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Our experts will help you in search patentability of an innovation.

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Help you in preparing all the documents required for registration.

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Finally, our experts will file the application on your behalf.

An overview to Patent registration in Assam

Patent registration in Assam is governed by the Patent Act, 1970 and Patent Rules, 2021. Assam is one of the major Indian states which is globally known for its vast culture. It is the home to many talents who made their position in music, arts and literatures etc., therefore providing protection to original inventions is a must. This drives up the need for patent registration as every inventor wants to protect their new idea or invention. So the Patent registration in Assam gives the patentee a monopoly to use its invention.

Patentability Criteria

  • The invention must be statutory
  • The invention must be new - not published in India or elsewhere
  • The invention must be useful
  • The invention must be non-obvious
  • The invention must not have been disclosed to the public prior to the application for the patent.

Required Documents

  • Name and address of applicant
  • Detailed description of the invention
  • Country of residence of applicant or corporation
  • Copy of specification in English
  • Duly signed General Power of Attorney in original

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Process for registration

  1. Check the patentability of the invention: This helps you to find out whether the idea for which the application has been made is in existence or not. Thus it helps you to save time and energy.
  2. Draft the application form: Once the search is completed, proceed with drafting the application form along with document preparation.
  3. Publication of patent application in the official patent journal: Applicant once filled with the Indian patent office, it will be published in the official patent journal
  4. Examiner will examine the patent application: The examiner will examine all the documents filed with the application form before granting the patent.
  5. Finally, grant of patent

Validity and Renewal

Patent Registration Certificate in Assam is valid for 20 years from the date of application.

Corpbiz support

If you are filing a patent in Assam, then you must be looking for an experienced patent agent to help you with the process. Here comes Corpbiz. We provide the best patent registration services in Assam. From the beginning to the completion of the patent registration process, we are here to look out for and assist you. Even though applying for a patent in Assam is a drawn-out and challenging procedure, we are always here for you. Through our services, we aim to protect your innovation from being copied or sold out. We provide you with our impeccable knowledge to assist you in avoiding issues that could be a barrier to your growth.

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