How to become Producer Responsibility Organization?

calendar01 Jun, 2022
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Producer Responsibility Organization

The Producer Responsibility Organization is a professional organization which is authorized or financed individually or collectively by producers. It takes the responsibility of collecting and channelizing the waste generated in the environment. Any organization can become Producer Responsibility Organization, either for plastic waste or e-waste, by fulfilling certain guidelines issued by CPCB.

The Producer Responsibility Organization

In India, the concept of Producer Responsibility Organization is recognized in two sectors, i.e., plastic waste management and e-waste management. The primary burden of collecting the waste of plastic and electronic products is imposed on producers under Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 and E-waste Management Rules, 2016[1]. Thus, they need a proper system for collecting the waste generated by their own products.

The Producer Responsibility Organization is an organization which is financed and authorized by the producers, either individually or collectively. It is a professional organization and takes responsibility for collecting and channelizing plastic waste and e-waste to ensure environmentally sound management of such wastes.

Requirements to become Producer Responsibility Organization

The following are the minimum requirement to become Producer Responsibility Organization:

  • Details of Organization
  • Details of Authorized person
  • Copy of Registration from any Statutory Body
  • A minimum of five years of experience in Waste Management
  • Copy of TAN, PAN and GST
  • Details of Channel partners
  • Category of waste handled
  • Details of collection mechanism
  • Details of Organizational Structure
  • List of districts and states to be covered
  • Success stories in the waste disposal
  • Any other information

Capacities and Capabilities to become PRO

The following are the Capacities and Capabilities to become Producer Responsibility Organization:

  • Specify details of capacity to handle, collect, store, sort and recycle waste.
  • Capable of channelizing the waste to fulfil the target of collection set by producers, brand owners and importers.
  • Provide the organizational structure of the human resources, waste collection facilities, and infrastructures for collecting, sorting, and transporting wastes.
  • Provide information about its collection mechanism, collection points, logistic arrangements, etc.
  • Capable of carrying out public awareness initiatives, campaigns or programmes for the promotion of the manner of the waste disposal system.

Procedure for becoming Producer Responsibility Organization

To become Producer Responsibility Organization, an entity or individual has to fulfil the following steps:

  • Application

The applicant has to file an application at the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) with all the required details/information.

  • Verification

After receiving the application, the CPCB verifies and scrutinizes it and rejects or accepts it. The CPCB responds to the application within 25 days.

  • Registration

Once the CPCB accepts the application, the applicant is registered as the Producer Responsibility Organization. The registration is valid for three years. The renewal application is filed sixty days before the expiry of such registration.


The Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) is an organization that is professional and financed, and authorized by the producers. It takes the responsibility of collecting wastes on behalf of the producers or brand owners generated due to the products of such producers or the brand owners. It helps the producers and brand owners to manage their EPR Responsibility. It also channelizes both types of waste, e-waste and plastic waste. To become Producer Responsibility Organization, one has to apply at CPCB, and after its approval, one can operate as a PRO.

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