Noopur Raj

About Noopur Raj

Noopur is an experienced operations professional with a Postgraduate Degree from BHU with specialisation in Environmental Science and Technology and graduation in Biotechnology. After working as as an Intern at CPCB and CSIR–NEERI, Noopur gained vast work experience in Industrial waste management and EPR regime for plastic.

Rules Governing Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) During EIA Process

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) is the discipline concerned with protecting human resources in the workplace. It consists of the social, mental and physical well-being of workers. OSH deals with every aspect of health and safety in the workplace and focuses on the primary prevention of hazards at the workplace. The workers’ health has several […]

How to Obtain Environmental Clearance for Mining Projects?

Minerals are valuable natural resources and essential raw materials for the entire industry. So, the widening of the mining industry is crucial for developing industries and nations as the rise in infrastructure development is growing. Demand for iron, steel and coal is set to continue the growth expectations for residential and commercial buildings and coal […]

The Future of Cleantech Sector in India: An Overview

The term Cleantech is often used interchangeably with green technology or sustainable technology. It’s a term referred to many different environmentally-friendly practices. As Indians are getting concerned about being sustainable and eco-friendly, the Cleantech Sector in the Indian (clean technology) market has witnessed significant growth in the past few years. The demand for Clean technology […]

How to Obtain Environmental Clearance for Highway Projects?

Environmental Clearance (EC) for Highway projects is mandatory under the Environmental Impact Assessment notification 2006. As we know, roads and highways improve the economic and social welfare of the people. At the same time, it can potentially damage the surrounding ecosystem. Environmental Clearance for Highway projects is approval from the government for road and highway […]

How to Carry Out EIA for Prior Environmental Clearance?

Environmental Impact Assessment is a tool used to identify a project’s environmental, social and economic impacts before decision-making. It aims to predict the environmental effects early in project planning and design, find ways to reduce the harmful consequences, shape the projects to suit the environment, and present the predictions and options to decision-makers. The Ministry […]

How to Get Green Building Certification in India?

As we all know how the country is developing with respect to urbanisation and utilising more land for building construction and other developmental projects and overutilisation of resources, the importance of green building has increased in recent times. A Green Building uses less water, is energy efficient, helps conserve natural resources, less waste generation, and […]

Why Is Environmental Clearance Needed?

As the planet faces climate change and other environmental issues, we cannot put our world at stake for our interests. So the government has taken a step forward to minimize and mitigate the problems related to the proposed or existing project. As the assessment is completed, the report should be given to all stakeholders for […]