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BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets

calendar05 Nov, 2022
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BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets

The BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets are certified according to Indian Standards IS 277:2018. The Certification is made under Scheme-I of the Bureau of Indian Standards-(Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018, for Products, Including Galvanized Steel Sheets. There are a few tests to be conducted before the Certification is granted to the manufacturers of the products.

Overview of the Bureau of Indian Standards

Bureau of Indian Standards is also known as the National Standards Body of India. It was established in accordance with the BIS Act of 1986, assuming the functions of the former Indian Standards Institution (ISI), which was founded in 1946. The BIS Act of 2016 became effective on October 12, 2017, superseding the BIS Act of 1986. The BIS serves as India’s National Standard Body to ensure the sustainable growth of standardization, labelling, and quality certification activities.

BIS Certification is a way of providing customers with a third-party guarantee of the quality, safety, and dependability of products. BIS Certification is voluntary; however, the Indian government has mandated BIS certification for certain products in the public health interest.

The following certifications must be obtained by the products that are subject to mandatory Certification:

  • ISI mark scheme in Scheme-I
  • CRS scheme in Scheme-II
  • Issuing a certificate of conformity in Scheme-IV

BIS Regulation on Galvanized Steel Sheets

The Ministry of Steel passed an order on December 22 2020, titled Steel and Steel Products-(Quality Control) Order, 2020. The Order is applicable to all the steel and steel products which are specified in the Order. The products mentioned in the Order correspond to their specific Indian Standards.

The Order has made it mandatory for every steel and steel product to carry the standard mark under a license according to Scheme–I, Schedule II of the Bureau of Indian Standards (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018.

The Order has also specified that the BIS would be the certifying authority for licensing of steel and steel products, goods and orders that are specified in the Order.

The Steel and Steel Products -(Quality Control)-Order 2020 has also specified that any person who contravenes the provisions of the Order shall be punishable under the provisions of the act.

BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets are also mentioned under the Order according to Indian Standards IS 277: 2018.

The testing process for Galvanized Steel Strips and Sheets (Plain & Corrugated)

The Testing Process for BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets makes sure that there is transparency and coherence of practice in the operation of Scheme-I of the Bureau of Indian Standards -(Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018. Following is the scheme of inspection and testing to obtain the BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets –

A laboratory must be maintained with all the requirements and staff for performing different tests for the BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets.

  1.  A manufacturer is required to prepare a calibration plan for the test equipment.
  2. Test records must be maintained by the manufacturer to establish conformity.
  3. The labelling and marking must be done according to the provisions of the Indian Standards. The marked product conforms to the requirements of the Specification.
  4. Control Unit is defined as sheets or strips of the same dimension and class of coating, manufactured under essentially similar conditions with the help of steel of one cast and zinc ingots of the same cast.
  5. The tests and the levels of control must be performed on the whole production of the Factory, covered with the plan and records maintained accordingly.
  6. For each consignment of BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets conforming to Indian Standards IS 277:2018, a test certificate must be given, which must contain the Standard Mark, Control Unit number and the test results.
  7. There must be no voilation of the provisions of the BIS Act, 2016, while disposing of the non-conforming products.
  8. Any rejected material which is potentially re-saleable be sheared or cut, or deformed in such a manner that it cannot be used for any other purpose except re-melting. A separate record shall be maintained giving information on quantity and cast number/coil number/control unit number, as applicable, relating to all such rejections/defective/sub-standard material of the production not conforming to the requirements of the Specification and the method of its disposal. Such material shall in no case be stored together with that conforming to the Specification. The Standard Mark (if already applied) on rejected material should be defaced.

Documents Required

The following are the vital documents required to obtain BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets in India:

  • Name & Address proof of the applicant.
  • Name & Address proof of the Factory
  • Proof of Establishment of Manufacturing Unit like Certificate of Incorporation, MOA, Registration Certificate, etc.
  • Layout plan
  • information on Outsourcing the manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing Process Flowchart
  • Map Location plan of the Factory
  • List of Machinery involved
  • Calibration Certificates of testing equipment
  • 3rd party laboratory test report according to the Indian Standards
  • List of Testing equipment and facilities
  • In the case of foreign manufacturers, the Indian Agent and Nomination Form details.
  • Technical information on Galvanized Steel Sheets  products, like PCB Layout, User Manual, Schematic Diagrams, & Critical Components List
  • Acknowledgement receipt
  • Letter of Consent from the CEO of the Company
  • In case the Application is signed by an authorized signatory, an authorization letter from the CEO in the name of the authorized signatory is.
  • Affidavit  & Undertaking attested with ID Proof & signature of the approved Indian Representative (in case of the foreign or overseas manufacturer)
  • Original copy Test Reports from BIS-authorized Laboratory
  • Undertaking related to the test report

Procedure to Obtain BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets

Following is the process to obtain BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets in India:

  • Select the Product Code: The first step is to select the product code. The applicant must identify & select an ISI Standard product Code for their Galvanized Steel Sheets.
  • Filing of Application to obtain BIS ISI for Galvanized Steel Sheets: After selecting the Galvanized Steel Sheets product code, the applicant must apply for BIS ISI Certificate. The Application form is filled out to obtain BIS certification with the required certification fees. Also, the applicant needs to pay inspection fees & certification fees for further inspection.
  • Inspection of the Factory by the BIS Officer: The BIS officer & Inspection team will visit the applicant’s Factory. And the inspection team will carefully examine the quality control & manufacturing process of the applicant’s Factory. The BIS officer & Inspection team collected some Galvanized Steel Sheets as samples and sent them same for testing in BIS authorized Laboratory.
  • Submission of the test report: The applicant must obtain the Galvanized Steel Sheets samples report from the BIS authorized Lab and submit it to BIS.
  • Issuance of BIS ISI Certificate for Galvanized Steel Sheet: Once the process of applying and verifying all the test reports, documents, and application Forms is completed, the BIS authority grants an ISI Mark[1] certificate.


Usually, acquiring the BIS ISI mark for Galvanized Steel Sheets takes 30 days starting from the date of application submission. Additionally, the issued BIS ISI Certificate is valid for two years and qualified to renew before expiry. To continue the BIS ISI Mark Certificate, the applicant must file an application duly certified by the Practicing Chartered Accountant.

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