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10 Low Investment Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

calendar09 Apr, 2020
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If you landed on this article, you surely have your innate desire to become an entrepreneur[1] rising to a level that you are all set to embark on your entrepreneurial journey. You are inclined to seek out change rather than just adapting the routines and strict plans. While you ponder upon various business ideas to make a perfect entry into the business world, certain things need to be kept in mind. Let go of everything to start your own business sounds great in theory, but in the ‘real world,’ we have a pile of responsibilities. Starting your own business takes a lot both mentally as well as financially. So, the idea of ‘becoming your boss’ should be well thought upon before you begin your entrepreneurial journey.  As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it,” have faith in your idea and work hard to achieve your dream. Many successful companies like Apple, Facebook, Tesla are all a result of one good idea and determination to pursue that idea to its core.

Financial stability is one of the significant aspects of any business. A very few people have the financial cushion to give up a job for the uncertain income of a start-up venture. Many brilliant business ideas fall prey to inadequate funding, which undoubtedly is one of the biggest hurdles that business owners have to pass through. However, if you have the will to reach out to your dream, even inadequate funding is not as big a hurdle for you. As both economy and technology evolved over the years, it has created an end number of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to build their dreams. To simplify things a bit for you, we have listed ten low investment business ideas, which would earn you a good profit in the near future.

Low Investment Business ideas that shall reap you profitable returns

  • YouTube Channel

Over the years, youtube has become a modern media powerhouse. Generally, for many YouTubers, a YouTube channel often starts as a hobby. You create fun videos for yourself and anyone else who might want to watch your content. But soon, your channel will start to grow, and brands will begin to communicate with you for partnership. The moment you start monetizing your videos, your channel ceases to be a hobby and begins to become a business. You upload your videos for free and enjoy the returns through various ads and collaborations. So, if you have that talent of amusing people with your creativity, then youtube is the perfect platform for you. Moreover, youtube requires minimal investment and offers great returns once your channel gets going.

  • Food Truck

Food Truck business has been gaining popularity as of concept in India, among many entrepreneurs and consumers alike. Given the low cost, many would-be restaurateurs opt for a food truck business, which now is regarded as respectable venues for starting a career in the food business. Historic food trucks are associated with fast and easy to prepare meals such as hot dogs or street food that can be found in busy city areas. As menus have increased and the popularity of such trucks has grown, it has become more common to find food trucks in more places than just busy traffic jams in crowded cities. For food enthusiasts, it is an excellent opportunity to start a business with minimum investment. Although food truck culture is still at a growing stage in India, it definitely is grabbing peoples’ attention. If you are a foodie by heart and love to serve your delicacies to others as well, but lack funds to start a restaurant, the food truck is a perfect low investment business idea for you.

  • Blogging

This is one of the most lucrative fields you can tap into in this digital age. Professional blogging requires only a small initial cost. You should only invest in a domain name and hosting space – whose ‘unlimited’ capacity will cost you around Rs 3600. By promoting your blogs through the right channels, an inexpensive and unlimited expanse of the Internet is all you need.

  • Digital Marketing

The Marketing Sector has evolved a lot over the years, and with its evolution, a new type of marketing known as ‘Digital Marketing’ has surfaced. And with the advent of this idea, aspiring entrepreneurs have come up with new business ideas with low investment. Digital Marketing has given millennials great opportunities to work in the industry and get a fulfilling job. You can start earning a good amount even by investing less in this sector. You can start an SEO Agency, do video marketing, and start a blogging agency. There is a wide array of options if you are qualified and ready for a career in digital marketing.

  • Photography

If you have the right equipment and experience, you can offer your photography to both local and international customers. Photography is one of the most competitive businesses out there. Over the years, as camera gear has become more affordable and consumer-friendly and new smartphones coming with the best possible cameras, everyone has become a photographer. However, if you have the right set of skills, you will surely be able to stand yourself apart from the flock of amateur photographers. All you have to do is to create a captivating website and build your online profile to portray your work and attract potential customers.

  • Food Catering Business

A food catering business can never be out of demand because everyone enjoys food. Various occasions, such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, etc. have food on offer, and the demand for food in all these events is fulfilled by caterers.  In the catering service, you only need a kitchen and a few staff to cook, work, deliver, and manage things. Ever wanted to be a dream restaurant manager? You can start with the catering business as it is comparatively a low investment and high return business. Considering our country and the celebrations, customs and events we hold throughout the year, the catering service will always be in demand. It is one of the best low investment ideas in India.

  • Tuition Centre

Starting a tuition center is one of the most cost-effective businesses to launch, because of its near-zero starting cost requirement.  Generally, most tuition-teachers take classes in their own homes, thus eliminating any expenditure on rent and supplies. Currently, India lacks as many as 1.4 million trained teachers to meet the demand of the students. Students often rely on private coaching to better understand the topics and clear their concepts. Therefore establishing a home tutoring business is an excellent low investment business Plan for teachers while helping students to achieve their dreams.

  • Computer Training

We live in an era wherein there is a great need for computer literacy. If one has a basic idea of how to use a computer and how to work with simple tools such as Microsoft Office suite of products – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the prospects for personal employment are much brighter. Therefore, there is a great need to study computers, systems, and emerging areas of technology, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, etc. Are you an expert in these fields? If yes, you can start a training center with Internet access, a few computers, and learning aids such as whiteboards, projectors, etc. You can run multiple batches for college students, working professionals, etc. and earn a handsome profit out of a very small initial investment. Moreover, a small business loan for such initiatives is easily available.

  • Dance/Music School

The only investment for those looking to run a dance/music school is in renting the space for the same. Besides this, the business primarily runs on the skills of instructors and their ability to teach students. If you are able to build a good reputation of your school, surely the business will soar and give you a good profit.

  • Gym/ Fitness Centre

Around 65% of population in India is less than 35 years old. Over the past years, fitness centers have not only proven to be popular and in-demand by fitness conscious consumers, but they have also been proven to be very profitable as business opportunities. You can easily rent or buy a space for your fitness center with low investment in the beginning and later expand the space as the numbers of your clients grow. With careful research and proper planning, the fitness center can be a brilliant low investment business idea to start, operate, and own.

Other Low Investment Business Ideas

Low Investment Business Ideas

Take Away

There are various factors like market conditions, the skill of the owner, etc. that come into play while starting your business. The above-mentioned list of business ideas will help you embark on the journey of entrepreneurship with minimal investment. The listed low investment business ideas hold the potential to emerge as a successful business of the future.

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