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About Pratibha Sharma

Introducing Pratibha Sharma, a versatile professional with a strong academic foundation. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Hons) and a degree in L.L.B from University of Delhi. Pratibha has honed her expertise through profound experience as a Legal Researcher. Her fervour for corporate law and regulatory and environmental compliances has driven her to delve into intricate legal frameworks and emerging industry trends. Beyond her legal prowess, Pratibha's commitment extends to issues close to her heart. She fervently advocates for women's rights, having dedicated significant efforts, particularly to supporting victims of sexual assault. Her dedication to creating informative and insightful legal content underscores her mission to contribute meaningfully to legal discourse and further enrich her legal acumen.

How to Start a Cloth Recycling Business in India?

Whenever we discard a piece of clothing, simply because it is not in line with the current fashion trends, or because it doesn’t fit us now, or for any other reason, do we spare a second thought about the environmental impact it will have? Probably not! This mindless discarding of fabric and clothes is leading […]

How to Dispose Of Plastic Waste in India?

Are you a business or a consumer who is concerned about complying with the legal guidelines pertaining to the disposal of plastic waste in India? The use of plastic is indispensable, especially in the absence of any cheaper and environment-friendly alternatives. Plastic is being used worldwide for personal as well as commercial use, and we […]

What is E-waste, and why it is important?

In India, waste management rules and regulations are founded upon the worldwide recognized principles of sustainable development, precautionary principles, and polluter pay principles. These principles require us to act in an environmentally sound and responsible manner and make good the loss, if it occurs, to the environment, i.e. restore it to the way it was […]