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45 Business Ideas for Teens and Young Entrepreneurs

calendar18 May, 2024
timeReading Time: 10 Minutes
Business ideas for teens

Business ideas for teens: Starting a business in your teenage years offers a lot of opportunities and advantages. The whole procedure of starting a business on your own and then handling all the aspects of the business helps teen entrepreneurs in their professional and personal growth. The young entrepreneurs expose themselves to challenges in real life, which trains them for the future. In the teenage years, there is less financial pressure on young entrepreneurs, so they can take risks and delve into different business endeavors.  

In this blog, we’ll examine 45 business ideas for teens and young entrepreneurs that they can start with little investment and from their homes. 

Business Ideas for Teens and Young Entrepreneurs

The 45 business ideas for teens that will provide them flexibility and many learning opportunities are:

1- Tutoring

One of the oldest business ideas for teens is tutoring. Teens can provide tutoring sessions to their juniors or their batch mates who are having difficulty in their studies. You can teach students online using only a laptop. This business idea requires little investment and is flexible. You can prepare the classes for your juniors and conduct the tutoring session.

2- Dropshipping

Dropshipping has gained popularity in the last few years and is among the top business ideas for teens in 2024. It can be started online and is very cost-effective. You will not have to stock up on any products and can simply start an online retail business by tying up with a supplier who does dropshipping. You can become a link between the supplier and the product’s consumer.

3- Social Media Marketing

In the era of social media, many businesses are using this platform to market their products and services. Social media marketing is one of the finest business ideas for teens in the current social media era. You can do this by sitting at home and using your social media account’s mobile market products and services for various businesses. Marketing is vital for all businesses; through social media marketing, you can make leads for the business. 

4- Online Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is one of the critical compliances of all businesses in India. You can start an online bookkeeping business and provide all bookkeeping and accounting services to numerous small and medium-sized businesses that cannot afford to hire a full-time bookkeeping staff.

5- SEO Expert

A necessary skill for running any online business effectively involves search engine optimization or SEO. As an SEO expert, you can set up your own business and assist websites in appearing on the top page of internet search engines like Google. If you’ve never done SEO before, you should start by studying the fundamentals and being familiar with SEO tactics and resources. An SEO expert is one of the upcoming business ideas for teens.

6- Jewellery Design

There are many occasions where jewellery plays a significant role. Who doesn’t like jewellery? You can start a jewelry-making and selling business at home. You can make the jewellery by buying raw materials, or you can buy from a third party in bulk and sell. Many creative business entrepreneurs chose these business ideas from the various business ideas for teens in the current times. Teens with an interest in fashion can also pursue this business. 

7- Yoga Class

People are migrating towards a healthy lifestyle. An online yoga class is one of the best business ideas for teens today. You can conduct yoga classes without moving anywhere from your computer. If you are a fitness freak, this is one of the best business ideas. There is no investment and high flexibility. You can also get some certifications to increase the credibility of your class.

8- Freelance Writer

Teens can get involved in the freelancing sector most easily, particularly when they are writers. Many magazines welcome contributions from writers and compensate them for their work. They can additionally establish their medium site or produce content if they write regularly.

9- YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel is one of the oldest business ideas for teens. Many teen YouTubers have grown to become huge personalities. You can start a YouTube channel for anything that interests you, such as cooking, fashion, studying, traveling, fitness, etc. You do not need a degree or any other requirement to start a YouTube channel. This business type may take time to generate revenue, but it is profitable.

10- Makeup Artist

One of the emerging business ideas for teens is being a makeup artist. The business will do wonders if you have the knack for doing makeup. Teen entrepreneurs can turn this hobby into a business opportunity and start doing makeup on friends and relatives. They can use mouth-to-mouth advertising methods to find more clients. 

11- Event Planning

One of the significant business ideas for teens is event planning. You can start by setting up small birthday parties and anniversary celebrations for family and friends. You can also take orders using an online platform. You can use various social media platforms to market your business by posting about the events that you have covered. You can also collaborate with different places like cafes, hotels, etc., where these events can take place and also earn a commission from that.

12- Website Designing

If you are interested in website design, you can start a business for it. This business can be run fully online with just one computer set up. You can find clients online. Many businesses and brands hire freelance website designers as they are cost-effective compared to hiring full-time people.

13- Proofreader

If you like reading, a proofreader position is one of the best business ideas for teens today. You can proofread and edit various research papers, blogs, stories, etc., using your language expertise. You can also do some certifications and internships to gain experience before starting the business. You can help other writers or businesses make their content error-free. 

14- Candle Making Business

Who doesn’t like a good-smelling candle? A candle-making business is one of the next top-notch business ideas for teens. Candles can also be inexpensively customized with various colours and scents. Making candles is a great side career for teenagers because it doesn’t require a specific degree or certification.

15- Mobile App Developer

The mobile app developer is also one of the remarkable business ideas for teens. The young entrepreneur can start a business for developing mobile apps for startups and other small businesses that are setting up their digital business.

16- Cake Decorator

If you have a talent for baking, you can start a baking and cake decorator business. Here, you can bake and decorate readymade cakes for your clients. This type of business model requires only a one-time investment. The business can be started from home and then developed into a bigger space. 

17- Virtual Assistant

If you are proficient in administrative work, you can begin a virtual assistance business. As a digital assistant, you will be tasked with working virtually to manage a customer’s or several clients’ incoming and outgoing calls, meetings, travel plans, entering information, messages, and other administrative activities.

18- Data Entry

Big companies need to enter a lot of data into their systems. You can help the business with data entry, work from home or from a site, or provide freelancing services to 3-4 companies together. This business idea is one of the best for teens with no investment.

19- Fashion Reselling

If you are interested in fashion and have a knack for sales, you can start a fashion reselling business. In this business, you can buy clothes in good condition for customers and resell them to other customers. This idea, amongst the different business ideas for teens, has seen considerable growth as an influence of thrift and sustainable living. 

20- Affiliate Marketing

The arena of affiliate marketing is vast today, as you can comfortably work from home and earn money. You can provide affiliate marketing services for brands and businesses, promote their products, create high-quality promotional content for them, etc. Affiliate marketing is one of the top 10 business ideas for teens in the year 2024.

21- Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is an ideal choice of business ideas for teens. You can use your skills and expertise by becoming a graphic designer and earning money on the side. There are many options because every business requires stunning drawings or graphics to market its goods or services. You can make a portfolio of your designs and send it to companies looking for a graphic designer.

22- Translation

If you are skilled in any one language, you can start providing translation services to businesses and clients. Many MNCs hire freelance translators to translate important documents into native languages or even to communicate with native employees. You can also translate legal documents for law firms. Translation is one of the exceptional business ideas for teens. 

23- Pet Grooming

One of the popular business ideas for teens is pet grooming. You may make money by starting a pet-watching and grooming business in tandem. Dry cleaning, fur trimming, toe and fingernail clipping, and cleaning are all part of pet services related to grooming. You may make a ton of money by offering to take care of pets at their place of residence for a bit of cost if you operate a mobile service for pet grooming.

24- Professional Organizer

Expert organizers create personalized organizing plans that meet the specific requirements and objectives of every customer. To assist customers in efficiently organizing their possessions and making the most of their available space, they employ a variety of strategies, including colour-coding, categorization, and alternatives to storage. You can perform these tasks for clients who are too busy to work for you.

25- Photography

If you are interested in photography, you can create this hobby and turn it into an excellent business idea for teens. You can click pictures of birthday parties and other small events and build a network. By creating an impressive portfolio, you can then start pre-wedding and other events on a bigger scale.

26- Babysitting

Teenagers can start babysitting their neighbor’s kids and their relatives who are working full-time. This opportunity is very flexible, and you can work for hours every day and earn money. Babysitting will teach teens and young entrepreneurs about responsibility and time management.

27- Online Fitness Class

 Teenagers and young entrepreneurs can also start a YouTube channel to create and upload fitness-related content. They can also offer online fitness classes to a limited number of people. For this business, you will just need a laptop and a room with good lighting. 

28- Cloud Kitchen

Opening a cloud kitchen can be one of the innovative business ideas for teens who are interested in cooking. You do not need a separate location for the same. This business can be fully carried out online. You can post the menu and other details for the business online. This kitchen is an online kitchen, so you can directly deliver the food to your customers. 

29- Social Media Influencer

Many marketers on social networking sites utilize their free time online to assist their customers in achieving their commercial objectives. By bolstering their interaction with customers, you can manage many businesses’ social media accounts at once and assist their efforts at reaching more potential customers. Promote your portfolio-building skills as a means of increasing sales. Mention your experience managing various social media networks, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others.

30- Packing Business

Starting a packaging company where you have to handle package packing is a profitable business idea for teens. Establishing a packing company requires partnering with online shopping platforms or organizations and accepting orders for packing from them. Online marketplaces and sites will need packaging services because they handle a lot of digital purchases. You could additionally get in touch with other companies to deliver them artistic packaging to draw in clients and support their expansion.

31- Consultancy 

If you have expertise in a certain field, like technology, statistical analysis, the law, etc., you can establish a private consulting business. Services like consulting are often classified as business-to-business and can prove quite lucrative if you are able to get some significant corporations as customers. Even better, you could begin an internet consulting business and bring on professionals to help more people.

32- Clothes Designing

If you have artistic skills, teens and young entrepreneurs can also start a business designing clothes. You can make custom clothes according to the client’s requirements and their choice of design, fabric, and colour. This business idea requires only a minimum one-time investment in designing and stitching machines. If you are a student, you can be flexible and work according to your schedule. This type of business is a perfect opportunity as India is a country with diverse cultures, and festivities do not end there any month.

33- Digital Art

One of the business ideas for teens who are interested in digital platforms and art is starting an online digital store. This business requires less investment and can be operated according to the entrepreneurs’ time schedule. Photography with digital art and digital art pieces can be made according to the client’s customized orders. 

34- Cleaning Services

When all the people in the family work full time, they might not have time to clean the house. A small business of cleaning services can be started by teens, where they can offer to clean the houses or some room for some money. Teens can work as per their time. The business can be started by making relatives and friends the clients, and then through word of mouth, more new clients can be acquired. 

35- Life Coach

Teenagers and young entrepreneurs can also become life coaches for their juniors and mentor them about their education and various other aspects with which they need help. They can advise and counsel their juniors on their future. 

36- DJ Business

You can start a DJ business if you are interested in music. You can start offering to DJ at your friend’s parties or at family events. You can also use various social media platforms to promote your business. 

37- Car Wash

You will only need basic washing supplies for this type of business, so you won’t need to invest much money. Start by washing the automobiles in your neighborhood or those of your neighbors. To expand your business, you can use word-of-mouth and social media networking sites to promote your car wash business.

38- Self-Publishing Business

If you are interested in writing, you can start a self-publishing business. Teenagers can also start a self-publishing business, where they can start a blog of their own, post content on that, and earn money through it. It is also one of the promising business ideas for teens.

39- Stamp and 3D Printing Business

All businesses require stamps and 3D printing services. You can start a business of making custom stamps and 3D printing at home. There is a low one-time investment in this business. You can use your creative spark to design stamps for small and medium businesses that can use these stamps as part of their aesthetic packaging. 

40- Online Marketing Agency

An essential component of a business’s profitability is marketing. Digital, inward-facing, and social network marketing all assist the business in reaching its intended demographic, building brand recognition, and generating leads. Commencing early will ensure that teenagers develop their talents over time since around 15% of social media personalities are younger than 25 years of age. To increase revenue, companies are searching for managers of marketing campaigns. With social media, campaigns, advertising, email, and other online tools for marketing, you can assist them with their online marketing.

41- PR Consultant

PR consultants are used by several businesses and powerful people in a variety of sectors to evaluate and match their individual or commercial appearance with their objectives. You can begin working as a PR or brand consultant with ease if you have sufficient knowledge about a certain sector and working with public relations. 

42- Organic Food Catering

Recently, people have been migrating towards organic food. Starting a business of organic food catering is a profitable and flexible opportunity. You can acquire required permits like FSSAI and company registration and start your business right away. You can sell and collaborate with different restaurants, cafes, and hotels.

43- Conduct Online Courses

One of the finest business ideas for teens is conducting online courses. It can be done independently or by collaborating with an online course business. You can earn on the side by taking various online courses in which you have expertise. You can choose to teach students younger than you, multiple skills that they may require in future classes.

44- Hair care and Skincare Business

People nowadays consider and give importance to hair and skin care – especially teens! Starting a hair and skincare business is one of the finest business ideas for teens. You can start a homemade skin and hair care products business or simply collaborate with a brand and sell their products. 

45- Franchise Business

A franchise is a highly successful business. Given that there are no startup costs, it is a low-investment enterprise. All you have to do is run the franchisor company. It is your responsibility to market the franchisor’s goods. You do not have to do commercial marketing as the brand already has a distinctive and famous brand name and trademark.

The Final Words

In conclusion, there are many business ideas for teens that they can start and experience the world of entrepreneurship from a young age. Young entrepreneurs can learn collaboration, time management, finances, and other various skills at a young age, which prepares them for future endeavors. Corpbiz can help with your company registration from start to end, along with post-compliance services. Registering any business, you start is vital so you can protect your idea and business legally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What business can a teen and young entrepreneur start if they are interested in educational content?

    The business ideas for teens who have an interest in educational content can start a business of online courses, proofreaders, tutors, etc.

  2. What business can be started by a teen’s interest in designing?

    The business ideas for teens interested in designing are graphic design, website design, app design, etc.

  3. What are the benefits of online business for teens?

    The benefits of online business for teens are flexible, require little investment, have no geographical limitations, have huge consumer bases, are free to work, can start earning at a young age, and can experience professional growth, etc. 

  4. How do you choose what business a teen should start?

    Teenagers and young entrepreneurs can start businesses in the field in which they are interested or pursue as a hobby. For example, if you like teaching, you can start an online tutoring business.

  5. What are some seasonal business ideas for teen and young business entrepreneurs?

    Some seasonal business ideas for teen and young entrepreneurs are gift-making businesses, holiday decorators, and juice businesses, among others.

  6. What can teens and young entrepreneurs learn from starting a business at a young age?

    Teen and young entrepreneurs can learn the essential concepts of time management, professional development, accounting and finances, networking, etc. 

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