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BIS ISI Certification for Pyridine – A Complete Analysis

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BIS ISI Certification for Pyridine – A Complete Analysis

Pyridine is a heterocyclic organic compound with the chemical formula i.e., C5H5N. It is structurally related to benzene, with one methane group replaced by a nitrogen atom. Pyridine is a highly flammable, water-miscible liquid with a unique, unpleasant fish-like smell. It is colourless but impure or older samples can appear yellow. It is used as a solvent in the dyestuff & pharmaceutical industries and as a lab reagent. Pyridine is also used in the production of drug intermediates. IS 8058:2018 covers Pyridine and this Standard specifies the requirements & sampling and testing method for Pyridine. To get BIS ISI Certification for Pyridine and produce a standard quality product, the Manufacturer must ensure that their product must follow the specified Indian Standard. Scroll down to check more information regarding BIS ISI Certification for Pyridine[1].

Importance of ISI Mark

ISI or Indian Standards Institute, it is the Mark of products testing. ISI Mark reassures everyone that your product or item is safe to use. This Mark is the most acknowledged Certification Mark in India. This Mark is developed by the BIS, it is the national body of India. This Mark is compulsory for many products, including home appliances, baby products, kitchen appliances, building materials & many more. There are 136 products or items which come under ISI Certification and all 136 products aren’t allowed to being sold in Indian Market until it has not been approved by ISI.

There are many major ISI points that every customer should keep in mind:

  1. If the product’s quality is not great, then you can complain in BIS;
  2. The vendor must mention on the receipt that the product is ISI Mark;
  3. BIS keeps checking in the product manufacturers to see whether they are following the ISI guidelines or not;
  4. The investigation takes time for 3 months in case of a complaint made against a manufacturer.

Various Tests for BIS ISI Certification for Pyridine

The following tests shall be carried out as per the method prescribed in the Standard:

  • Pyridine Content;
  • Solubility;
  • Moisture content;
  • Boiling Range;
  • Purity & identity;
  • Residue on evaporation;
  • Copper;
  • Chlorides;
  • Moisture content;
  • Ammonium compounds;
  • Relative density;
  • Oxidizable substances.

Packing and Marking the Product

Packing & Marking shall be done as per IS 8058:2018. The material must be packed in mild steel drums & the ISI Mark shall be marked on the container of the product provided that the material so marked meets all requirements of the specification. Each container must be labelled with the information as specified in the Indian Standards. The Manufacturer must get a BIS Certification from the BIS to use a Standard Mark (ISI Mark). The Bureau of Indian Standards issues a License based on a successful assessment of quality control, production process, manufacturing infrastructure & testing capabilities.

Documents Required for BIS ISI Certification for Pyridine

Following are some crucial documents required for BIS ISI Certification for Pyridine:

  1. Basic details regarding the factory premise and product category;
  2. Trademark Registration Certificate (if available);
  3. Layout plan of the factory;
  4. A test report copy generated by the internal laboratory within a month;
  5. Details of Test Equipment;
  6. Details of Machines;
  7. Address proof of the manufacturing unit;
  8. Certificate from concerned regulatory agencies for manufacturing;
  9. Drawing of the product;
  10. Packaging type;
  11. Specific requirements for Foreign Manufacturers;
  12. Details of quality control staff;
  13. Factory Organisational Chart;
  14. Details of Raw Materials.

Other General Information:

  1. Labs that BIS has created is maintained or approved for the product. Government facilities that the Bureau has appointed.
  2. The in-house laboratory of the Manufacturer cannot be considered as an independent lab.

Procedure for BIS ISI Certification for Pyridine in India

BIS ISI Certification for Pyridine in India can be obtained in following 2 different procedures:

  1. Normal Procedure: The following steps will take place under Normal Procedure:
    • First, the applicant has to prepare for the BIS Certification requirements, especially setting up in-house laboratories and preparing products as per IS with other required documents.
    • Then, the BIS Official will conduct an inspection of products along with the industry or factory.
    • Once the inspection process gets completed, the samples of the products are sent for testing at the BIS-certified labs.
    • If the product passes all the testing parameters, then only it gets approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards, and the authority will grant the BIS ISI Certification for Pyridine for Indian Manufacturers.
  2. Simplified Procedure: The following steps will take place under Simplified Procedure:
    • First, the applicant submits the sample report already tested & approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards as per IS.
    • Then, the applicant has to submit a BIS application online & documents along with the fees.
    • During the examination of applications, and documents, the BIS Officials will conduct an inspection of products along with the factory or industry.
    • Once the inspection process is done, the product samples are sent for testing at the BIS-certified labs.
    • If verified & approved as per the Standards, the BIS Certificate is issued by the BIS to the Manufacturer.


At last, all the manufacturers or importers of the products must get BIS ISI Certification if their product is covered under the BIS Conformity Assessment Scheme. In case of any violation, the BIS License may be cancelled by the BIS as per the Provision of Regulation 11 of BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018.

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