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An Overview of Trademark Registration in Mumbai

Mumbai is India's business and financial capital and one of the major cities and state capital of Maharashtra. Mumbai houses the headquarters or registered offices of various major corporate and financial institutions. Mumbai also acts as an epicentre for some of the crucial industries like the film industry and capital markets. Being the financial capital, it also hosts headquarters for various Banks, stock exchanges and other financial powerhouses. To further attract industries to Mumbai or other parts of Maharashtra, the state government established Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). Mumbai is a booming economy with different businesses, with a lot of competition, so protecting your brand is necessary for the business to stand out in the market.

A trademark can be classified as the unique identity that makes your company’s product or service stand out from others. Registering your brand in India provides your business with intellectual property/intangible assets. Trademark registration in India protects the proprietor's investment in creating trust and loyalty among your customers.

Advantages of getting a trademark registration in Mumbai

  • Trademarks ensure jurisdictional rights to the product or services. Like any other tangible asset, it can also be licensed, sold, purchased, and utilised as collateral to secure the loan.
  • The registered trademark of the brand gives the owner exclusive rights to the business and also gives a reputation to the brand.
  • Suppose the product is registered with the trademark. In that case, the owner is authorised to file an infringement suit against any third party who infringed or who tries to infringe the goods and or services by utilising the reputation and the goodwill of another person's registered trademark.
  • Getting the brand value for the product is cost-effective since the trademark is valid for ten years, so the trademark renewal can happen only after its expiry.
  • The registered trademark attracts customers to choose your product and creates an identity for the product when the customer thinks about it.

Criteria for Trademark registration in Mumbai

Should the brand name be accessible for use, promptly apply for the enlistment

  • The selected logo/style should be of the proper class
  • Verified legal Documents are needed
  • The applicant can be an individual or organisation, or foreign individual
  • An accurate description of the product or services is necessary.

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Documents required for trademark registration in Mumbai

  • Digital signature certificate, if submitting the application online
  • If the logo is available, submit it in hard copy
  • Deed of partnership or certificate of incorporation
  • To apply on behalf of the applicant, a form TM-48 Document is necessary.
  • The affidavit filed on behalf of the user as a proof
  • If an individual forms TM-A

Process for trademark registration in Mumbai

  • The first step is trademark search to avoid duplication of the selected mark.
  • After choosing to file the application form TM-A
  • Following the application, the government examiner submits the examination report on whether the trademark compliance the rules of the trademark.
  • If an objection is there, it is conveyed to the applicant. The applicant should give the proper reply.
  • After completing all the grievances and objections, the registration process's final stage is the registrar issuing the trademark registration certificate.

Validity of Trademark Registration in Mumbai

The registered trademark is valid for only ten years and can be renewed before its expiry.

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At Corpbiz, our experienced team of experts will clarify the registration process. It also gives the client the option to track their registration status to get clarity of the process and helps deliver your registration on time. Our hassle-free online process and dedicated subject experts will deliver the services on time and clarify your queries regarding the registration process.

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