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Antyodaya Saral Portal: An Initiative by the Haryana Government

calendar19 Apr, 2024
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Antyodaya Saral Portal An Initiative by the Haryana Government 2

The Government always come up with new schemes for the betterment of people. One of them is Antyodaya Saral Portal, which the Haryana Government started. Antyodaya Saral Portal helps people connect with the Haryana government easily. It has completely redesigned the state’s service delivery system and government programs. The approach is consistent with Digital India’s goal of delivering services through a cashless, anonymous, and paperless model. Below, we will highlight the facts to help you understand how Antyodaya Saral Portal simplifies access to Haryana Government Services.

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What Antyodaya Saral Portal is all About?

Antyodaya Saral Portal (Simple, Inclusive, Real-Time, Action Oriented, Long-lasting portal) is an effort that offers more than 400 schemes and services via a single digital platform to change how Haryana’s citizens are served. Services from 38 departments are provided through a single window at 115 service delivery facilities located throughout Haryana, Saral Kendras, and Antyodaya Saral Kendras. Similarly, Antyodaya Bhawan and Antyodaya Saral Kendras offer schemes from around twenty-five departments. Online applications are available for citizens, who can also monitor the status of their applications and receive mobile application progress notifications.

SARAL Haryana: List of Departments

The Saral Haryana government portal includes the following departments:

  • Agriculture Department
  • Animal Husbandry and Dairying
  • Board of School Education, Haryana
  • Building and Other Construction Workers (BOCW) Board
  • Chief Minister Relief Fund
  • Cooperation Department
  • Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam-DHBVN
  • Development and Panchayats Department
  • Directorate of Information, Public Relations & Languages
  • Directorate of MSME
  • Elementary Education Department, Haryana
  • Employment Department
  • Fisheries Department
  • Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department
  • General Administration
  • Haryana Backward Classes and Economically Weaker Sections Kalyan Nigam
  • Haryana Excise & Taxation
  • Haryana Forest Department
  • Haryana Labour Welfare Board (HLWB)
  • Haryana Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation
  • Haryana Shehari Vikas Pradhikaran
  • Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board (HSAMB)
  • Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd (HSIIDC)
  • Haryana Women Development Corporation
  • Health Services Department
  • Higher Education Department
  • Horticulture Department
  • Housing Board
  • Industries and Commerce Department
  • Labour Department
  • Police Department
  • Printing and Stationery Department
  • Public Health and Engineering-PHED
  • Public Works Department (Buildings and Roads)
  • Renewable Energy Department
  • Revenue & Disaster Management Department
  • Rural Development
  • Sainik and Ardh Sainik Welfare Department
  • Science and Technology Department
  • Secondary Education Department Haryana
  • Social Justice and Empowerment
  • Town and Country Planning
  • Transport Department
  • Urban Local Bodies
  • Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam-UHBVN
  • Welfare of SCs and BCs
  • Women and Child Development Department.

Goal of Antyodaya Saral Portal

Through the complete digitization of more than 600 services, Antyodaya-Saral Portal seeks to revolutionize citizen service delivery in Haryana in line with Digital India’s goal of a faceless, paperless, and cashless service/scheme delivery paradigm. The goal of Antyodaya Saral portal is to have a single platform to administer and monitor government-to-citizen (G2C) services and programs throughout the state.

Antyodaya Saral Portal Features

The following is a list of Antyodaya Saral Portal’s key features:

  • The Government has made available to the public 485+ digital services (220+ schemes and 260+ services).
  • It makes it easy to apply for certificates from different government agencies.
  • With the help of this platform, Haryana residents can monitor the status of numerous applications.
  • It is possible to monitor departmental performance in real time.
  • Ensure prompt service delivery
  • Make government departments more transparent.
  • Remove the middleman and contribute to the reduction of corruption.

Antyodaya Saral Portal Services

Haryana Antyodaya Saral Portal Popular Services are explained in detail below:

  1. Old Age Samman Allowance (Social Justice and Empowerment)
  2. Income Certificate (Revenue)
  3. Resident Certificate (Revenue)
  4. Dealer Point Registration (Transport)
  5. Application for New Electricity Connection(U/DHBVN)
  6. New Ration Card issue (Food and Supplies)
  7. Dr Ambedkar Medhavi Chattar Yojna (Welfare of SCBC)
  8. Micro-Nutrient Fertiliser (Agriculture)
  9. Marriage Registration (Urban Local Bodies)
  10. Bicycle Scheme (BOCW – Labour)

The provision of government programs and services, which range from getting an energy connection to getting a driver’s license, ration card, or old-age stipend, is a facet of governance that affects people at different stages of their lives. Over 600 of these programmes and services are offered by the state government of Haryana. However, the prompt delivery of these programs and services is hampered by issues like lack of knowledge, uncertainty about eligibility, complicated application procedures, lengthy lines, insufficient participation, and troublesome paperwork. Almost 2.7 crore residents of Haryana faced many of these difficulties and others.

Building a Bridge between Citizens and Government

Due to this unfortunate situation, the state’s administration was forced to rethink how residents apply for and use government programs and services. To do this, the National Informatics Centre (NIC), 22 districts, the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), and more than 40 relevant agencies collaborated with Samagra, a mission-driven governance consultancy, to create and implement Antyodaya Saral. Establishing a framework for effective and transparent service delivery that facilitates a seamless citizen experience was the main objective of Antyodaya Saral. The team concentrated on the Antyodaya Saral Online Platform, citizen touchpoints, and enablers to make this possible.

One-stop Platform for all Governance-related Concerns

All 600+ government programs and services from more than 40 departments are now available on a single, integrated online platform thanks to the Antyodaya Saral online platform. Citizens can file applications online, track their application status, and receive proactive status updates on their application processing through SMS.

Components of the Antyodaya Saral Portal

The following are some of the Antyodaya Saral Portal’s main components:

1-   Antyodaya Saral Portal:

  • A Single Platform for Citizen Service Delivery
  • The capacity to access programs and services at any time and from any location
  • Live to monitor service request status
  • Prompt provision of services and programs
  • Complete digitalization of public services

2-   Antyodaya Saral Dashboard:

  • A Departmental Service Delivery Accountability Portal
  • Evaluate departments according to their performance (based on customer ratings, RTS compliance, and delays).
  • District- and state-level perspectives on department performance
  • Officers’ escalation of pending file requests
  • It would be beneficial for re-engineering underperforming programs and services.

3-   E-Ticketing System:

  • A system for addressing queries or grievances of citizen
  • Dashboard for electronic ticketing for careful observation and prompt grievance resolution
  • It helps in maintaining transparency in the system
  • Real-time tracking of the status of Ticket/Appeal
  • Filing of appeal

4-   Auto Appeal System (AAS):

  • If the timeliness is not met, the system automatically files an appeal with the First Grievance Redressal Authority.
  • If the First and Second Grievance Redressal Authorities, respectively, do not reach a final decision about an appeal within thirty working days, the matter will be automatically escalated to the Second Grievance Redressal Authority and then to the Haryana Right to Service Commission.
  • The ability for qualified individuals to file an appeal via the Antyodaya Saral Helpline or the Haryana Portal A portion of the penalty imposed on a designated officer or any other official by the Right to Service Commission/Second Grievance Redressal Authority may be awarded as compensation to the qualified individual.
  • Accurate time tracking of the status of the appeal

5-   Antyodaya Saral Helpline:

  • The centre is open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Monday to Saturday, excluding government holidays) to address concerns and questions from the public.
  • Register and monitor the status of grievances on behalf of citizens
  • File and monitor the status of the citizen’s appeal

The following goals were planned for the Antyodaya Saral project:

  1. Putting all programs and services on one cohesive internet platform.
  2. We are ensuring the online, paperless, end-to-end processing of applications.
  3. Redesigning the various programs’ and services’ process flows to make them more user-friendly for citizens.
  4. We are constructing cutting-edge service delivery facilities for inhabitants at the district, subdivision, and tehsil levels.
  5. Ensuring that Atal Seva Kendra (CSC) provides all programs and services.
  6. Ensuring that all programs and services are provided within the expressly stated time frames.
  7. Granting individuals (and officials) clear visibility at every stage of the application’s status.
  8. The corresponding Departments own schemes and services.

Benefits of Saral Portal Haryana

  • The public can access Haryana’s government programs and services through an online portal.
  • The gateway can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • Live tracking is available for application status, services, and schemes.
  • The website encourages openness between the people of Haryana and the Government.
  • Through the platform, citizens may quickly apply for any program.
  • Through the portal, comprehensive information regarding state government initiatives is readily available.

How do you Register on the Antyodaya Saral Portal?

The following is a detailed explanation of the registration process for the Antyodaya Saral Portal:

Step 1: Go to the Antyodaya Saral Portal homepage; select the “Register Here” option if you’re a new user. The URL will take you to a different website.

Antyodaya Saral Portal

Step 2: Enter the information below to register as a user on the Antyodaya Saral Portal.

  • Full Name
  • Email Id
  • Mobile Number
  • Enter Mobile Number
  • Password
  • Enter Password
  • State

Step 3: Click the validate button after entering the necessary information. Emails and SMS about the user credentials will be sent to you. You can access the portal by logging in with this user credential.

Step 4: After registering, applicants can submit the necessary application by logging in to the Antyodaya Saral Portal.

Step 5: The candidate must submit the application form after supplying all necessary information. The application ID will be generated when the Antyodaya Saral Portal submission succeeds.

Step 6: To follow the application’s progress, the applicant must write down the application reference ID.

Check the Status of the Application

  • To verify the status of their application, applicants must take the actions listed below.
  • The applicant must select Track from the Antyodaya Saral Portal home page. Select the department and service from the drop-down menu in the little window that appears.
Antyodaya Saral Portal application
  • Once the application reference ID has been entered, select the “Check Status” button. It will show the application’s status.

Note: The goal of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Haryana’s Antyodaya Saral is to “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM CITIZEN SERVICES & SCHEMES DELIVERY” from the viewpoint of both citizens and public servants. On December 25, 2018, which is recognized as Good Governance Day, the Hon. Chief Minister of Haryana, Sh. Manohar Lal opened a series of events at the Mini Secretariat Karnal for the “Antyodaya Saral” initiative. At the 23rd National Conference on eGovernment 2019–20 in Mumbai on February 8, 2020, the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DAR&PG) presented Antyodaya Saral Haryana with a GOLD award.


I hope you’ve got a better understanding of the Antyodaya Saral Portal. New schemes are launched every year to bridge the gap between the plans of the government and the general public. In this technological era, things are changing from paperwork to digital. It saves time and corruption in the system. For more insights on trending topics, keep reading our blogs. 


  1. 1-What is Antyodaya Saral Portal?

    Antyodaya Saral Portal is one of the prominent initiatives taken by the Haryana government to bridge the communication gap between folks residing in Haryana and the Haryana government. 

  2. 2-What is the Mission of Antyodaya Saral Portal?

    The mission of Antyodaya Saral Portal is to provide a single platform to govern and manage G2C services and programs in Haryana. 

  3. 3-What are the Popular Services under the Antyodaya Saral Portal?

    Some of the known services under Antyodaya Saral Portal are Old Age Samman Allowance (Social Justice and Empowerment), Resident Certificate (Revenue), Dealer Point Registration (Transport), Marriage Registration (Urban Local Bodies), etc. 

  4. 4-What is the Benefit of Saral Portal Haryana?

    One of the key advantages of the Saral portal Haryana is the convenience it offers. It makes the programs and services provided by the Haryana government easily accessible to the public. 

  5. 5 -Which Government started the Antyodaya Saral Portal?

    The Haryana government started the Antyodaya Saral Portal. 

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