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All you need to know about CDSCO Form MD 26 and MD 27

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The National Regulatory Authority (NRA) of India is the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), which answers to the Directorate General of Health Services of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. In addition to establishing the necessary standards, CDSCO is in charge of approving new drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics, conducting clinical trials, monitoring the quality of imported drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics into the nation, and coordinating the actions of the state drug control organizations.

Because they are made with patients’ health and safety in mind, medical devices are produced in a highly controlled environment and are subject to stringent regulatory criteria and norms. The Indian medical device regulatory framework has seen a lot of action lately.

The “Medical Devices (Amendment) Rules, 2020,” which were published in February 2020 and went into effect in April 2020, came after the MDR, which was issued in January 2017 and went into force in January 2018.

All medical devices being produced or imported were to be covered by the MDR (amendment) 2020 and the associated notification, which also outlined the procedures for switching to the new licensing system through CDSCO forms. The definition that has been established is in close accordance with the current definition of medical devices as stipulated by legislation in Europe and Singapore.

What is CDSCO Form MD 26 and Form MD 27?

A manufacturer or company owner can submit an application and request authorization to import new medical equipment into the nation using CDSCO Form MD26 and CDSCO Form MD27. It must be a brand-new medical gadget on the Indian market. While CDSCO Form MD27 is a permit form to import the devices for sale or distribution in the market, CDSCO Form MD26 is an application necessary to import medical equipment that does not have corresponding medical devices in India.

Medical equipment imports into India require licenses and registration. Medical equipment imports into India require clearance from a competent entity. Providing safe, efficient, and superior items that adhere to the strictest standards of scientific research and regulatory procedures is the main objective of device imports into India.

Who can apply for CDSCO Form MD 26 and MD 27?

India has a significant and continuously expanding market for medical products in recent years. To import any medical equipment into India, an Indian producer has to obtain both the import license and the registration certificate. A CDSCO-approved Indian agent must be chosen if a business wants to import medical equipment into India but has yet to establish a registered office.

An application must be submitted to the Central Licensing Authority by the importer or manufacturer in order to get a license for the import, production, and sale of a medical device without a predicate medical device for getting CDSCO form MD 26 and CDSCO form MD 27.

Advantages of CDSCO license

The advantages of a CDSCO license are:

Competitive Advantage:

A product that satisfies regulatory criteria is identified in the marketplace through CDSCO registration, giving it a competitive edge. It conveys a dedication to compliance and quality, which may favourably affect customer decisions.

Legal Compliance:

The license holder’s adherence to the laws and regulations governing India’s pharmaceutical and healthcare industries is ensured by their CDSCO registration. This lessens the chance that non-compliance may result in penalties and legal issues.

Quality Assurance:

Through regulatory monitoring, including audits and inspections, the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laws, which are implemented by CDSCO, aid in maintaining high manufacturing standards.

International Trade:

CDSCO registration, in particular the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (COPP), is frequently necessary for regulatory clearance in the importing country for businesses involved in the export of pharmaceuticals or medical equipment.

Clinical Trial permission:

Getting CDSCO permission is essential for businesses carrying out clinical studies. Successful trials can aid in the final product registration and guarantee that the studies follow ethical and scientific standards.

Market Access:

In order to market and sell medicines, medical equipment, and cosmetics in India, one must first register with the CDSCO. It ensures regulatory criteria are met by giving the items legal permission to be sold.

Conformity with Standards:

The CDSCO establishes and upholds strict guidelines for the effectiveness, safety, and quality of medical supplies. A CDSCO registration boosts customer trust by proving that the product and its production methods adhere to certain defined criteria.

Consumer Trust:

The CDSCO registration acts as a regulatory authority’s seal of approval, promoting consumer trust. They can feel reassured knowing that the product has undergone safety and efficacy testing prior to being on sale.

CDSCO Form MD 27 and MD 27 with Corpbiz

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What medical devices fall under classes A and B?

    Medical devices classified as low-risk or moderate-risk fall under Class A and Class B. The CDSCO requires a manufacturer's license from any business that plans to produce certain medical devices for retail or distribution.

  2. What conditions must be met in order to license a medical device?

    In India, a wholesale drug license form 20/21B or a registration certificate form 41/42 are required in order to sell any kind of medical equipment. A CDSCO manufacturing license may only be obtained with an ISO 13485 certificate and notification body compliance.

  3. How long are licenses for medical devices valid in India?

    Medical device licenses are good for five years. Applicants must submit updated documentation and the necessary payments for the Device Master File(s) (DMF) and/or Plant Master File (PMF) in order to renew their license.

  4. Which documents are needed to apply for CDSCO?

    Before completing the sign-up procedure, the user must submit the required papers, which include the ID proof details, power of attorney, proof of corporate address, and details of the manufacturing license or retail licenses (Form 20B &Form 21B). The user should have these documents available in PDF format.

  5. What is a license for a medical device?

    The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) in India grants medical device test licenses, which are transient permits that let manufacturers test their products before securing a permanent license.

  6. What does CDSCO certification entail?

    A pharmaceutical or medical device that satisfies the necessary requirements is indicated by a CDSCO certification, which is an official seal of approval from the regulatory body.

  7. In CDSCO, what is Form 26?

    The regulatory body in India that authorizes the manufacturing or import of new medical devices is the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), Form MD 26 &CDSCO Form 27.

  8. Is CDSCO a statutory body?

    With its headquarters located in New Delhi, CDSCO is India's central drug regulator. It is a Statutory Agency under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare that is in charge of granting licenses for particular classes of drugs.

  9. Who can register on the CDSCO online portal?

    The following users can register on CDSCO online portal:
    · Importer(Application in Form 8)
    · Indian Agent
    · Foreign Enterprise holding an Indian Subsidiary
    · Corporate

  10. What is the full form of CDSCO?

    CDSCO is the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization.

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CDSCO License

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