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How to Get BIS for Smart Watch?

calendar13 Aug, 2022
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BIS for Smart Watch

A smartwatch is a fashion statement these days. The features it has are useful for almost every daily activity we do. From keeping track of the sleep cycle to noting down the stress level of the body, the smartwatch technology has most of the features that help in keeping a check on the current lifestyle everybody follows. A smartwatch is a wearable device that looks exactly like a watch but does more than just time tracking. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has made it mandatory for smartwatches to be registered as per Indian Standards IS 13252 (Part 1) under the Compulsory Registration Scheme. The BIS for Smart Watch is mandatory to be obtained in India before selling anywhere in India; without registration, no local or foreign manufacturer can sell any type of smartwatch in India.

What is a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a small, handy and portable device that is used as a smart wearable in the place or as an updated version of a classic watch. Smartwatches use smart technologies similar to a smartphone, where users can avail features like calling, touchscreen, calculator, alarm, health features like calories detector, exercise detector, Heart rate and pulse counter, stress detector, Daily steps counter, Sleep calculator, etc. BIS for Smart Watch is mandatory according to the Bureau of Indian Standards as per IS-13252, Part 1, along with WPC approval for the purpose of wireless connectivity. All the BIS-certified products are tested according to their IS Standards. If the manufacturer is located outside India, then he is required to appoint a local person who can represent him locally and can operate in the local market. BIS registration for smart watches differs from place to place in terms of geography. Process of BIS registration for Smart Watches – IS 13252 (Part 1):2010 is applicable in India, where it’s entirely different from that of a foreign manufacturer.

BIS Activities

The Bureau of Industrial Standards (BIS) was established according to the BIS Act 2016[1]. It is a National Body of India which keeps a check on the Standard of products manufactured in India. The BIS is a body that ensures customers that they are consuming good and quality products and that they can rely on the products in terms of safety and health concerns. BIS ensures a certificate of quality of products and provides safe and reliable products to the customers by minimizing health or any other risks by the products. The BIS is responsible for various functions, such as:

  • It looks after the Product Certification scheme
  • It looks after Standards Formulation
  • It looks after the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CSR)
  • It provides hallmarks to the products
  • It provides ISI certification to the products
  • It conducts product testing through lab tests
  • It conducts testing of manufacturing premises
  • It keeps a check on Consumer Affairs Activities, etc.

Essentials of BIS for Smart Watch

There are certain essential factors on which a BIS license relies. No one can apply for a BIS certification without these. To get a BIS for Smart Watch, the following things are essential-

  • Manufacturers- To get a BIS for Smart Watch, the applicant must be a manufacturer. Any BIS License is granted to manufacturers only. Importers or Sellers cannot apply for the license.
  • Address of the manufacturing premise/ Office-There has to be a proper and detailed address of the manufacturing site. If in case there are more than two manufacturing premises for one product, then there has to be a separate license for each location.
  • Product to be sold- Each product which is to be sold in India requires its own unique license. However, only one license or registration number can be allotted to the same product that contains a variety of models in itself.
  • Trademark or Brand- Every trademark or brand requires its own BIS license. 

Conditions upon manufacturers to get BIS for Smart Watch-

There are different requirements for an Indian and a Foreign Manufacturer in the process of obtaining BIS for a Smartwatch. The basic requirement for a foreign manufacturer is as follows-

  • A foreign manufacturer who does not have any office in India has to appoint an Authorized Indian Representative or AIR. The conditions of a foreign manufacturer are further bifurcated into three conditions-
  • If the manufacturer holds a branch/liaison office in India, they can become the AIR themselves.
  • If the manufacturer does not own a branch/liaison office in India, but the proprietor or registered user of the trademark or brand, which appears on the product, lives in India, Then he will become the AIR.
  • If a manufacturer does not have an office in India and the proprietor/ registered user of the brand or trademark is not located in India, then a third party will be the AIR.
  • An Indian Manufacturer who owns an office need not appoint an AIR. Instead, they can apply directly to the BIS.

Documents Required to Get BIS for Smart Watch

There are certain documents which are to be submitted in order to obtain BIS for Smart Watch. The documents are-

  • CDF/CCL form (Duly filled)
  • BIS Application form (Duly filled)
  • Business license of Factory
  • Scope of Business License
  • ISO certificate of the manufacturer
  • Authorization letter
  • Trade mark certificate
  • If in a case where the trademark is not owned by the manufacturer, The Trademark authorization letter needs to be submitted
  • A nomination letter from AIR
  • ID proof of AIR
  • PCB Layout, block diagram and Circuit diagram

Procedure of Obtaining BIS for Smart Watch

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has made it mandatory for smartwatches to be registered as per Indian Standards IS 13252(Part 1)-2010 since 23rd May 2018. There are various steps that are to be followed while obtaining a BIS for Smart Watch and other such products. The steps are-

  • In the case of a foreign manufacturer, an AIR is appointed for the application process.
  • The application form has to be submitted along with the required documents
  • The sample has to be submitted for testing in a BIS-approved lab
  • The test report is collected from the BIS lab and has to be submitted to the BIS office, along with the copy of the application form online/hardcopy in case of offline submission
  • The Application is verified by the BIS officers
  • After verifying the details, the license is granted to the manufacturer or his AIR.


Smartwatches allow you to avail yourself of multiple facilities and features to enjoy while using them as a smart wearable device. A smartwatch offers multiple features related to entertainment, health, etc., that are similar to the features of a smartphone. Smartwatches can monitor your heart rate, sleep cycle, daily activities and overall fitness level of the body. The Electronics and Information Technology Goods has notified the Smart Watches to be registered compulsorily under the BIS Compulsory registration scheme, under the Gazette of India. The order mentioned that the Smart Watches have to be manufactured according to Indian Standards IS 13252, part 1 of the Information Technology Equipment-Safety General requirements. Without compulsory registration, smartwatches cannot be sold anywhere in India.

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