificate, which is granted for the import of wireless devices by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC). In order to enhance the import of wireless devices into India, the WPC department must provide Equipment Type Approval (ETA). If a product operates in the unlicensed frequency range and isn’t WPC-approved, it has to obtain an WPC ETA certificate for drone. The WPC certificate/ETA certificate’s compliance and regulatory standards must be met by all producers, importers, traders, and suppliers.

For a final product that is made in India and has the RF module(s) holding the ETA fitted without any alterations, a separate WPC ETA clearance is not necessary. Before importing any goods, WPC ETA certification is necessary if the products are made outside of India. The ETA is applicable to the RF module in the event that they are divided. For wireless items, WPC ETA certificate for drone can be acquired by submitting a self-declaration.

For IT and electronic products that satisfy the needs of users of wireless technology, the WPC office issues WPC ETA licenses. In India, sales of wireless and Bluetooth IT and electronic devices are restricted to those that are certified by the WPC, operate on unlicensed frequency bands, and comply with human safety rules.

If you try to bring radio devices into India without first receiving permission from WPC, customs officials will seize your equipment. Before being imported into India, radio apparatus such as walkie-talkies, RC helicopters, RC cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth gadgets, ZigBee devices, and others must have WPC certification.

What are the Types of Drones Available in the Market?

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has divided the various drone types into several categories based on the weight of the various unmanned aircraft since engineers have produced a wide variety of drones with varying forms and sizes.

LoadType of Drones
Less than or equal to 250 gramsNano
Greater than 250 grams and equal to 2 kgMicro
Greater than 2 kg and equal to 25 kgSmall
Greater than 25 kg to 150 kgMedium
Greater than 150 kgLarge

A Quick Look at the Eligibility Criteria

  1. Manufacturers: WPC ETA license applications are accepted from producers of wireless devices operating in unlicensed bands.
  2. Importers: The WPC ETA license may also be applied for by importers of wireless equipment that function in unlicensed bands.

What are the Benefits of Obtaining this Certificate?

The following are the benefits that can be availed after obtaining a WPC ETA certificate for drones:

  1. Legal Compliance:

Adherence to the Indian drone regulations is guaranteed by the WPC ETA Certification. It indicates that your drone complies with all legal and technical criteria, lowering the possibility of legal problems arising while it is in use.

  • Access to Controlled Airspace:

Drones that have earned certification may frequently enter controlled airspace, permitting their operators to fly in sensitive or restricted regions for certain objectives like research, security, or surveillance that might not otherwise be permitted.

  • Increased Trust and Credibility:

Being a professional drone operator gives you more credibility if you hold the WPC ETA Certification. Better business connections and prospects are fostered by the development of trust among clients, partners, and authorities.

  • Business Opportunities:

Certified drones are needed for a number of government and commercial operations. Having the certification makes it possible to participate in a variety of partnerships, contracts, and projects that need adherence to legal requirements.

  • Worldwide Acknowledgment:

Based on the project or partnership, the WPC ETA Certification’s worldwide recognition may be beneficial. The certification is a useful tool since certain international projects could need adherence to standards that are comparable to those in India.

  • Risk Mitigation:

By demonstrating compliance with safety regulations, certified drones lower the possibility of mishaps or malfunctions while in use. In addition to ensuring a better degree of safety for persons and property, this helps mitigate potential liabilities.

  • Continuous Improvement:

Making sure your drone satisfies particular technical requirements is sometimes a part of the certification process. Encouraging operators to maintain their machinery and operations current with the most recent industry standards and best practices, promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Government clearances and Permits:

WPC ETA Certification is frequently required in order to get government clearances or permits for specialized drone activities, particularly in sensitive locations or for specific purposes like aerial surveys or inspections.

  • Standardized Operations:

Following standardized operating procedures is frequently a requirement of the certification process. This guarantees consistency and regularity in drone operations, reducing mistakes and increasing productivity-particularly in larger-scale projects or cooperative efforts.

  1. Possibilities for Collaboration and Networking:

Membership in a recognized community frequently provides access to networking events with stakeholders, industry experts, and other certified operators. This might result in partnerships, resource sharing, and information sharing. This would promote innovation and industrial growth.

What are the Documents required?

The following are the documents that are required for the WPC ETA certificate for the drone:

  • Radio Frequency Test Report

Radio frequency testing, or RF testing, is a technique for monitoring radio transmission frequencies to make sure they are effectively using the spectrum. Ensuring that radio waves in the airspace do not clash with one another is crucial for achieving optimal efficiency. In order to market their products in India, manufacturers and importers must get the RF test report from a certified lab recognized by ILAC or NABL. If a certain product has numerous RF modules, all module test reports must be supplied in order to receive ETA clearance.

For the ETA license, an RF test report is a necessary document. As a result, a candidate must have their wireless equipment evaluated by a testing facility authorized by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration (NABL). Verifying that the wireless device operates inside the designated unlicensed frequency ranges is the goal of an RF test.

  • Description of the products

The technical specifications as stated by the DGCA in the UAS Rules 2021, a complete explanation of the wireless unit utilized in the product, and the specs and full description of the drone should all be included in the product description. Further criteria that may be included include the drone’s speed, endurance, class, and other characteristics.

  • Receipt of fee payment

The fee payment is to be done on the website and the receipt is attached along with the application.

  • Declaration letter

This WPC ETA self-declaration letter certifies that your product satisfies the requirements and limitations stated in order to receive an ETA assigned by the WPC wing.

  • Additional Documents

If the application is for a private limited company, a copy of the firm’s incorporation certificate must be sent. If the candidate is a person, verification of a home address will do. The application must also be submitted with the company’s or individual’s PAN card attached. A letter of approval from the foreign manufacturer to an authorized representative in India is also necessary if the wireless apparatus is to be imported.

Procedure for Obtaining WPC ETA Certificate for Drone

The procedure to obtain the WPC ETA certificate for drone consists of the following steps:

Step: 1 Application for RF Testing

The first step in the WPC ETA certificate for drones is preparing the application to get the RF testing report i.e. the radio frequency testing report.

Step: 2 Preparation of all the documents

The next step is to prepare all the essential documents that will be required for the WPC ETA certificate for drone.

Step: 3 Online application for WPC ETA

The application for obtaining the WPC ETA certificate for drone is to be filled out on the website, along with all the documents mentioned for the WPC ETA certificate for drone. The RF testing report is also one of the important documents submitted at this stage.

Step: 4 Pay the required fees

After the submission of the online application, a certain amount of fee is to be paid for the same, for which the receipt is generated.

Step: 5 Assessment by WPC

The WPC will then assess the application, documents and RF testing report before granting the WPC ETA certificate for drone.

Step: 6 Grant of certificate

If there are no issues found in the application and documents that are submitted, the WPC ETA certificate for drone is granted to the applicant.

Validity of WPC ETA Certificate for Drone

Since the WPC ETA certificate for drone is specific to a model, it is only valid for that model as long as it is produced exactly as designed. The WPC ETA certificate for drone does not need to be renewed.


Drones and other radio equipment must be imported into India with a WPC ETA. Without WPC approval, radio equipment imports into India would be seized by customs at the point of entry. The process of obtaining a WPC license for importers may be completed easily by filing a WPC certificate; nevertheless, this process entails extensive activities such as documentation and product testing, which adds to the complexity of understanding WPC. For the same, you may get assistance from our Corpbiz experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are ETA and WPC?

Complete form for WPC certificate To produce, import, sell, or utilize wireless equipment, a business individual must have the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing accreditation. It is the WPC wing that grants you this Equipment Type Approval (ETA) as a business owner.

2. What is WPC ETA approval?

The Indian WPC certification is a radio license controlling control clearance that was created for consumer protection. The national broadcasting body in India is called Wireless Planning & Coordination or WPC for short. It is a division of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

3. What is the ETA in Drone?

An authorization known as the Equipment Type Approval, or ETA, is needed to produce drones in India. In order to operate in unlicensed frequency ranges, drones need an ETA. The Indian Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) wing can provide an ETA.

4. What do you mean by WPC approval?

WPC Approval is the common term used to refer to the Equipment Type Approval (ETA). For unlicensed frequency-based Wireless and Bluetooth devices, this is required. The frequency band in question falls within the WPC-defined range. To import the goods, an additional WPC-issued import license could also be needed in addition to the ETA.

5. What do you mean by WPC license?

The Department of Telecommunications, which is a division of the Ministry of Communications of the Government of India, includes the Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC). The department is in charge of assigning frequency spectrum, monitoring frequency spectrum, and giving licenses to amateur radio operators.

6. How can I obtain permission from WPC?

How can one in India obtain WPC approval? For their product function in these frequency bands, WPC Registration needs an RF (Radio Frequency) test report in order to receive Equipment Type Approval (ETA). The importer must then independently secure the import license in accordance with the ETA grant letter.

7. What makes a WPC license necessary?

Wireless Planning and Coordination is referred to as WPC. Any procedure involving a radio frequency-enabled gadget needs permission. The WPC department would have to get authorization before any radio-based frequency equipment could be imported into India.

8. What is an RF testing report?

The radio frequency testing report is an important compliance that is to be fulfilled before applying for the WPC ETA certificate for drone. This test is to be carried out in a lab that is accredited by the authority.

9. Does the WPC ETA certificate for drone need to be renewed?

There is no need for renewal for the WPC ETA certificate for drone until there are any changes made in the model for which the certificate is obtained.

10. Is obtaining a WPC ETA certificate for drone a mandatory requirement?

Yes, all the importers and manufacturers are required to compulsorily have a WPC ETA certificate for drone in order to stay in compliance and have a business.

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