How to Import Cosmetics From China?

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Import Cosmetics from China

All woman like cosmetics & beauty products and items to enhance their beauty. Every woman has a different taste, choice and skin. There are several kinds of cosmetic products on the market, but every country can’t provide multiple units according to their choices & preferences. China is the second largest cosmetics products consumer market in the world. Importing cosmetics from China can be quite a profitable profession and business. For importing products to India primarily, find a good supplier by online services or direct visit to factory premises, negotiate the rate and place the order, but before placing the order, we should have Drug License Certification for your Cosmetic products. So, before placing the order, let us know some essential rules & regulations regarding Import Cosmetics from China.

An Overview of Cosmetic License Registration Procedure

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in India has managed to import cosmetics in India. A mandatory registration certificate is needed under Rule 21 of the Drug & Cosmetics Act, 1945[1]. The cosmetics items & products which are intended to be poured, rubbed, sprinkled or sprayed on and applied to the body of a human for beautifying, cleaning, alerting the appearance & promoting attractiveness those cosmetics products are imported for sale in the Indian market should be certified from the CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation) which has been appointing as the licensing authority that these cosmetic products are safe for customers or not.

Who can Import Cosmetics from China to India?

  • The manufacturer needs to thus have a registered office in India.
  • It is a subsidiary agent of the manufacturer.
  • The authorised agent of the manufacturer.
  • Any other Importers.

Regulation for Labelling of Cosmetics Products

Following are some necessary regulations for the labelling of Cosmetics Products from the Rule 21 Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1945:

  • Specify the cosmetics product’s name with the manufacturing address on both the inner & outer labels. In case the container is small in size, then the principal place of manufacturing & the pin code is sufficient.
  • The ingredients should be displayed on the outer label of the cosmetics products.
  • The inner label of the cosmetics product should contain the ‘directions for use with any warning and caution is essential for particular cosmetics product.
  • A Separate batch number preceded by the letter ‘B’ with a manufacturing batch number preceded by the letter ‘M’ must be specified on the label.

Documents Required for the Grant of Import Cosmetics from China

Following are some essential documents for the grant of Import Cosmetics from China to India:

  • Application Form.
  • Cover letter from the applicant;
  • A valid Import Export Code (I.E.C.);
  • Original copy of Power of  Attorney;
  • Copy of the Label;
  • Specification and test method of the cosmetics product;
  • Package inserts, if any
  • Payment proof of the required registration fees;
  • Information of the cosmetics product to be imported, including the chemical & safety data (Schedule D III);
  • Marketing authorisation letter or Free Sale Certificate (F.S.C.);
  • List of the name of countries where import permission or registration of the product has been granted;
  • Provide a soft copy of the details about cosmetic products, brands and the manufacturer.

Procedure for Grant of Import Cosmetics from China

Following are some Steps for grant of Import Cosmetics from China to India:

Step 1: Submission of Application Form: Fill out the cosmetic license application form, provide information about the business and submit it to the office of the Drugs Controller General of India under the Indian Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

Step 2: Payment of Registration Fee: After submitting the application, pay the registration fee.

Steps 3: Verification of Testing report & documents: The inspection teams will verify the test report of cosmetics products and other essential documents.

Note: The proof of payment will be submitted with the application for registration.

Step 4: Timeline for Processing of Application: Within six months from the date of application, Form submission with all the essential documents of the business. The validity of the registration certificate is for three years from the date it is issued.

Lab Testing Requirements for Import Cosmetics from China

The BIS checked the quality of the cosmetic product from time to time & and revised the Indian Standard. So, the cosmetic products need to be confirmed to the Indian Standards. Here are a few common tests to ensure which cosmetic product is safe for Indian customers:

  • Performance Testing: It checks the durability & functions of the cosmetic product.
  • Toxicology Testing: It checks the ingredients & finished cosmetic product to determine in case any substances of the product present a risk for users, such as skin irritation, eye corrosion, etc.
  • Microbiology Testing: It allows different methods to identify the presence of bacteria and ensure which is free from harmful micro-organisms.
  • Chemical Stability Testing: It is the study of shelf life estimation & storage conditions of the cosmetics product.
  • Safety Testing: It is like heavy metals in cosmetics products, banned colours & banned chemicals.

Penalty Imposed for not Complying with the Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1945.

If any of the regulations under this Act regarding cosmetics are broken, a fine of up to Rs.1000 or one year in jail, or both, may be imposed on the first offence. The sentence may be increased on subsequent offences to 2 years in prison and/or a fine of up to Rs.2000.


All cosmetics products imported into the Indian market must be registered with the CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation) and appointed as the cosmetics industry’s relevant licensing authority.

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