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An Overview of Trademark Registration in Jammu and Kashmir

The union territory of Jammu & Kashmir is vital in the horticulture sector; it is India's biggest producer of apples, walnuts and cherries. Jammu and Kashmir are also significant locations for manufacturing handloom and handicraft products. It is also home to the world's finest Bivoltine silk and Pashmina wool. Any individual or company can apply for a trademark in Jammu and Kashmir. If you plan to get the trademark registration for your brand in Jammu and Kashmir, the registration of such a trademark will be made in the trademark registry, Delhi office.

A trademark, otherwise known as a "mark", can be used as a unique indicator, symbol, graphic design, word, emblem, colour combination, the shape of the packaging, or signature, which has a legal recognition that distinguishes a product or service from its competitors.

Advantages of getting a Trademark Registration in Jammu and Kashmir

  • Trademark registration provides the owner of a registered trademark the advantage of selective right over the chosen trademark.
  • It makes it simple for customers to differentiate your product from others. It makes your products or services unique.
  • The establishment of a trademark makes an IP for a company or organisation. An enrolled trademark is an opportunity that can be assigned, franchised, economically contracted, or sold.
  • Once the trademark is registered, no one can use the registered trademark without taking approval from the original owner.

Criteria for Trademark Registration in Jammu and Kashmir

  • The trademark graphical expression is a must
  • The trademark selected should be unique.
  • The trademark chosen should have a connection with the product to be registered.
  • Its mark should not confuse and hurt religious sentiments.

Documents required for Trademark Registration in Jammu and Kashmir

  • Submit a copy of the logo or mark, if required.
  • Signed form -48 is permission by the owner to the attorney to file on his behalf.
  • Identity and address proof of the owner
  • Start-up India certificate/Udyog Registration
  • ROC certificate for company and organisation
  • Aadhar, if required

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Process for Trademark Registration in Jammu and Kashmir

  • Choose a distinctive trademark for the company.
  • Once the trademark is chosen, identify the class.
  • After completing the Trademark search, you can file one application for multiple classes.
  • Once the application is filed, the registrar of the trademark will check that it complies with the existing law.
  • After examination, the trademark registrar will publish your brand name in the journal.
  • If opposition from third parties is filed, after hearing both parties' evidence, the registrar decides on acceptance or rejection of the application.
  • If the registrar accepts the trademark application, then a trademark registration certificate is provided to the concern.

Validity of Trademark Registration in Jammu and Kashmir

A registered trademark has validity that stretches up to ten years, which has to be renewed again. However, the renewal process may be initiated only within six months before the expiry. If the owner fails to do so, the trademark will be removed. Even on removal, the trademark can be reinstated through what is known as restoration of the trademark in the prescribed form.

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