ISI Certification

ISI Certification

How to Obtain BIS ISI Certification for Retro-reflective Devices in India?

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Retro reflective Devices

The word “Retro” is used to understand the difference between a reflective surface like a mirror and a retro-reflective surface like a bike or automobile reflector. In the reflective tape industry, it means to return light where it came from and nowhere else. IS/ISO 9742 (Part 2): 2015 covers retro-reflective devices. The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) adopted this Standard, which is identical to ISO 96742/2-1985 granted by the ISO, on the recommendation of the bicycle sectional committee and with the approval of the transport engineering division council. This Standard specifies the photometric and physical requirements for retro-reflective devices to be installed on bicycles designed for use on public roads. Such retro-reflective devices are effective in low-visibility conditions and at night in helping to make all road users know of the presence of a cyclist. Retro-reflective devices are classified as per IS/ISO 6742(Part 2): 2015 based on product type and colour, such as reflectors, retro-reflective spokes (white), retro-reflective tyres (white, yellow), retro-reflective spoke cases (white). The reflector has to meet the colourimetric and photometric requirements of the Standard. The CIL values for reflectors and retro-reflective tyres shall not be less than those specified in the Standard. The reflector needs to include a distinct preferred assembly method to ensure that it can be mounted in the intended orientation concerning the bicycle. This blog will discuss about BIS ISI Certification for Retro-reflective Devices in India.

What is a BIS ISI Certification Scheme?

ISI is a short form for the Indian Standards Institute. ISI is the certificate scheme under BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), which confirms that a product withstands the BIS Standards, which ensures safety. BIS ISI Certificate allows you to use the standards mark (ISI mark). Since 1955, the ISI mark has been the standards compliance mark for industrial products. This mark ensures that the BIS (national standards body in India which confirms that the item is credible and secure) is laid. Under the BIS ISI Certificate, 346+ items require a BIS ISI Certification mandatorily; without that, the manufacturer would not be able to produce and sell products in India.

Benefits of BIS ISI Certification for Retro-reflective Devices

The following are the benefits of BIS ISI Certification for Retro-reflective Devices in India:

  1. Legal Benefit: BIS ISI Certification offers legal benefits to a manufacturer as it allows the manufacturer to manufacture the products covered under the mandatory list. Also, it prevents you from legal issues like fines, debarment, or both, which manufacturers could face if they fail to obtain the BIS ISI Certification for the compulsory product.
  2. Provides Competitive Advantage: As mentioned, BIS ISI Certified product signifies the exemplary quality of the product that provides the manufacturer with a competitive edge. Because a customer always prefers a certified product. However, an uncertified product can obtain magnificent sales overnight, but it lacks quality, unlike certified products. Still, if an uncertified product fails to satisfy the customer, this will eventually affect your revenue. On the contrary, a BIS ISI Certified product gives you an edge over your competitors by ensuring a high-quality product. Hence, it could result in high revenue.
  3. Market Benefits: Having the BIS ISI Certificate will provide a market benefit over uncertified goods, such as the unchallenging and uninterrupted production of goods. Not only that, but the BIS ISI Certificate verifies that your goods have been manufactured by following proper standards that ensure safety.
  4. Market Access: A certified product gives wider market access because it signifies better quality and conformity of following safety standards and customer security. A product with a standard mark or ISI mark would be more trustworthy and credible, hence, would be in good demand compared to uncertified products. This will give you wider market access.

BIS Updates on Standard Amendment for Retro-Reflective Devices

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) notification for Bicycles retro-reflective devices (Quality Control) Amendment Order, 2021 (Mandatory BIS Certification and Conformity Certificate):

India’s BIS (Ministry of Commerce and Industry[1]) had developed the regulation on Bicycles Retro-reflective Devices IS/ISO 6742(Part 2): 2015 and clause 4.14 0f IS 10613: 2014 dated 7th July 2020. The Central Government, after consulting the BIS, thought that it was essential or reasonable to do so in the public interest in the exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) & (2) (11 of 2016). Under a BIS license and Certificate of Conformity (CoC), the retro-reflective devices would have to comply with the Standard and bear the ISI mark. They cannot be produced, stocked, traded or sold, and imported unless they bear the ISI mark under license and Certificate of Conformity (CoC). The implementation date of this order has been extended from 1st Jan 2022 to 1st Jan 2023. Not applicable to the products which are meant for export. Retro Reflectors appear brighter, increasing the visibility for the cyclist’s safety.

Note: If anyone violates the provisions of this order shall be punished under the provisions of the said Act.

List of Products as per India Standards

product Indian Standard Title of Indian Standard
Retro Reflective Devices IS/ISO 6742 (Part 2): 2015 Cycles-Lighting and Retro Reflective Devices Part 2 Retro-Reflective Devices
Requirement of Retro Reflective Devices for Bicycles Clause 4. 14 of IS 10613: 2014 Cycles-Safety Requirements for Bicycles

Documents Required to Obtain BIS ISI Certification for Retro-reflective Devices

The following are the required documents for Obtaining BIS ISI Certification for Retro-reflective Devices in India:

  • The legal identity of the establishment (Partnership Deed, GST certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, etc.).
  • Submit the product or component drawing (If applicable).
  • Flow-chart process including all the manufacturing process, details regarding in-process control of each stage, including outsourced stages.
  • The in-house testing report of product samples.
  • A layout plan indicates the Map location of considerable manufacturing equipment or laboratory.
  • List of test equipment.
  • A list includes details of raw materials used and a replica of test certificates.
  • Information on manufacturing machinery.
  • List of quality testing persons and Copies of Qualification Certificates of Quality Control Personnel.
  • Documents of a brand trademark.
  • Factory location plan from nearby railway station/airport/landmark and guidance regarding how to reach the BIS office.
  • We will provide an undertaking/Declaration.

Procedure to Obtain BIS ISI Certification for Retro-reflective Devices

Following are the steps required to obtain BIS ISI Certification for Retro-reflective Devices in India:

Step 1: The application form must be filled out.

Step 2: A factory audit will be conducted to assess manufacturing infrastructure, quality control, production process, and testing capabilities.

Step 3: Product samples will be drawn for testing in a third-party laboratory during an inspection.

Step 4: To review, the test report of the product sample will be used

Step 5: Finally, an applicant can obtain the BIS ISI Certification if the applicant’s product complies with the standards.


If the products cover under the scope of the BIS Conformity Assessment Scheme, all the manufacturers, foreign entities, and importers need to get BIS ISI Certification. The BIS may cancel this Certificate if the product fails to perform certification requirements.

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ISI Certification

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