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CPCB certification For Compostable Plastic Sellers

calendar10 Jun, 2022
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CPCB certification For Compostable Plastic Sellers

Currently, only about 1 % of plastic and plastic products on the global market are considered bio-based, compostable and biodegradable. Certifications issued by governmental agencies like the Central Pollution Control Board guarantees that a product complies with an established standard or a set of conditions defined by the certifier. CPCB has, from time to time, amended the Certification process for compostable Plastic sellers, the latest of which was notified by the CPCB in September 2020. An online application portal (e-governance portal) was also launched for the Certification of compostable plastic sellers in June 2021. The seller of compostable plastic can apply to CPCB for the registration in Form-B, along with the prescribed documents and details elaborated below.

SOP For Issuing Certificate to the Sellers of Compostable Plastic Bags

  • For certification of Compostable plastic bag selling, a seller of compostable plastic products can apply to CPCB for the registration in Form B.
  • Details like the name of the product and the quantity needed by the seller have to be quoted. The manufacturer from whom the product is to be procured must be certified by a CPCB, and its name and address have to be given.
  • Details of dealers, stockists, and product users also need to be mentioned.

Documents Required for CPCB Certification for Compostable Plastic Sellers

  • A duly filled Form B
  • Authorization letter issued to the seller by the concerned manufacturer
  • Registration issued by SPCB/PCC*
  •  CPCB certificate issued to the manufacturer(from whom the product has to be procured)
  • Undertaking by the Seller on a ₹ 100/- stamp paper

* in case the seller does not have this registration,  the certificate is issued on the condition that the seller would sell the product only after obtaining a valid registration which is to be submitted to the CPCB within three months of issuance of the certificate)

SOP for CPCB Certification of Compostable Plastic Sale

The applications under process at CPCB for the issue of Certificate shall be assessed as per provisions of the current SOP whereas the certificates. If a certificate has already been issued by CPCB and a revised SOP for Compostable Plastic Seller[1] is issued, the new SOP will be applicable, and such an application shall be reviewed as per provisions of the latest SOP within three months.

    The selling of compostable carry bags in the Indian Market is subject to the following conditions:

  • The Compostable Plastic Seller has to comply with the provisions of ‘4(h)’ & ‘11(c)’ of the PWM Rules, 2018, notified under the Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986.
  • The Compostable Plastic Seller has to comply with conditions for compliance as per any Guidelines issued from time to time by the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change or Central Pollution Control Board.
  • The seller of Compostable plastic shall provide six-monthly details of procurement of compostable carry bags from the registered manufacturer as per the prescribed format.   The seller must also provide quantity details of sales of compostable carry bags.
  • Seller of compostable plastic shall ensure that “Compostable/Compostable Plastic” in English & regional language along with the seller’s name, code, and certificate number are printed on the bags they procured.

Monitoring Of Compostable Plastic Sellers after Certification by CPCB

CPCB also has a monitoring mechanism under which the seller needs to provide a six-monthly report regarding product sales to their concerned SPCB/PCC. Also, market surveys will be carried out to ensure the availability of the Compostable Plastic bags to monitor from the consumer end. CPCB may cancel or suspend the certificate of the Compostable Plastic seller in case he/she fails to comply with any of the conditions given the certificate.

Cancellation of EPR Authorisation of a CPCB Certified Compostable Plastic Seller

At any stage, if a seller is found violating the provisions of their certificate, they shall be issued a notice. An opportunity to present its case shall be given to the seller within fifteen before considering the case for cancellation or suspension of EPR authorisation. The Chairman of CPCB is the final authority in the matter, and the decision is taken within ten days of the hearing.


Petroleum-based plastic bags have become a hazard to the environment and human health. It’s a challenging task to reduce, recycle and reuse such products, given their cost-effective nature (the cost involved in recycling is simply more than the cost of producing a new one). It is imperative that the manufacturing and sale of environmentally friendly substitutes like compostable and biodegradable plastics are introduced into the economy. Given the Indian consumer’s love for carrying bags (polythene bags) and no cheaper option available, this market is destined to grow. So, introducing an eco-friendly substitute like compostable plastic bags can be considered an intelligent approach to containing plastic pollution in the country. This also means that this market has massive potential in the coming future. Considering India’s stance on Sustainable Development and the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, it is a profitable deal to invest in this sector as a manufacturer, distributor or seller.

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