Can We Transfer PF from Trust to EPFO Online?

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Can We Transfer PF from Trust to EPFO Online?

The Indian government established a savings program in 1952 for the social security and wellbeing of both organized and unorganized workers. Employees’ Provident Funds (EPF) was the name given to it. The Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act governs this savings plan. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is in charge of the Scheme. All businesses with more than 20 employees are covered by the EPF. A set portion of the employee’s salary should go towards providing for their registration with the provident fund. Equal funds from the employer should also be contributed. Many organizations are required to make contributions, but some are exempt from doing so and must instead manage their own private PF trust. Scroll down to check the process to transfer PF from Trust to EPFO online.

Employees’ Provident Fund Organization

The Ministry of Labour oversees the Organization of Employees’ Provident Funds. The PF Trust has been given permission by the EPFO to manage the employees’ provident funds. Members’ contributions should be sent to EPFO. Trusts are required to file yearly reports and settle PF amounts in cases such as death, retirement, resignation, etc. In accordance with the information and payments received from the employers, EPFO keeps track of PF accounts.

Manual PF file transfer used to be done offline. Although not difficult, it took time because the employer and EPFO officials had to verify several physical documents. You must complete Form 13 and provide all necessary documentation to HR at your previous job.

The previous employer will send you a set of two letters, one addressed to the new employer and the other to EPFO, together with a cheque that includes the amount of your PF.

After that, you use your UAN and password to access into the EPFO portal to submit PF transfer requests on behalf of your previous employer. Since the PF trust is not fully integrated with EPFO, maintaining the funds on its own takes time.

Online PF transfers are now available thanks to Employees’ Provident Fund organization. It has the ability to transfer funds back and forth between EPFO and trust. Employees are spared the hassle of having to produce tangible documentation for the company to verify. In order to save a ton of time, they are digitally uploaded online.

No matter where the account is stored, a person can transfer money with ease. For transfers from pf trust to EPFO online, the most recent provisions and instructions are made. Only when done through a Unified common interface portal is the online transfer possible. An employee must have a Universal Account Number (UAN) and be registered with EPFO. A PF transfer is not possible without a UAN.

The assigned EPF member ID changes whenever a person switches employers or organizations. All of a person’s PF account IDs are linked together by a UAN, or universal account number.

Using the UAN, an individual can the following benefits:

  • Personally can update the UAN.
  • Transfer information can be updated by employees in the provident fund passbook.
  • Receive monthly details of the credits in your account via SMS to stay informed.
  • Automatic account transfer upon change of employer
  • It is simple to connect the old and new member IDs.

Employees Should Be Ready with the below Requisites before Applying for Transfer PF from Trust to EPFO

Following are some requisites that employees should have before applying for transfer pf from trust to EPFO:

  • UAN ought to be operational on the EPF portal[1].
  • The registered mobile number provided for UAN activation must be in use.
  • For online PF fund transfers, you will receive an OTP.
  • Connect your registered mobile number to your Aadhaar.
  • Connect the UAN to the bank account. The employer is required to confirm the same.
  • Connect UAN and Aadhaar.
  • Ensure that UAN has confirmed and authorized your KYC.
  • Check the site to see if both previous and new employers have registered their authorized digital signatures.
  • Ensure that EPFO has saved both the old and new PF numbers.
  • When filling out the transfer form online, make sure that your joining and departing dates coincide with those of your employer.
  • EPFO will only accept one member ID per transfer request.
  • Download Form 13 (the transfer claim form). To complete the EPF transfer process, give Form 13 to the employer.

Employees Need To Follow the Given Steps to Set Up a Transfer Request Online

  • To begin, use your UAN and password to enter into your member Sewa portal at https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in.
  • Select the one member and one EPF account option under the online services section.
  • Carefully review all personal information, check it all, and submit PF account information as well.
  • Click Get details to view the PF account information for previous employment.
  • After checking online to see if an authorized signatory with a digital signature certificate is available, choose any employer (current or former) to certify the transfer form.
  • Fill up the fields that need it with your Member ID or UAN. Make sure to only enter the Member ID for the appropriate employer. Rejection will result from a mismatch.
  • Once everything is finished, click GET OTP to obtain a one-time password to your registered mobile number. To verify your identifications, enter the OTP.

There will be a completed PF transfer request form accessible for download. The paperwork must be self-attested by the employee before being submitted in PDF format to the former employer for approval. The employer will receive an online notification describing the EPF transfer request.

The request for a Transfer PF from Trust to EPFO online should be digitally approved by the employer. Upon prior employer’s approval, the PF transfer will be made to the new account with the current employer. In order to trace the transfer application online, a reference ID will be generated. 

To make the online process to transfer PF from Trust to EPFO easy and fast, keep the below documents handy to cross-check the entries in the database:

  • Revised Form 13.
  • A valid identity proof (such as a driver’s license, PAN, or Aadhar).
  • UAN.
  • Information on your current employer.
  • Establishment ID.
  • Account No.
  • The salary account’s bank account information.
  • Details about previous and current PF accounts.

How to Check the Status of Transfer PF from Trust to EPFO Online?

You must follow the steps below in order to check your status of transfer pf from trust to EPFO online:

  • Launch the member portal for EPFO. Select Know Your Claim Status under the Services menu.
  • Choose the area or page for employees.
  • Pages for UAN and Captcha will open. To continue, you must enter the needed information.
  • Click view your claim status and enter the member ID for which the status request is submitted.
  • The page will open with the transfer of PF’s current status.


The transfer will take 30 to 45 days to complete. The former employer will provide Annexure K in two copies following the successful transfer of the pf fund. One copy each will be given to the employee and the present employer.

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