How to Obtain Director Identification Number?

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Director Identification Number

The concept of Director Identification Number was first introduced with the insertion of the Sections 266A and 266G in the Companies {Amendment} Act, 2006. It is mandatory for every director to obtain a Director Identification Number. It serves as an identity proof of such a director. Moreover, the director doesn’t need to change DIN even when he switches companies.

What is Director Identification Number?

Director Identification Number abbreviated as DIN is an eight-digit unique identification number which is allotted to a person intending to be a director or is an existing director in any company. It is allocated by the Central Government, which has the validity of a lifetime.

DIN or Director Identification Number is person-specific, for example, if a person is a director in two or more companies, he only needs to obtain one DIN. Also, if he leaves one company and joins another, still there is no requirement to change his DIN.

Applicability of DIN

DIN is used whenever a return, an application or any information rating to the company is submitted to any department under any law. Generally, the director signs with the DIN underneath on such documents which is further submitted to the concerning government department.

DIN Application and Modification Forms

DIN can be obtained through the following forms, let’s learn about them in detail;

  • SPICe Form: It is an application form used for obtaining DIN, for person not having the same and who is proposed to be the first director of a new company. 
  •  DIR 3 Form: Any person intending to become a director in an existing company needs to make an application in Form DIR 3 along with the prescribed documents.
  • DIR 6 Form: If there is any change in the particulars of the director, Form DIR 6 is used for requesting for making any changes in the DIR.

The above-mentioned forms are filled electronically. Then, it needs to be digitally signed and then uploaded on the MCA 21 portal. 

Documents Required

You are required to attach certain supporting documents along with the Application Form. Let’s know what those documents are;  

With SPICe Form:

  • Proof of identity
  • Address proof

With Form DIR 3:

  • Photograph
  • Identity proof
  • Residence proof
  • Verification detail such as
    • Name
    • Father’s name
    • Current address
    • Date of birth
    • Declaration text
    • A physical signature of the applicant
  • A copy of Passport as ID Proof for foreign nationals

How to obtain DIN?

You need to follow the given steps to obtain your Director Identification Number {DIN};

  • Download the application form as per the specification of your company
  • Create your account on the MCA Portal[1]
  • Log in to your account
  • Make an application in the prescribed form
  • Attach the supporting documents
  • It is mandatory to digitally sign the Form DIR 3. Furthermore, it should be verified digitally by a Company Secretary/ Managing director/ CEO or CFO of the company
  • After completing the application form and uploading all documents, you need to submit the requisite fees. Only electronic payment of the fee for the eForm DIR 3 is allowed, i.e. through net banking/ credit card/ pay later/Neft, etc.
  • After submission, your application is sent for verification. If your application is successfully verified then your application will be accepted, otherwise, it will be rejected.
  • Finally, upon successful acceptance of your application, your DIN will be generated and issued to you for further use.   

Generation of DIN

After the application is submitted after paying the application fee, the system shall generate an application number. It is on the Central Government to process the application, verify it and decide whether to approve or reject.

Approval– within 1 month of the approval of the DIN application the same shall be communicated by the central government to the applicant.

Rejection– In case of DIN application getting rejected the same shall be sent via e-mail with the proper mentioned reasons behind rejection to the applicant and the same shall be intimated by uploading the reason on the website. The applicant shall be given 15 days to rectify the mistakes. Only if he rectifies those reasons and if the Central Government is satisfied with the same then he will be allotted his DIN or else the central government application shall be labelled as INVALID.

Intimating DIN to company

The director has to intimate about his DIN within one month after getting the DIN from the central government to all the companies where he is at the position of director.  

The company is obliged to intimate about the DIN within 15 days from such intimation about the DIN from the director to the Registrar of the Company. In case of failure of such intimation by the director to the company or by the company to Registrar shall attract penalties.

What can be the reasons for the rejection of the application?

Sometimes the application gets rejected by the issuing body due to the following mistakes committed by the applicants;

  • Non- submission of the following documents:
    • Proof of identity of the applicant
    • A Proof of the father’s name of the applicant
    • Proof of date of birth of the applicant
    • Proof of residential address of the applicant
    • Copy of passport not submitted {for foreign nationals}
  • Invalid application or documents:
    • Invalid or expired documents
    • Any submitted document which is not issued by a government authority
    • Application/enclosed evidence containing handwritten entries
    • Duplicate application
    • Application without a photograph of the applicant not affixed
    • Signature not affixed on the prescribed place
    • Name of the person does not match with the name in the enclosed evidence
    • Applicant’s date of birth does not match with the one mentioned in the enclosed evidence
    • Mismatch in the father’s name of the applicant 
    • Mismatch in the mentioned Address between the application and in the enclosed evidence
    • Gender not mentioned correctly in Form DIR 3
    • Supporting documents are not self-attested

Fees for obtaining DIN

The prescribed fee for obtaining Director Identification Number {DIN} is Rs. 500.


Director Identification Number is an 8 digit unique identification code that serves as an identity proof of a director in a company. Also, it is mandatory for every director of a company to have a Director Identification Number or DIN.

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