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How to get a WPC ETA Certificate for Smart Speaker?

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The National Radio Regulatory Authority, or WPC Wing of the Ministry of Communications, was established in 1952 and is in charge of managing the nation’s frequency spectrum, including licensing and meeting the demands of all wireless users, both public and private. WPC Office meets the demands of wireless technology users by issuing a WPC (ETA) Equipment Type Approval License for IT and Electronic devices.

Only WPC-approved wireless and Bluetooth IT and electronics goods that comply with human safety standards and operate on unlicensed frequency bands are allowed for sale in the Indian market. WPC Wing has implemented ETA by Self-Declaration for a number of types of wireless items and equipment that operate in license-exempt bands with modest transmission power and are free from the need for import licenses under the DGFT Import Policy.

What is the ETA?

Prior to the importation of any wireless items or equipment intended for use in unlicensed frequency bands in India, the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) authority must provide the Equipment Type Approval (ETA). Additionally, any product made in the nation needs to have an ETA certificate from WPC. These gadgets include a wide spectrum, such as Bluetooth gadgets, cell phones, Wi-Fi networks, RFID readers, and more.

The decision to make this is mandatory for those who produce, sell, or deal in Bluetooth or wireless equipment. A Radio Frequency Test is necessary to test all safety criteria before the product can be sold or introduced to the public in the Indian market in order to receive an ETA Certificate. All individuals who work with wireless devices in India must obtain an ETA Certificate. This is because radio frequency testing, or RF testing, is done to make sure that the items customers use don’t pose a health risk and adhere to national frequency guidelines.

Businesses frequently encounter one basic question when importing equipment from overseas: What kinds of regulations apply to my products? WPC ETA Certificate is the primary legal authorization for Bluetooth devices or equipment that uses RF ID.

The WPC ETA certificate is also applicable to Indian wireless device OEMs. The following equipment is on the list that has to be certified by WPC ETA:

  • Mobile handsets
  • Smartphones
  • Electronic notepads
  • Laptops
  • Smartwatches
  • Short Range Devices, along with their accessories, printers, scanners, mice, speakers, microphones, headphones, earphones, keyboards, televisions, cameras, etc.

What is a Smart Speaker?

Using one “hot word” (or several “hot words”), a smart speaker is a kind of voice command and loudspeaker with an integrated virtual assistant that allows for hands-free activation and interactive activities. In addition to being able to play music, some smart speakers may also function as smart devices by using various protocol standards like Wi-Fi to do tasks like controlling home automation equipment. This can involve but is not restricted to functionalities including cross-platform and cross-service compatibility, mesh networking for peer-to-peer connections, virtual assistants, and more.

What is the WPC ETA Certificate for Smart Speaker?

Established in 1952, the national broadcasting agency known as WPC (Wireless Planning & Coordination) is a division of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and is currently run by Saral Sanchar Online Portal.

Products having radio and/or wireless capabilities that are imported, produced, and sold in India must receive an equipment type approval certificate (ETA certificate) through the Indian government’s Ministry of Communications’ Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC India) division. Products including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other wireless local area network access technologies, tiny digital radios, radio frequency identification (RFID), and numerous additional features are included in this category.

Anyone wishing to conduct business with wireless devices in India must have a WPC accreditation. The Wireless Planning & Coordination wing in India must provide WPC licenses (ETA certificates) to suppliers and manufacturers of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled equipment.

Merits of WPC ETA Certificate for Smart Speaker

The merits of obtaining a WPC ETA certificate for smart speakers are:

Customer Trust:

Having a WPC ETA certificate for smart speakers makes customers feel more confident. It increases trust in the smart speaker’s dependability and compliance with legal requirements by indicating that it has been examined and authorized by a reputable body.

Business Opportunities:

Adhering to WPC standards could give rise to joint ventures, agreements, or agreements with Indian vendors, distributors, and or companies. This is another significant benefit of the WPC ETA certificate for smart speakers. Additionally, by proving a dedication to reliability and conformity, it gives products a competitive edge over uncertified ones and could improve sales and market share.

Industry Access:

It could potentially be illegal to import or sell wireless equipment, such as a smart speaker, in India if the item does not have WPC ETA certification. By fulfilling the prerequisites and acquiring this WPC ETA certificate for smart speakers, creators and importers can lawfully join the Indian marketplace and get market access.

Quality Assurance:

Extensive testing for electromagnetic reliability, security, and effectiveness is part of the certification process. Lowering the possibility of a malfunction or safety concern, it reassures customers that the smart speaker has passed rigorous testing to fulfil quality and safety requirements when there is a WPC ETA certificate for the smart speaker.

Regulatory Compliance:

The next benefit of the WPC ETA Certificate for smart speakers is compliance with all regulations. India has strict laws governing wireless devices, much like many other nations. The government has established standards pertaining to things like frequency ranges, transmitting power, and electromagnetic compatibility. The WPC ETA certificate for smart speakers guarantees that the smart speaker conforms to these rules.

Technical Standards:

The WPC ETA Certificate for smart speakers enhances the compliance of technical standards. To guarantee that the smart speaker functions within predetermined technical bounds, the certification process entails stringent testing. It verifies that the electronic device is not interfering with various wireless devices, networks, or necessary services, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation.

Essential Documents for WPC ETA Certificate for Smart Speaker

Many essential documents are required at the time of the WPC ETA certificate for smart speakers. Some of the important documents required for the certification are:

  • Certificate of incorporation of the company.
  • GST registration of the company.
  • The Certificate of Import and Export Code (IEC).
  • The purchase order is made for the equipment that is imported.
  • The online payment of the fee receipt.
  • The applicant’s address proof
  • Authorization letter
  • Technical details of the products
  • RF test reports from the NABL-accredited lab or any ISO-accredited foreign laboratory.

Process of Obtaining WPC ETA Certificate for Smart Speaker

The procedure for obtaining the WPC ETA Certificate for smart speakers requires certain common stages that are to be fulfilled first. The steps to obtain the WPC ETA Certificate for Smart Speaker are as follows:

  • Testing the radio frequency

In order to obtain a WPC ETA Certificate for a smart speaker, which specifies the frequency range of the product that may be distributed among consumers while adhering to national standards, a radio frequency test must be performed first.

  • Application for Online Registration

The next step in the WPC ETA Certificate for smart speaker procedure is to submit an online application through the Saal Sanchar Portal. Once your login credentials have been entered, you must submit the necessary documents.

  • Fees payment

For further procedures, a certain sum is requested as a deposit. As quickly as possible, make sure you meet all the requirements for getting through the security checks and reserving a seat to receive the ETA Certificate.

  • Obtaining Certification

Following the completion of the procedure, the WPC Officers will review your papers to ensure they meet the standards needed to obtain the Certificate. You will be qualified to receive the ETA Certificate if your paperwork is accurate.

What is the RF (Radio Frequency) test report for the WPC ETA certificate for the smart speaker?

RF testing is akin to determining whether radio waves are operating as intended. If you were driving and these waves were traffic, you would want to make sure there were no collisions or pile-ups. Thus, radiofrequency tests monitor various broadcast kinds, such as mobile phones, PMR radios, and Wi-Fi, to ensure that they coexist peacefully and don’t interfere with one another. Most countries have regulations dictating requirements that these broadcasts have to meet. It’s required by law, not merely voluntary.

To import or supply a product that utilizes specific radio frequencies in India, you must obtain an Equipment Type Approval (ETA) from the WPC. In order to obtain this estimated time of arrival, you must submit a report from a laboratory that has been accredited by an Indian accrediting authority, NABL, or by a global accreditation agency, ILAC, if the lab is located outside of India. You require reports for each radio module in your product if it includes several radio modules (e.g., separate parts that use radio waves). Furthermore, every one of these reports must demonstrate that radio waves adhere to regulations. The WPC will then approve your product’s usage of certain radio frequencies in India if you deliver the findings from this reliable lab.


Any product that is manufactured or imported into India and then sold that has radio or wireless capabilities needs to get an Equipment Type Approval certificate (ETA certificate) from the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC India) division of the Indian government’s Ministry of Communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. For what purposes is the WPC certificate necessary?

WPC Certification is necessary for all Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ZigBee-enabled products in India.

2. What is not covered by WPC ETA?

The ETA does not apply to electronics like computers, smartphones, smart watches, microphones, headphones, or printers.

3. What is the ETA for WPC?

WPC Approval is the common term used to refer to the Equipment Type Approval (ETA). For unlicensed frequency-based Wireless and Bluetooth devices, this is required. The frequency band in question falls within the WPC-defined range.

4. How can I obtain a certificate from ETA?

For de-licensed frequency band devices, WPC INDIA must receive a thorough test report of the equipment from an accredited laboratory for assessment in order to issue a WPC ETA certificate.

5. What is the ETA certificate’s full form?

The acronym ETA denotes Equipment Type Approval. To import wireless gadgets into India, the WPC department must acquire the Equipment Type Approval. An ETA certificate is necessary if a product runs in the de-licensed frequency range and is not WPC-approved.

6. Why do smart speakers need an ETA certificate?

To guarantee that they are fulfilling user needs and adhering to national safety standards for frequency waves, ETA Certificates are mandatory in India.

7. Which goods require an ETA?

Any Bluetooth or wireless gadget, such as drones, walkie-talkies, wireless speakers, and wireless cameras.

8. What is WPC ETA approval?

The full form for the WPC certificate To produce, import, sell, or utilize wireless equipment, a business individual must have the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing accreditation. You receive this Equipment Type Approval (ETA) from the WPC wing as a result of being a company owner.

9. Which group does WPC belong to?

WPC is categorized as a network license.

10. How much time does it take to validate an ETA certificate?

The ETA Certificate is covered by the product’s validity.

11. What part does WPC play in the telecom industry?

Under the Ministry of Communications of the Government of India, the Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) is a division of the Department of Telecommunications. The department is in charge of assigning and monitoring the frequency spectrum and giving licenses to amateur radio operators.

12. Do licenses for the use of all wireless goods exist?

The rest of the equipment, including the TVRO System and a few low-power devices that run in the license-free spectrum, needs a license to function.

13. Do products with BIS approval also require a WPC-ETA certificate?

Yes, an additional Equipment Type Approval (ETA) certificate obtained from the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) authority in India is required for devices that have been certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features. To be made and sold in the nation or to be lawfully imported, certain items must have this dual certification.

14. Is it possible for anybody other than the applicant to use ETA for import without paying extra fees?

When a product receives an Equipment Type Approval (ETA), it can be utilized for import by other people or organizations without requiring further payment, provided that it was obtained through self-declaration or by a Recognized Testing Laboratory (RLO).

15. What benefits do smart speakers with a WPC ETA Certificate offer?

With this certification, customers can be guaranteed that the smart speakers they buy are both safe and legally permitted for usage in India. It also guarantees that safety standards and national frequency rules are followed.

16. Which items in India need to be WPC ETA certified?

WPC ETA Certification covers a wide range of products, including smartphones, smart gadgets, Bluetooth-enabled electronics, and more. Products that comply with safety standards and function in unlicensed frequency bands require this certification in order to be marketed in the Indian market.

17. Which records are required in order to receive WPC ETA Certification?

Important papers include the import-export code, purchase orders, proof of address, permission letters, RF test reports, firm formation and GST registration certificates, and comprehensive product technical specifications.

18. Are import permits required for goods that have to get WPC ETA Certification?

While import licenses are a distinct requirement, WPC ETA Certification is required for some items. Import licenses control the amount of goods that are let into the country, guaranteeing that the government’s quotas are met.

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