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What Is Certified Compliance Report (CCR), And Where Is It Required?

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What Is Certified Compliance Report (CCR), And Where Is It Required?

India’s economic development, propelled by rapid industrial growth and urbanisation, is causing severe environmental problems with local, regional and global significance. Soil erosion, deforestation, water pollution and land degradation continue to worsen and are hindering economic development in rural India. The rapid industrialisation in India’s booming metropolises is straining the limits of municipal services and causing severe environmental problems. The challenge, therefore, is to maintain the quality of air, water and land and protect the environment by reconciling environmental, social and economic imperatives through compliance monitoring and enforcement done by SPCBs.

What Is Certified Compliance Report (CCR)

As per the EIA Notification, 2006, and OM issued by MoEF&CC[1] mandates the requirement of obtaining a certified compliance report for the consideration of expansion proposal for grant of EC.

What Are the Major Points Highlighted In Certified Compliance Report

  • Project Details
  • Site Inspection date and name of the inspector
  • Status of the project
  • The site inspector reviews Compliance with EC conditions

Requirement of Certified Compliance Report (CCR)

All projects or activities with valid Environment Clearance (EC), planning for expansion to their existing operations and extension in EC validity require a CCR from the Integrated Regional Office (IRO) of MoEF&CC.

Note: If the project is not under the purview of EC, no CCR will be required.

Objectives of Submitting Six Monthly Compliance Reports

  • Regularly non-compliance and negligence of the given timeline of submitting the compliance report for prevention and conservation of an environment.
  • To overcome the constraints and to make the compliance monitoring system more effective and robust, Ministry launched PARIVESH (Pro-Active Responsive facilitation by Interactive and Virtuous Environmental Single-window Hub) in August 2018, a single window portal for online submission of Environmental, Forests, and Wildlife and Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Clearances and Six monthly Compliance report.

Timeline of Certified Compliance Report (CCR)

Submission of a half-yearly compliance report which is also known as Post EC monitoring in respect of general and specific conditions of EC order for the period of April to September on 1st December and October to March on 1st June is required for obtaining CCR from Integrated Regional Office (IRO).

Involvement of Concerned Authorities

Member Secretary of the sectoral EAC requests the Ministry’s concerned Regional Office (RO) at the time of the issue of ToR for the said project. In case the “Site inspection” is not carried out within one month, the certified compliance report from the concerned Regional Offices of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) or the Member Secretaries of the respective State Pollution Control Boards may also be accepted for deliberations by the sectoral EAC.

Compliance with the EC Conditions

Generally, two conditions mention in EC which is as follows:

  • Specific Conditions: Structural safety of the building, CTE, CTO, Fire safety measures,topography, natural drainage,water requirement, conservation, rainwater Harvesting, Ground Water Recharge, STP, ETP, monitoring data and solid waste management etc.
  • General Conditions: Year-wise Expenditure for environmental protection measures, all the statutory clearance such as storage of diesel from the Chief Controller of Explosives, Fire Department, Civil Aviation department, copy of the advertisement of EC in two local newspapers, Environmental statement report (Form-V) etc.

Annexures Required For Certified Compliance Report (CCR)

  • Earlier Environment Clearance
  • Monitoring Reports
  • Consent to Establish
  • Consent to Establish
  • Advertisement notice of EC in two local newspapers
  • Detailed Project Report
  • Authorisation of Hazardous waste, if applicable
  • Permission regarding Greenbelt development
  • DCF certificate
  • Fire NOC, NOC for Height clearance if applicable
  • Building permit
  • PUC certificate for the vehicle
  • Form-V (Environment Statement report) etc.

Additional Documents required for Certified Compliance Report

  • Water Balance Diagram
  • Photographs regarding solid waste management
  • Photographs and Plan for CER activities
  • Action Taken Report
  • Rainwater harvesting photographs
  • DG set photographs with a stack height
  • Plantation photograph
  • Energy conservation source photographs
  • Monitoring equipment photograph
  • Periodical medical test
  • Disaster Management Plan etc.

Team of Experts

  • NABET Consultant (EIA Co-ordinator, Team members, FAE, FAA)
  • NABL Approved Lab
  • Civil Engineer
  • Air and noise quality specialist
  • Occupational health
  • Geology/geo-hydrology
  • Ecologist
  • Transportation Specialist
  • Safety and health specialist
  • Sociologist, etc.

Half Yearly Compliance vs Certified Compliance Report (CCR)

S.No. Half-Yearly Compliance Report Certified Compliance Report
1 Required for all projects having EC In case of Expansion project or activities and validity extension of EC.
2 Concerned Authority: Member Secretary (SEIAA)MoEF&CC Regional Officer (Pollution Control Board) Concerned Authority : Integrated Regional officeCCR issued from IRO of MoEF&CC  


Submission of Environmental compliance monitoring is very important for collecting, analysing and reviewing information to ensure that the organisations adhere to EC conditions. This process requires regular monitoring at certain levels through the assistance of compliance experts and Consultants to prepare a quality report for obtaining a Certified Compliance Report (CCR) from the concerned authorities.

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