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An Overview of PSARA License in Uttar Pradesh

In India, the PSARA license is mandatory for starting any private security agency. These Private Security Agencies are the associations administrating security to industries, commercial buildings and even residential. They shall also provide training to security guards. Hence, private security officers must hold a license; otherwise, they cannot start a business or give security watch in Uttar Pradesh. Considering the present situation and looking into different aspects, private security plays an important role, whether it is any transportation of valuables or cash transfer to an ATM or as a bodyguard to a VIP.

Eligibility Criteria under PSARA in Uttar Pradesh

Eligibility criteria for business entity / Directors / Security officer or guard:

  • Any individual firm / various associates/ Limited liability partnership firms can start a security agency in India.
  • The applicant should be Indian and also attained 18 years
  • The Principal officer or security guard must not have committed any crime
  • The security officer should be above 18, not below 65 years and adequately trained in a government-certified training institute to perform his job as a security guard.
  • The applicant must hold a good character record from a previous employer and should not be dismissed from government services.
  • The person should not have a relationship with a government-prohibited organisation.
  • The candidate must ensure all the physical standards as per the PSARA Act.

Guidelines to be followed by private Security Agencies under PSARA

The PSARA, 2005 has laid down conditions for all security companies active in Uttar Pradesh. The following are some of the criteria that security agencies should follow.

  • All private security agencies should possess a trained and skilled employees.
  • The person with prior experience in defence services shall be given preference in the security officer role.
  • To oversee the working of security guards, the appointment of supervisors is mandatory
  • Security agencies should consider all the conditions, such as the qualification, disqualification, and criteria specified under the law.
  • The employees should mandate to follow the prescribed code of conduct, including the dressing code under the PSARA.
  • As per the PSARA, an applicant who is not registered in India or not a proprietor or a majority shareholder in a form will not be eligible to own a license.

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Documents required to obtain a PSARA license in Uttar Pradesh

  • ESIC (Employees State Insurance Corporation) Registration certificate
  • PAN card number
  • Registration certificate of the service department of the government
  • logo and uniform of the agency
  • Registration under the Contractual Labour Act
  • Two photographs from each promoter.
  • All the employee's detailed character certificates.
  • Registered office’s Address Proof

Process for obtaining a PSARA license in Uttar Pradesh

Organise all the Documents

The Documents necessary for the PSAR application have to be collected and sorted, and these Documents contain various registrations as well as the details of the promoters and directors. Once the Documents are sorted, it is then applied along with the application.

Enter into an MOU with a training institute.

The applicant has to enter an MOU with the eligible training institutes to provide training to its candidates. The Ex-servicemen are offered a certain amount of relaxation regard to the training aspects of the agency.

Filing of the application

The application Form-I, Form-II and Form-III needs to be accompanied by the application.

Verification of details by the police

The police verification will be done after the filing of Form-I

Grant of PSARA License

When the police provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) after verification, the authority will examine the application and grant the PSARA.

Time Period to obtain a PSARA License

The time taken to obtain the PSARA license may be roughly 60 days from the date of receiving the application.

Appointment of Supervisors

Supervisors need to be appointed by the applicant to comply with the provisions of the PSARA, 2005.

Validity and renewal of PSARA license in Uttar Pradesh

Once the business gets the license, it is valid for five years. The renewal may happen before 45 days of expiry.

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