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A Complete Study of BIS for Laptops in India

calendar02 Aug, 2022
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BIS for Laptop

All Laptop/ Tablets/ Notebook has been included in the mandatory BIS CRS under IS Standard- IS 13252 (Part 1). The product cannot be imported & exported or sold in the Indian Market without BIS Registration. Laptops are now utilized in a wide range of situations, including in schools, at the workplace, for gaming, personal multimedia, web browsing, and general home computer use. The BIS introduced an official notification stating the requirement of mandatory registration for the said product category under scheme II. Manufacturers worldwide, including India, who wish to manufacture a laptop, tablet, and notebook have to register themselves with the CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme)[1] of BIS. Without a valid BIS license, no one can trade or sell its products in Indian market. This blog will discuss a complete study of BIS for laptops in India.

Basic Requisite for BIS for Laptop

Following are the four basic requisites on which BIS License depends. Without these requisites, no applicant can apply for Indian BIS Registration.

  • Product: All products need their own BIS license. But in case same product category covers multiple models, then one license will cover all the models of same product category (one product with different models needs single BIS License).
  • Manufacturer: The essential thing is that the Indian BIS License is granted to the only manufacturer and not to sellers or importers. The importer may act as AIR (Authorized Indian Representative) of a foreign manufacturer and apply to BIS, but the final BIS License is granted only to the manufacturer.
  • Manufacturing Address: The proper address of manufacturing shall be mentioned in the documents. If the manufacturer has more than one factory location for one product, then a separate BIS License is needed for each manufacturing location.
  • Trademark or Brand: All trademark or Brand needs their own BIS License.

Documents required to obtain the BIS for Laptop in India

Following are the documents required to get the BIS for Laptop in India:

  • Business license of the Manufacturing premises;
  • ISO Certificate of the manufacturer;
  • Certificate of Trade Mark;
  • A nomination letter of AIR;
  • Technical Specification sheet or products manual of the applied equipment;
  • Scope of the business license;
  • Letter of Authorization (in case signatory person is other than the head of the manufacturing facility).
  • Letter of Authorization of Trademark, if the manufacturer does not own the Brand.
  • Testing documents (Filled CDF & CCL).

Procedure for obtaining BIS for Laptop in India

The procedure for getting BIS for Laptop is divided into two part are following:

  • Procedure for Foreign Manufacturer

Step 1: Nominate AIR which can represent a foreign manufacturer.

Step 2: Submit an online application and all vital documents and pay the fee for the BIS license.

Step 3: Get the product sample tested by the BIS-approved laboratory.

Step 4: Submit the application’s offline or online copy, including the product test report.

Step 5: BIS officers verify the application and documents.

Step 6: grant the BIS License.

  • Procedure for Indian Manufacturer

Step 1: Submit the online application along with all vital documents and pay the prescribed fee of licensing.

Step 2: Product sample testing by BIS authorized lab.

Step 3: Submit the application’s offline or online copy, including the product sample test report.

Step 4: BIS officers verify the application and documents.

Step 5: grant the BIS License.

Points require to be considered to Get BIS for Laptop

  • Select BIS authorized testing organization and the experienced compliance partner until you have the expertise or office in India which can assist you.
  • Before shipment of product samples, make sure complete arrangements have been made for all shipments by your location to the testing lab door.
  • In CDF (Construction Date Form), product information shall be filled accurately, and in CCL (Critical Component List), product components details should be filled accurately and briefly.
  • All documents shall be ready before the testing of the product sample.
  • Another vital thing you need to consider while choosing lab for testing of product sample is that the license of the lab should be valid & not suspended. And at that time, the lab shall not be in middle of or about to get an inspection.
  • All the documents should be signed brand owner, manufacturer and Indian Representative, and all documents should be notarized and stamped by the brand owner and Indian Representative.
  • The test report is valid 90 days before the expiry test report should be submitted to BIS. If you cannot submit the report to BIS, you must submit the new product sample for testing.
  • After submitting documents, including the test report, BIS normally takes about 15 days to approve the registration. In some cases, it varies. It can take 30 to 60 days. That is a more realistic timeline to expect.


As previously indicated, obtaining a BIS for Laptop or IT device requires a thorough application process that can be challenging for the untrained individual. A professional method is required to obtain your certificate online without any mistakes.

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