What is FORM COS-1 and COS-2?

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FORM COS-1 and COS-2

The Indian government’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) is in charge of issuing import licences for cosmetics. For a cosmetic product to be imported into India for marketing purposes, the applicant or manufacturer must fill out form COS-2. First, the applicant must sign up on the Sugam online portal. After signing up, users should share the required documents and pay the fees. After looking at the Application, CDSCO will either ask for more paperwork or give the import registration certificate through Form COS-1 and COS-2.

In Section 3 (aaa) of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1940[1], “cosmetic” is defined. The CDSCO regulates the import of cosmetics into India through a registration system based on the provisions of the Drugs & Cosmetics Act of 1940 and the Cosmetics Rules of 2020. Before it can be brought into the country, any item that fits the definition of a cosmetic must be registered, along with its pack size, variations, and place of manufacture. No cosmetic may be brought into India unless it has been registered under the rules by the Central Licensing Authority, which the Central Government appoints under rule 3(f), or by a person to whom such powers may be delegated under rule 5.

What is Form COS-1 and COS-2?

According to the Cosmetics Rules, 2020’s Form COS-1 is a request for the issuance of a Registration Certificate to Import Cosmetics into India.

According to the Cosmetics Rules, 2020, Form COS-2 is an Import Registration Certificate that must be issued for the import of cosmetics into India.

Who is Eligible to Apply for a Certificate of Cosmetic Registration (FORM COS-1 and COS-2) in India?

A cosmetic product that will be brought into India must be registered through the Central Government’s online portal using FORM COS-1 and COS-2. This can be done by the manufacturer, his authorized agent, the Importer in India, or the manufacturer’s subsidiary in India.

Key points to be followed by the Importer

An importer must make the following provisions in order to obtain an import licence for the sale and distribution of cosmetics in India:

  • All legal documents must be verified for validity.
  • The applicant must make sure that the product names, manufacturer and importer names, and addresses are consistent throughout all documents.
  • FORM COS-1 and COS-2 must be obtained.
  • English must be used in all documentation.
  • The applicant must also offer additional pertinent data, such as a heavy metal declaration and product label claims. Additionally, the cosmetic product’s specifications must follow the ninth schedule listed in the Bureau of Indian Standards.

What are the qualifications for bringing cosmetics into India?

In order to bring cosmetics into India, they must be registered with the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization. This is done by sending in an application and getting a Registration Certificate through FORM COS-1 and COS-2.

Important Documents Required to Obtain a Certificate of Registration for Cosmetics in India

The following paperwork must be submitted in order to obtain an import registration certificate:

  • Approval from the manufacturer.
  • Product labelling, certification of analysis, and product specification.
  • No-cost Sales Certificate.
  • Testing Technique.

Procedure of Application Filling

An application for the issuance of an Import Registration Certificate for cosmetics that are intended to be imported into India must be made online in FORM COS-1 and COS-2 on the SUGAM Portal of CDSCO by either the manufacturer himself or by his authorized agent or Importer in India, or by the subsidiary in India that the manufacturer authorizes to make the Application to the Central Licensing Authority under the Cosmetics Rules, 2020. This Application must be submitted by the manufacturer to the Central Licensing Authority.

Process of Cosmetic Registration Certificate (FORM COS-1 and COS-2):


  • The CDSCO has predefined Performa that must be completed in order to receive a registration certificate.
  • The “Sugam” portal allows for the online completion of Cos1.
  • Information about the manufacturing facilities, a description of the cosmetics, the brand name, the pack size, and any variations are included.
  • A number of documents are attached to Cos1.


  • Cos1 (properly completed, signed, and stamped) and other pertinent documents are delivered to the CDSCO’s Drugs Controller General (I) in New Delhi.
  • A challan containing the amount paid in INR and the Importer’s information is submitted in the Application’s favour.

Registration Certificate (Cos2):

  • Cos2 is also known as the Registration Certificate.
  • The licenced Importer, distributor, or Indian authorized agent must present the Registration Certificate when requested by the licencing authority.
  • According to the 2020 Cosmetic Rules, the approval process will now take 180 working days.

Validity of a License

The licence for Certificate of Cosmetic Registration (FORM COS-1 and COS-2) is valid for five years.


Make sure your product is labelled under the appropriate categories, contains the appropriate ingredients, and complies with regulations before applying to become an Indian cosmetics supplier. The Bureau of Indian Standards and the 1945 Drugs and Cosmetics Rules must be followed in terms of the product’s content. Additionally, there are detailed guidelines for ingredients, colouring, and inner and outer labelling. There are numerous categories for both personal care and cosmetic products. These are determined by factors such as the product’s intended use, the area in which it is used, and others. There are about 80 categories for cosmetic products set forth in the import and registration guidelines that have been prepared by the regulatory authority in India. These include items for skin care, oral hygiene, hair care, and nail care, among other things. Cosmetics must be categorized according to their intended use. You need to comply with the labelling guidelines given by CDSCO as per the registered category of your product.

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