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Aluminium Scrap Cable Import License in India

calendar16 Aug, 2022
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Aluminium Scrap Cable Import License

In recent years the amount of illegal imports has increased in India, leading to an irreversible environmental crisis and a rise in the accumulation of waste. This has also made authorities like the Ministry of Environment, forest and Climate Change and The central Pollution Control Board monitor and regulate the already unmanageable amounts of waste in India. Therefore, to deal with this in a recent notification on 2021 of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, they declared the registration and authorisation for aluminium import or import of 43 of its components mandatory, including authorisation for Aluminium Scrap Cable Import License.

List of aluminium scrap that can be imported:

Aluminium Product Code
Unwrought aluminium  Aluminium, not alloy, which includes ingots, billets etc. Aluminium alloys ITC(HS) 7601
Aluminium Waste and Scraps ITC(HS) 7602
Aluminium Powders and Flakes ITC(HS) 7603
Aluminium bars, rods and profiles ITC(HS) 7604
Aluminium Wire ITC(HS) 7605 
Aluminium plates, sheets and strips of a thickness exceeding 0.2 mm ITC(HS) 7606
Aluminium foil (whether/not printed/ backed with paper, paperboard, plastics/ similar backing materials) of a width (excluding any backing) not beyond 0.2 mm ITC(HS) 7607
Aluminium Tubes And Pipes ITC(HS) 7608  
Aluminium tube/pipe fittings (e.g., couplings, elbows, sleeves) ITC 76090000
Aluminium structures (not including prefabricated buildings of heading 9406) and portions of constructions (e.g., bridges and bridge-sections, lattice masts, roofing frameworks, towers, roofs, doors and windows and their frames and thresholds for doors, pillars, balustrades, and columns); aluminium plates, rods, profiles, tubes and the like, arranged for use in constructions ITC(HS) 7610
Drums, Aluminium casks, boxes, cans, and similar containers (counting rigid or collapsible tubular containers), for any material (apart from compressed/ liquefied gas), of a capacity, not beyond 300 l, whether or not lined or heat-insulated, but not built-in with mechanical or thermal tools ITC(HS) 7612
Aluminium Containers For Compressed Or Liquefied Gas ITC(HS) 7613
Cables, Stranded wire, plaited bands & the like, of aluminium, not electrically insulated ITC(HS) 7614
Kitchen/Table or other household objects and parts thereof, of aluminium; pot scourers & scouring/polishing pads, gloves and the like, of aluminium; sanitary ware & parts thereof, of aluminium ITC(HS) 7615
Other articles on aluminium ITC(HS) 7616

Aluminium Scrap Cables Import in India

Many countries, including India, have their own laws and regulations relating to the import of Aluminium and aluminium material, one of them being Hazardous Waste Management Rules which control and monitor the transboundary movement of Hazardous waste, including metals. According to governmental authorities like the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the importers are required to follow the instructions stipulated for legal import. For Aluminium Scrap Cable Import in India, the importers have to follow the given instruction, including: –

  1. They first have to acquire an Aluminium Scrap Cable Import License
  2. Pre-shipment inspection certificate
  3.  For import of Aluminium Scrap Cable Importers are imposed with anti-dumping duty
  4. Valuation of import of Aluminium Scrap Cable based on CVD and RSP (Retail Sales Price)
  5. They Also have to get registration to act as an importers
  6. Agreement relating to the import of Aluminium  Scrap Cables
  7. Further, they have to get import the Certificate of origin
  8. When importing from other countries, they have to get a bilateral or multilateral agreement with the country
  9. They also have to check the restriction imposed on the import of aluminium
  10. They also have to keep in mind the prohibition laws on the import of Aluminium Scrap cables.

Eligibility for acquiring Aluminium Scrap Cable Import License in India

  • Before importing the aluminium scrap cable in India, importers have to get a certificate from the environmental authority, which will take approximately 10-15 days to get authorised.
  • One has to keep the record on the Aluminium Scrap Cable handled.
  • The land acquired for the operation of import of Aluminium scrap cable must be approved by State Pollution Control Board/Pollution Control Committee.
  • An agreement with the recycler is needed
  • IEC (Importer Exporter Code) is also mandated

Authorisation as an importer

IEC (Importer Exporter Code) is the main requirement that is needed by importers for importing any item in India. The importer has to give an application for this online with a copy of the PAN Card and bank certificate. Each paper of the application and documents is needed to carry the signature of the authorised personnel. 

Documents required for Scrap business

The documents that are needed while filing for an application for an Aluminium Scrap Cable Import License

  1. GST Certificate
  2. MOA (Memorandum of Article/Article of Association) or Partnership deed
  3. Electricity Bill
  4. Storage Facility Details
  5. Info on the imported waste
  6. Copy of invoice
  7. PAN Card
  8. Aadhar Card
  9. Notarised MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)
  10. IEC (Import-Export Code)

Procedure for acquiring an Aluminium Scrap Cable Import License in India

For acquiring an Aluminium Scrap Cable Import License, the Importer has to get permission from MoEFCC[1] (the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change). Aluminium Scrap Cable Import License is provided with the exception that the imported scrap is just imported for disposal. The scrap must be imported with the aim of proper management, including recycling, recovery, co-processing and reuse.

  •  An importer of Aluminium Scrap Cable Import License shall file an application to get the license from the State Pollution Control Board/Pollution Control Committee.
  • Once the application is submitted to the State Pollution Control Board/Pollution Control Committee, they are required to reply to importers within 30 days with appropriate suggestions and regulations relating to transportation. 
  • SPCB/PCC ( The State Pollution Control Board/Pollution Control Committee ) will grant an Aluminium scrap cable import license if the importer submits a permission letter with the authorised copy from the exporting country’s applicable authorities.
  • The validity for an Aluminium Scrap Cable Import License is five years.

Certificate for Pre-Shipment inspection

For importing certain items of Aluminium scrap, the importer has to get a pre-shipment inspection issued by the exporting country’s inspection agencies.

Anti-Dumping Duty

Anti-dumping Duty is applicable to some Aluminium scrap to rectify the distortive effect of trade and reintroduce fair trade. WTO (World Trade Organization) members, as per General Agreement on Tariff and Trade, permit their member countries to take an individual decision on imposing such anti-dumping duties to ensure fair trade rather than protecting domestic industry.


An Aluminium Scrap Cable Import License in India is declared mandatory by the ministry along with other licenses to enable the government and authorities to keep a watchful eye on the activities of the importers relating to its negative impact on the environment and overall pollution index.

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