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An Overview of PSARA License in Assam

PSARA License is a prerequisite for starting a private security business in India. The Private Security Agency is an entity that renders private security guards and other related services at an establishment or any private body. The private security agencies' operation is governed by The Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005, enforced by the Department of Internal Security of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

The purpose of introducing the PSARA Act is to check and counter the activities of the private security agency in India. The government of Assam regulates the PSARA Act from time to time to safeguard national security.

Eligibility Criteria under PSARA in Assam

The following are the eligibility criteria for getting a license in Assam.

Eligibility criteria for companies:

As per the PSARA Act 2005, every company or individual wishing to register under PSARA must be any one of the below.

Eligibility criteria for Directors or Principal Officers:

  • The applicant should be of Indian nationality and above 18 years of age
  • The applicant should undergo special training to run the security guard agency
  • Not involved in any criminal activity in India

Eligibility criteria to become a security officer:

  • The person must be an Indian citizen
  • The age limit of the security person should be from 18 to 65 years
  • The applicant should undergo physical training and should accomplish all the physical standards.
  • The person should not be debarred from any government services.

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Documents that are necessary to obtain a PSARA license in Assam

  • Passport size photograph, PAN card
  • Certificate of incorporation, if it is a business entity
  • MOU from the training institute
  • PF and ESI certificate
  • Nature of the entity and rental agreement copy, if any
  • Ownership proof of the premises
  • Labour Act letter
  • Certificate of character verification of employees in the agency
  • Income tax return copy
  • Educational paper works

Process involved in obtaining a PSARA license in Assam

Collecting and uploading the Document works for a security agency

The correct paper works is necessary for a hassle-free registration process, and the list of Documents required depends on the type of applicant, whether business or director. The Documents that are collected are organised correctly to avoid any missing out in the process of licensing. The Documents collected should contain the various details of the registrations of the promoters or directors. These collected Documents are then uploaded online to obtain the PSARA license.

MOU with an established training facility

The applicant must enter an MOU with the training institutes or centres to train its security guards. Every state has recognised various security training institutes for this purpose. The training institute eligible for MOU is expected to be acknowledged by the respective state governments.

Application filling

The application for the PSARA License is to be filed before the respective state's controlling authority, which has jurisdiction over the PSARA license. A separate application will be filed for each state as no provision for one central license covers all states.

A police statement

After filling for a PSARA license, an applicant should apply for police verification.

Application Submission

The application will be processed only after receiving the NOC (Non-objection certificate) from the appropriate police authorities where the desired security agency resides.The PSARA license will be granted only after due verifications.

Validity of PSARA license in Assam

A PSARA License is valid for only five years from the issuance date. Based on the requirement, the license can be renewed three months before the expiry. The applicants must submit the necessary papers for license renewal according to 6,7,11 sections of the PSARA Act.

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