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How to obtain BIS for Printer in India?

calendar13 Aug, 2022
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BIS for Printer

In India, the BIS Certification is granted by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards. The BIS certification indicates the third party. The BIS assures customers of any product’s reliability, quality, and safety. The BIS is involved in various activities such as certification of products, testing, standards formulation, hallmarking, calibration scheme, and more. The Indian government has made it mandatory for certain products considering public health. According to the government notification, 380 products fall under this requirement to obtain the BIS Certification. The BIS certification permits the license holders to use the ISI mark or CRS mark on their products. In 2012, the CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme) was launched by the Department of Electronics & Information Technology (Deity), now known as the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (Meity)[1]. Under CRS, the manufacturer must register their product before introducing it to the Indian market for sale. In this blog, we will know how to obtain BIS for printers in India.

CRS Scheme under BIS

BIS Certification is necessary for the electronic products listed in CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme). All the manufacturers, regardless (Indian or Foreign), must apply for this registration to Import electronic products in India or to make sales in the Indian market. In India, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology requires the obligatory certificate for 77 electronic items or products like audio & video, IT devices, smart card readers, smartphones, Printers, and more similar products. Every foreign manufacturer of these electronic products is required to obtain a BIS license to export products to India. Consequently, the manufacturer would be penalised under the BIS Act if the foreign manufacturer operates in the Indian market without the BIS Certification.

What is Printer?

A printer is an electronic device which accepts text & graphic output from a computer and transfers the details to paper, usually to standard-size, 8.5” by 11” sheets of paper. All Printer has been included in the compulsory BIS CRS Registration scheme under IS standard- IS 13252 (Part 1). This product cannot be imported, exported, or sold in India without BIS CRS Registration.

Documents required to obtain BIS for Printer

Following are the documents which require to obtain BIS for Printer in India:

  • Address & Name of office and factory.
  • MSME/SSI certificate, if applicable
  • Manufacturing process flow covering all procedures of manufacture (from raw material to finished product stage)
  • Details of outsourcing of manufacturing operation, if applicable
  • A detailed list of testing facilities & testing equipment list
  • List of Manufacturing machinery and the information on machinery.
  • Copies of valid calibration certificates of testing equipment
  • Third-party laboratory test report according to Indian Standards, if applicable
  • Layout plan of the factory and location plan of the factory
  • In-house or independent test report of product samples, if applicable
  • If the authorised signatory signs the application, the authorisation letter by the CEO in the authorised signatory’s Name
  • Documents showing the establishment of the manufacturing unit such as Incorporation Certificate, Registration Certificate, Memorandum of Association, etc.
  • If the foreign manufacturer or international applicant, nomination information of nomination form & Indian agent.

Procedure to obtain BIS for Printer

The procedure for getting BIS for Printer is divided into two parts (for the domestic or foreign manufacturers) following:

  • Process for Domestic Manufacturer

Step 1: Firstly, apply with the essential documents and pay the prescribed fee for registration.

Step 2: Testing of Product sample by BIS authorised laboratory.

Step 3: Submit a copy of the application online or offline, along with a test report of product samples.

 Step 4: BIS officers and the inspection team will verify the application and all documents.

Step 5: Grant the BIS for Printer.

  • Process for Foreign Manufacturer

Step 1: Firstly, nominate AIR (Authorized Indian Representative) that can represent a foreign manufacturer.

Step 2: Submit an application form with all the essential documents & pay the prescribed fee for the BIS CRS registration.

Step 3: Get the product sample tested by the BIS authorised laboratory.

Step 4: Submit a copy of the applications online/offline with the test report of product samples.

Step 5: BIS officer and inspection team verify the application, test report & documents.

Step 6: Grant the BIS for Printer.


The Government of India’s BIS certification programme is a welcome effort to guarantee that all electronic products are secure for end-user use. Obtaining a BIS certification on time for importers in the past was exceedingly challenging due to a lack of testing infrastructure and the enormous inventory of electronic and IT equipment being imported by thousands of vendors in India. However, obtaining the BIS certification is now simpler and quicker, thanks to the expansion of testing facilities. The Indian government promises a 30-day turnaround. Given this, it is advised that 3D printer makers pay attention to this regulation and obtain the BIS certification to capture market share in India before rivals do.

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BIS Certification

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