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society registration renewal online

Society is a collection of individuals who share the same interest, and they come together to act cooperatively for mutual and similar functions. Such societies are governed under The Societies Registration Act, 1860, and each state of our country has the right to amend the said Act. The Societies are also created for the purpose of maintenance of residential or commercial places, including the Apartments Association.  

Society Registration

The Society registration is done according to the provisions of the said Act. Registration of these societies is done for the promotion of charitable activities like fine arts, music, culture, sports, religion, science, literature and knowledge. For society registration, a minimum of seven or more persons are required. The registration of societies is maintained by the state governments. Application for the registration of a particular society is made to the appropriate authority of the state government where the registered office of the registering society is situated. 

For every such registration, a fee of Rs. 50 is paid to the Registrar or whatever fee is directed by the state government. All such fees paid are accounted for by the state government. 

Society Registration renewal 

As per the said Act, every society registration is needed to be renewed. An application for society registration renewal is made to the Registrar within one month from the period of expiration of the registration with the requisite fee. Every society registered is entitled to be renewed for five years. The followings are the fee structure provided for Society Registration under the Societies Registration Act:

  • A fee equal to the registration fee of Rs. 200, whatever is lesser shall be paid to Registrar for society registration renewal within the prescribed time. The state government can, from time to time, increase the fee charged by issuing any appropriate notification, provided the increased fee is not more than the fee paid at the time of society registration.  
  • An additional fee of Rs. 40 or higher shall be paid as provided by the state government, but it should not exceed one-fifth of the above-mentioned fee if the application is filed within one month from the expiration period.  
  • And if the application is filed beyond one month of the period of expiration, then an additional fee of Rs. twenty per month or a higher additional fee per month, but shall not exceed half of the above stated additional fee, as notified by the state government. 

A society registration renewal shall be operative from the date of expiration of the period for which registration was in operation. 

Procedure for society registration renewal

  • The applications for society registration renewal shall have a list of members of the managing body elected after the registration or after the renewal.  
  • The society registration certificate needed to be renewed only if not dispensed with the Registrar on the ground of destruction, loss or any other relevant cause. 
  • For renewal, an online application form that has been provided by the state government on their appropriate official site has to be filed along with the following requisite information:
  • Existing file no. of society registration.
  • Name of the society whose registration is to be renewed. 
  • all the contact details, such as the mobile number and e-mail id of the applicant
  • All the required documents need to be uploaded.
  • After the renewal of society registration, the old file no. will be retained.

Failure of society registration renewal 

If a society fails to renew the society registration within one year from the expiration date of society registration, then such society will become an unregistered society. The Registrar enjoys the discretion to allow the application for renewal even after one year from the date of expiration for relevant cause on payment of a fee of Rs. 400 or higher but shall not exceed ten times the above-mentioned additional fee, as notified by the state government. 


Each society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860[1] is valid for five years, and after that, it is needed to be renewed. The society registration renewal needs to be done within one month from the period of expiration of the registration. The renewal process is more or less similar to the registration process. Online renewal of the society registration can be done through the online portal of the state government after providing all the required information. Failure of society to apply for renewal will make such a society an unregistered society. 

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