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NOC from Telangana State Pollution Control Board

The Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) is a statutory authority tasked with enforcing environmental laws & regulations in the Indian state of Telangana. The Board ensures that environmental statutes, court decisions, and legislative announcements are properly implemented throughout the state. According to the A.P. Re-organization Act 2014, the APPCB was divided and the TSPCB was established on 07-07-201 under Section 4 of the Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Section 5 of the Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981.

The Board is responsible for enforcing the following environmental laws and rules:

  • The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act of 1974 was enacted.
  • Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act of 1981 (Prevention & Control of Pollution) The Cess Act was enacted in 1977, while the Environment (Protection) Act was enacted in 1986.
  • Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling, and Cross-Border Movement) Regulations, 2008.
  • Rules for the Management & Handling of Biomedical Waste, 1998
  • Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules (2000 Edition)
  • Plastic Manufacture, Sale, and Usage Regulations, 2011, Batteries (Management and Handling Regulations, 2001)
  • The Hazardous Chemicals Manufacture, Storage, and Import Rules, 1989
  • 2011 E-Waste (Management and Handling) Regulations
  • Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Regulations, 2000

What are the objectives of TPCB?

Sustainable Development: - Sustainable development is a broad term that encompasses the need for economic progress while also taking into account environmental conservation and social equality. Controlling the prevention of natural resources is referred to as preventive.

Waste Management: Waste Management is an excellent way to safeguard the environment.

Consumer awareness:  Consumer awareness can help reduce pollution by persuading the general people to use CFLs, paper bags, and public transportation instead of firecrackers, plastic bags, and other non-biodegradable products.

Compliance: In order to limit pollution in Telangana, the TPCB established specific criteria for companies and health care facilities.

What are the Functions of TPCB?

  • Make recommendations to the Telangana government on any issue relating to the prevention and control of water and air pollution, as well as the improvement of air quality.
  • Through the media, organize consumer awareness initiatives on the prevention and control of air and water pollution, as well as waste management.
  • Collect, compile, and prepare technical and statistical data on contamination of the air and water.
  • Set sewage and trade effluents standards, as well as emission standards for industrial plants, autos, and health care facilities.
  • To assist with the development of new technology for sewage treatment, trade effluent treatment, and control equipment.
  • Consent certificates are issued to industries that fit into several categories, such as Red, Orange, Green, and White.
  • Issuing authorizations to companies and health-care facilities, which fall under the categories of Bio-Medical Waste Authorization and Hazardous Waste Management.
  • Authorization, Plastic Waste Management, Battery Waste Management, and E-waste Authorization are all topics that need to be addressed.

Why TPCB certification is important?

  • For the formation of new industries or the continuation of established one.
  • For the installation of a new or different electricity connections.
  • For the installation of a new water connection or a change in an existing one.
  • For acquiring a license from the Municipal Authority or renewing an existing one.
  • To receive a police license or renew an eating house license to obtain a NOC from the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA).
  • Obtaining a letter of authorization from the Fire Department.
  • For acquiring an International Trade License.

What are the Documents required to obtain NOC from TPCB?

  • Pan card for Authorized Persons
  • Aadhar card for Authorized Persons
  • In the case of a Partnership/Company Authorization letter,
  • the unit's Pan card is required (except Proprietorship)
  • CA Site Plan /Naksha
  • FSSAI Certificate for food industries
  • Letter for overall project cost
  • Ownership Documentation
  • GST Certificate for Water Bills

Who are entitle to obtain the TPCB NOC?

So, the manufacturing units, Health care establishments, Traders, E-waste management entities, Solid waste management entities, Hazardous waste management entities, Battery waste management entities, Plastic waste management entities, Bio-medical waste management entities are eligible to apply for the NOC from TPCB.

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