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Overview of PSARA license in Telangana

GOI enacted the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005, to provide better fencing for the ever-rising crime rate in India. The inability of police authorities to ensure comprehensive crime prevention led to the enactment of the said Act. Today thousands of registered PSAs (private security agencies) are operating under this Act and facilitating security solutions to a variety of customers, including residential societies and commercial complexes.

If you have any future or immediate plan to set up a private security agency in the state of Telangana, you need to comply with various regulations.

Objectives served by PSARA Act, 2005

PSARA Act, 2005 intends to regulate the given parameters of the Private Security Agencies.

  • Licensing procedure
  • Operational norms for PSAs
  • Appointment of supervisor
  • Code of conduct for appointed guards
  • Training of guards

PSARA license in Telangana: Eligibility Criteria

The grant of PSARA license is available to the following business types:

  • Private Limited Company under Companies Act, 2013
  • Partnership Firm
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) under LLP Act, 2008
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • One Person Company (i.e. OPC) under Companies Act, 2013

The applicant also needs to take the following conditions into account for registering under PSARA Act.

  • The grant of a PSARA license is not accessible to a person other than an Indian.
  • Ample financial resources should be available at the applicant to address operating costs. Lack of fiscal backup shall lead to the cancellation of the application.
  • An applicant with a criminal track record cannot qualify for this license.

PSARA license in Telangana: Registration Process

The following procedural instructions should be followed to obtain a PSARA license in Telangana;

Step 1: Arrange the standard paperwork

According to the PSA Act, 2005, license seekers are mandated to arrange the following Documents for license obtainment.

  • Registered Office's address proof
  • Shops & Establishment license
  • GST certificate
  • Employees' State Insurance, i.e. ESI registration letter
  • PAN Card
  • Provident fund (aka PF) registration letter
  • Contractual Labor Act registration letter
  • IT Returns of directors
  • Certificate of Incorporation i.e. COI

Step 2: Sign MOU with training institute (Government-certified)

MoU, i.e. Memorandum of Understanding, refers to a charter Document that sets out the norms between two parties. In the case of PSARA license Telengana, MoU should be signed between the applicant firm and the certified training institute, which shall facilitate training to the guards.

Step 3: Police Verification

The next step in the process is to file Form-I with the concerned police department to secure NOC. In the case of a company or Association of Persons, every partner/director is liable to file a separate application form.

The provision for the Document's manual verification is no longer in effect as it has been removed from the governing Act via certain amendments.

Step 4: Filling of PSARA Application

PSARA license is conferred by the respective state's controlling authority. The said authority shall begin the vetting process soon after receiving the police NOC.

After completing vetting formalities, the controlling authority may or may not accord the PSARA license to the applicant concerned. If the authority rejects the application, the ground for rejection shall be shared with the applicant via registered contact details.

The applicant usually receives the PSARA license within 60 days from the application filing date. However, the above period is not a standard as it could vary depending on the quantum of paperwork.

What are the Validity and Renewal norms for PSARA license in Telangana?

In most states, excluding MP, Uttrakhand, and Chhattisgarh, the PSARA license comes with a standard validity of five years. Coming to renewal, the license holder must renew this license within ninety days from the expiration date.

PSARA license in Telangana: Post-registration Norms for a License holder

Private Security Agencies Regulation Act (PSARA), 2005, entails the below-mentioned regulations for the license holders. It is needless to mention that breach of these norms shall provoke penalties for the defaulters.

  • A private security agency is obligated to appoint a supervisor for guard management.
  • The appointed guards must undergo training protocol as suggested by the Act
  • Candidate from a defence background and having three years of experience shall be given priority when it comes to supervisor appointment.
  • PSA must underpin a standard uniform code for the appointed guards.

PSARA license in Telangana: Training related provisions

The Controlling Authority of the respective state is liable for underpinning training modules for guards' training.

As per the governing legislation, the guards so appointed shall be subjected to;

  • 200 hours of classroom instructions
  • 60 hours of field training

The 20 working days is the standard timeline for completing the said training schedule.

In the case of -servicemen and former police personnel, there is a different requirement under the Act. The Act specifies that such personals must undergo;

  • 40 hours of classroom instructions
  • 16 hours of field training

The PSAs must finish the above training schedule within seven working days.

Activities to be provided by PSA under the training module

  • Physical Fitness training
  • Identification of fabricated explosives
  • Physical security, household security, assets' security, etc.
  • Crowd control
  • Handling and operating firearms (optional)
  • Fire fighting
  • Examination of an individual's credentials relating to the identity
  • Reading & comprehending English alphabets & Arabic numerals

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Once you follow the requisites above without conceding any error, the authority shall grant the license for sure. One should not forget that the vetting protocol for such a license is quite stringent. The rate of rejection is also not on the lower side either. Thus, availing of professional help can be a viable option to keep such nuisances out of the equation.

The only thing that can keep you ahead of such issues is the precise know-how of the underlying legalities. Corpbiz can provide great assistance in this regard by keeping you abreast of all the norms.

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