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I am Law graduate, pursuing L.L.M. 1st year in Intellectual Property Rights and Information Technology, currently working at Enterslice pvt. Ltd. I have 1 year experience in legal content writing for blogs, articles and educational materials, legal research, drafting, and translation.

The Importance of Updating Your Power Of Attorney Regularly

If a power of attorney is updated from time to time, then it is one of the most powerful documents for the principal for his future planning. Regularly updating your power of attorney is undoubtedly one of the most crucial components of an effective future plan for managing a principal’s personal, legal, financial, and health-related […]

The Difference between Durable & Non -Durable Power Of Attorney

Power of attorney is a legal record allowing a person to give others powers to act on his behalf. The person who grants power is the principal, and the person to whom powers are granted is the POA agent. A principal can appoint anyone as his POA agent; a POA agent doesn’t need to be […]

Role of a Guardian or Conservator in Power of Attorney

Introduction  It is crucial to have someone who is authorised to assist and act on behalf of an adult who is unable to manage their affairs, whether they be financial, medical, or personal. While spouses automatically consent to the necessary actions, other family members may find it challenging to step in due to stringent banking […]

What Powers Can Be Granted With A Power Of Attorney?

Recently, the requirement to engage in contracts or agreements involving commercial and other activities has become a frequent and significant aspect of everyday life. As a person’s workload increases, it becomes mandatory for him to rely on someone else to complete his other tasks. To complete their other tasks, an individual can appoint a power […]

How to Revoke the Power Of Attorney?

A power of attorney (POA) is essentially a way for one person to appoint another person to decide on their behalf on certain significant matters. Any natural person who has been granted power through the power of attorney is legally bound by any decisions made by the principal with regard to the matter for which […]

How To Create A Power Of Attorney That Meets Your Specific Needs?

A POA (power of attorney) is a legal instrument[1] signed by the principal to designate a representative, legally known as a POA agent, to act on his behalf in the event that the principal is unable to handle his own legal, personal, and financial affairs. Need of a POA (Power of Attorney) Every adult should […]

Different Types of Power Of Attorney and When to Use Them

A Power of Attorney (PoA) is a legal contract[1] that enables one person to act in another person’s place. The Powers of Attorneys Act of 1888 governs powers of attorney (PoAs). In most cases, registering a power of attorney is optional. However, registration is required if the power of attorney creates an interest in the […]