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A Complete Study of BIS ISI for Iron Products

calendar09 Aug, 2022
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BIS ISI for Iron Products

The Iron market will have to produce Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)[1] certified Iron products as the Centre has made the Certification Compulsory. According to BIS guidelines, each domestic and foreign company cannot manufacture, import, store & distribute iron products in case they don’t follow the Indian Standards and don’t bear the BIS ISI mark. In this write-up, we will study the BIS ISI for Iron Products.

What is Iron?

Iron is a chemical element & metal. It is the most common chemical element on Earth (by mass) & the most widely used metal. It makes up more of the Earth’s core and is the fourth most common element in the Earth’s crust. It is used for several traditional applications related to construction, automotive, aircraft industries, transport infrastructure, high-level industrial equipment, etc. considering the use of iron, and it is vital to maintain its quality; else, it could harm the economy and us because infrastructure development is one of the major aspects of economic development.

What is BIS?

BIS stands for Bureau of Indian Standards, and it provides BIS Certification. BIS is the National body that has been successfully nurturing & promoting the standards movement within the country since 1947. BIS came in existence in 1987 by an Act of Parliament. BIS involves several activities such as standards formulation, product certification, testing & calibration scheme, etc.

ISI Mark under BIS

The term ISI stands for Indian Standard Institute, and the ISI Mark guarantees that a product adheres to the standards prescribed by the ISI. The procedure for obtaining ISI Mark is called ISI Certification. Generally, getting ISI Mark certification is a voluntary act. An ISI mark is mandatory before it can be sold or distributed in the Indian market.

Which BIS Certification is Apply on Iron Products?

Following are the BIS Certification applies to Iron products:

  1. ISI (Indian Standards Institute): The ISI certificate scheme by BIS confirms which products withstand the BIS standards that ensure quality & safety.
  2. FMCS (Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme): As per the BIS Act, 2016 & the BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018. BIS has the control to provide a License to Foreign manufacturers to sell products in the Indian market.

Note: Only ISI & FMCS are applied for Iron products in all the BIS Certification Schemes.

Some Important Points to Consider for BIS ISI for Iron Products

Following are the key pointers to consider BIS ISI for Iron products in India:

  • The BIS regularly monitors each manufacturer.
  • The BIS Officer needs three months to investigate a complaint filed against a manufacturer.
  • The sellers need specific BIS ISI Certification details on all invoices.
  • If anyone can file a complaint to BIS in case the Iron products are not of good quality.

Documents require to Obtain BIS ISI for Iron Products.

Following are the vital documents which require to obtain BIS ISI for Iron Products in India:

  • Name & Address proof of the applicant.
  • Name & Address proof of the Factory
  • Proof of Establishment of Manufacturing Unit like Certificate of Incorporation, MOA, Registration Certificate, etc.
  • Layout plan
  • information on Outsourcing the manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing Process Flow chart
  • Map Location plan of the Factory
  • List of Machinery involved
  • Calibration Certificates of testing equipment
  • 3rd party laboratory test report according to the Indian Standards
  • List of Testing equipment and facilities
  • In the case of Overseas or foreign manufacturers, the Indian Agent and Nomination Form details.
  • Technical information on Iron products, like PCB Layout, User Manual, Schematic Diagrams, & Critical Components List
  • Acknowledgement receipt
  • Letter of Consent from CEO of Company
  • In case an authorised signatory signs the Application, an authorisation letter from the CEO in the name of the authorised signatory.
  • Affidavit  & Undertaking attested with ID Proof & signature of the approved Indian Representative (in case of the foreign or overseas manufacturer)
  • Original copy Test Reports from BIS authorised Laboratory
  • Undertaking related to the test report

Procedure to Obtain BIS ISI for Iron Products

Following is the process to obtain BIS ISI for Iron Products in India:

  • Select the Iron Product Code: The first step is to select an Iron product’s code. The applicant must identify & select an ISI Standard product Code for their Iron product.
  • Filing of Application to obtain BIS ISI for Iron Product: After selecting the Iron product code, the applicant must apply for BIS ISI Certificate. The Form-V Application is filled to obtain BIS certification with the required certification fees. Also, the applicant needs to pay inspection fees & certification fees for further inspection.
  • Inspection of the Factory by the BIS Officer: The BIS officer & Inspection team will visit the applicant’s Factory. And the inspection team will carefully examine the quality control & manufacturing process of the applicant’s Factory. The BIS officer & Inspection team collected some Iron products as samples and sent the same for testing in BIS authorised Laboratory.
  • Submission of the test report: The applicant must obtain the Iron product samples report from the BIS authorised Lab and submit it to BIS.
  • Issuance of BIS ISI Certificate for Iron Product: Once the process of applying and verifying all the test reports, documents, and application Form-V is completed, the BIS authority grants an ISI Mark certificate. Usually, acquiring the BIS ISI mark for Iron products takes 30 days starting from the date of application submission. Additionally, the issued BIS ISI Certificate is valid for two years and qualified to renew before expiry. To continue the BIS ISI Mark Certificate, the applicant must file an application duly certified by the Practising Chartered Accountant.


BIS ISI for Iron Products includes various parameters to meet as per the applied standards, marking certification is complex & tedious. However, it is necessary because it is evidence of high quality, safety and reliable product.

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