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An Overview of trademark registration in Uttar Pradesh

Geographically Uttar Pradesh is the fourth largest state. Major industrial highway corridors such as North-South corridors, East-West Corridor, and several other expressways and national highways connect the state of Uttar Pradesh with the remotest parts of India. UP also has among the most fertile lands since twelve significant rivers pass through it, including India's largest river, the Ganges. In Uttar Pradesh, the key industries are the food processing industry, tourism, information technology (IT), mineral-based industries, textiles, automobile components, handicrafts and handlooms, and leather-based industries. As per the latest report by World Bank, Uttar Pradesh ranked 2nd out of 36 states in terms of ease of doing business. So, trademark registration is vital to creating a successful business in Uttar Pradesh. If you plan to get trademark registration for your business, such as a logo in Uttar Pradesh, then registering such a trademark will be with Trademark Registry, Delhi office.

Trademark helps individuals or companies to create their own brand name in the market by which the public comes to know about the product with a mark and also helps to understand the origin and quality of specific goods and services. The trademark also helps to represent and advertise its product.

Advantages of getting a trademark registration in Uttar Pradesh

  • Trademark registration helps the business to create its brand name, and also it creates the ability of the business to protect its brand.
  • Trademark registration enables the legitimacy of the product or services.
  • The trademark represents the reputation and the excellence of the business. It gives confidence and recognition to the product among the customer.
  • Trademark registration makes the customer quickly identify your product and helps to distinguish your product and services from others in the market.

Criteria for Trademark registration in Uttar Pradesh

  • Any person or legal entity(private firms, companies, LLPs or NGOs) can obtain the trademark.
  • Depending upon the legal entity should file the TM application
  • Depending upon the goods and services class is identified
  • All necessary and relevant Documents for registration

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Documents required for trademark registration in Uttar Pradesh

  • Aadhar card (individual/proprietorship/NGO/LLP)
  • PAN card (individual/proprietorship/NGO/LLP)
  • Logo/name/word/expression that is to be registered
  • MSME certificate of the company
  • Partnership deed, if the company is a partnership firm
  • Board Resolution of the company
  • User affidavit of the company

Process for trademark registration in Uttar Pradesh

  • The first key element in trademark registration is an appropriate classification based on the product or services.
  • After identifying the relevant class, will consider the trademark search in the trade registry's relevant record.
  • After completing the trademark search, the identified trademark is filed using relevant Documents.
  • After filing, the trademark registrar will examine your trademark.
  • Later the verified trademark is published in the trademark journal.
  • Finally, the desired trademark certificate is provided to the owner.

Validity of Trademark Registration in Uttar Pradesh 

The obtained trademark certificate is valid for ten years. If a company plans to renew a trademark, then it has to file a request for the renewal of trademark registration before the expiry of the certificate.

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At Corpbiz, our learned trademark specialist will support you in the registration process. Our team of experts and legal professionals will guide you to get the trademark registration with less effort of yours. To start your trademark registration in Uttar Pradesh, contact us today to get complete support till the registration is over. We would also like you to support other business requirements like company registration, accounting etc.

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