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An Overview of PSARA License in Chandigarh

A PSARA license is a must for any private security agency in India. These private security agencies deploy their trained personnel to various industries or business establishments. A Private Security Agencies Regulation Act controls and regulates these security agencies. Section 3 of PSARA states that each state should appoint a controlling authority as joint secretary. Getting the PSARA license also increases the business's credibility, increasing customer support. Hence, a private security agency must have a license for a successful business in Chandigarh. Otherwise, the business without a license is not valid under PSAR Act.

Advantages of PSARA license in Chandigarh

  • Getting a PSARA license will increase the company's credibility and trust, attracting more corporate clients.
  • A license for armed training and the training to handle crowds will increase the chance of hiring VIPs
  • The license avoids penalisation such as imprisonment or fine from the government and ensures the smooth and efficient functioning of the organisation.
  • The PSA organisation with a license can now be free from denial of rights and services.

Eligibility Criteria under PSARA in Chandigarh 

Eligibility criteria for business entity / Directors / Security officer or guard

  • Any OPC/Private limited company/ LLP/ partnership firm can start a security agency in India.
  • They must be an Indian citizen and above 18 years of age
  • The applicant should have a sound financial standing ( a copy of ITR has to submit as financial proof)
  • The applicant must not be sentenced for any criminal offence of more than 2 years
  • The applicant should have a good character certificate and not be removed from government services.
  • The person should not have an illicit relationship with a banned organisation or group.
  • The candidate must satisfy all the desired physical standards.

Security Training is required to become eligible for a PSARA license in Chandigarh

The controlling authority of Chandigarh shall frame the detailed training syllabus required for training the security guards under National Skill Qualification Framework. This training shall be for a minimum of twenty working days. The training shall include the following subjects.

  • Conduct in Public and correct wearing of uniform
  • Physical fitness training
  • Physical security training regarding the security of the assets, security of the building/ apartment, personnel security and household security
  • Fire fighting
  • Crowd control
  • How to examine Identity cards, including identity cards, passports and smart cards
  • should be able to read and understand English alphabets and numerals as generally encountered in identification Documents, arms licences, travel Documents and security inspection
  • Identification of improvised explosive devices
  • Handling and operation of non-prohibited weapons and firearms (optional)

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Documents required to obtain a PSARA license in Chandigarh

  • A licence granted by Labour Department
  • Memorandum of association or Partnership Deed of Company/Firm
  • Shops and establishment licenses, for a company
  • Training Skills Certificate  of directors
  • Proof of residence of partners
  • Proof of ownership(rent deed, if any)
  • Copy of PAN No of the owner
  • The pattern of Uniform and Photograph of the uniform
  • Current Income tax returns of the promoters

The process of getting a PSARA license in Chandigarh

Organise the Documents

Collect, organise and verify all the Documents, such as PAN card, labour act registration certificate, PF registration certificate, address proof of the owner and so on, which are required for the PSARA application.

MOU between applicant and training institute.

The owner/proprietors should mandatorily sign an MOU with the government-recommended training institutes mentioned in Chandigarh's official gazette to provide training to its candidates.

Filing of the application

The application Form-I should be filed along with Form-II and Form-III

Police verification report

The police verification is necessary to file the NOC; the police verification will be started after filing Form-I to the respective police authority.

Grant of PSARA License

The application process starts only after receiving the NOC from the police authority. After getting the report, the controlling authority will examine the application and grant the license.

Validity and renewal of PSARA license in Chandigarh

Once the proprietor or owner obtains the PSARA license, it is valid for five years. The renewal may happen time-to-time before 45 days of expiry as per the need of the business.

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