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How to Start Cement Brick Manufacturing Plant?

calendar06 May, 2022
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Cement Brick manufacturing plant

Cement concrete bricks have witnessed significant demand in the past few years. It is now widely used in the construction sector because of its low cost and unmatched sustainability. Unlike clay bricks, cement bricks have better durability and compressive strength. Also, cement brick has increased resistance to fire and water. The cement bricks can be molded in various shapes according to the construction requirement. Cement bricks are now extensively used in hilly areas because they can repel water for a prolonged period. In this write-up, we will explore the setup and legal requirements for establishing a cement brick manufacturing plant in India.

Market Overview of Cement Brick Sector in India

  • India is the second-largest brick maker globally after China. Indian brick industry is primarily unorganized and characterized by the availability of a massive number of small-scale producers which compete with each other at the regional level.
  • The Indian Brick industry has witnessed significant development over the past few years. This growth is credited to ever-increasing infrastructure and construction activities.
  • Furthermore, India’s rising population, ever-increasing per capita income, improved economic growth, and rapid urbanization have improved the brick sector’s growth prospect.

The Future Prospect of the Cement Brick business in India

  • The Indian cement brick manufacturing market is driven by increasing emphasis on reconstructing the existing infrastructure and increasing funding for residential construction. The advent of eco-friendly building materials is projected to stimulate market growth during the forecast period.
  • Swift urbanization across emerging economies and escalating overseas funding in the construction domain will likely create viable opportunities for prominent players in the Indian cement brick production market.
  • Advanced cement-based materials and the increasing demand for environmentally-suitable building materials are the major obstacles to the Indian cement brick market.
  • There are various alternatives available in the marketplace, which can be used rather than bricks, and they are not too costly, like CLC blocks, concrete blocks, ACC blocks, etc.

Cement brick manufacturing plant: Set up requirements and raw material

  1. Land requirement: 5000-6000 square feet for semi-automatic plant and 50000 square feet for a fully-automatic plant.
  2. Manpower: 40-50 to run a semi-automatic plant
  3. Electrical load for plant operation: 650W, but the load requirement may vary in accordance with the quantum of automation and scope of production.
  4. The common raw material required for cement brick manufacturing include– Cement, Sand, 10mm Aggregate*, Fly ash, Pigments, Strapping

What is 10mm Aggregate*?

10mm Aggregate comprises rock, brick, tiles, and demolition concrete that are collectively crushed to a nominal size of 10mm. It is referred to as a minimal fines product as the screening process sorts most of the fine residue from the Aggregate

Equipment required for setting up an automatic Cement brick manufacturing plant;

a. Hooper and feeder arrangement

b. Conveyor system

c. Concrete mixer

d. Hydraulic brick making machine

e. Finger car for lifting moulded brick coming out of brick making machine

f. Curing Chamber (for control heat-treatment of brick to make them usable)

Additional setup required to operate the plant include;

  • Electrical installation
  • Power Panel
  • DG sets

Licenses for Setting up a Cement brick manufacturing plant in India

The followings are the fundamental legal requirements for establishing a cement brick manufacturing plant in India.

Factory registration

Factory registration is necessary to set up a legally viable production unit in India. One can register their production unit under the following business structures;

  • Private limited company (it falls under the Companies Act, 2013)
  • One Person Company (regulated by the Companies Act, 2013)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (falls under LLP Act, 2008)
  • Partnership Firm (Partnership Act, 1932[1])

The registration process and paperwork for the business above structures differ.

Factory license

It is granted by the concerned department of the respective municipal corporation. It can be secured by applying to the official government portal. During application assessment, the authority concerned may conduct an on-site inspection to make some legal checks. Factory license usually governs the following aspects

  • Worker’s interest
  • Worker’s holiday
  • Worker’s safety
  • Child labour
  • Safety measures within the plant

Pollution NOC from the Pollution control board

The grant of Pollution NOC is a complicated procedure that revolves around tedious compliances and massive paperwork. The state pollution control board has the authority to grant such a permit. The said authority accords this permit in two phases, i.e. Initial approval and second approval.

Initial approval is granted for setting up the production unit, followed by the installation of mandatory pollution control devices within the plant. After establishing the plant in accordance with the authority’s norms, an applicant can apply for a second approval via the prescribed application form.

The second approval serves as a final approval that confirms that the applicant firm is compliant with the necessary pollution norms.

Other key certifications to improve a firm’s standing in the marketplace;

  • ISO certification (for quality management system)
  • MSME certificate (to get access to government-based schemes and credit facilities)
  • Trademark Registration (for protection of IP assets such as brand name, logo, or taglines)


The increasing regulation on clay brick production has escalated the demand for cement brick in India. This underpins a perfect opportunity for those seeking to set up a cost-effective business model which is profitable and sustainable.

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