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An Overview of Trademark Registration in Chennai

Chennai is the capital city of state of Tamil Nadu and is famous for its ancient temples, famous arts, and cuisines. It is also called as ‘Gateway of South India’. Chennai is one of the major metropolitan cities of India and is often called the cultural capital of India. Chennai is the third largest per capita GDP in India. Due to the presence of active automobile industries, it is also known as the 'Detroit of south Asia'. Chennai is also a hub for software services, medical tourism, hardware manufacturing and financial services.So to get the sustainable benefit from the business in Chennai, a trademark registration for the business is needed, which gives exclusive ownership rights over your brand by restricting others from using them.

Many business establishments offer products or services with names or logos that appear or sound similar to the ones already available in the market and need to be clarified for the user to look for such services. For the business that initially creates the name, it means brand value. Avoiding such scenarios can trademark a brand.

Advantages of getting a trademark registration in Chennai

  • Trademark registration secures your brand name. At the time of business, expansion registered trademark is better than finding a new one.
  • Registering a trademark does not allow other companies to use this name without your permission, and it will infringe if such usage is found.
  • A simple and proper registration is required to protect the existing customers and sustain longevity.
  • The registered brand name gets more reach when your product surfs on the internet and social media and gains commercial goodwill.
  • The trademark is an intangible asset. It quickly gives a positive feeling and increases business growth.

Criteria for Trademark registration in Chennai

Should the brand name be accessible for use, promptly apply for the enlistment

  • Should be capable of being represented graphically
  • Should be capable of differentiating the goods or services
  • Should be used with any goods or services
  • Should not completely describe the product or services

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Documents required for trademark registration in Chennai

  • Name and address of the applicant
  • Type of business and business goals
  • Name of the brand/logo/motto/style in soft copy
  • Addresses of the registration
  • Form 48
  • Owners' identity proof ( Aadhar, PAN card, Voter ID)

Process for trademark registration in Chennai

  • Identity and choose the brand name to ensure it is not currently listed under any other name. When it is determined to be distinctive, the trademark can be licensed.
  • Approximately 45 classes are there in trademark according to the Trademark Act. The company name should fit the classes and allow you to trade under a particular brand name.
  • After selecting and applying for a trademark, the trademark is approved by the registrar, and the details of Mark will be advertised in the Trademark Journal.
  • Finally, the examiner shall issue the applicant a certificate of trademark registration.

Validity of Trademark Registration in Chennai

After the trademark is registered, it is valid for ten years. After getting the mark, the R symbol can be used, which specifies the owner's exclusive right. After expiry, the owner can renew the trademark based on the business requirements, and it can be renewed even before six months of the expiry of the trademark.

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At Corpbiz, our professional team of experts will give you complete and exclusive support regarding the trademark registration process. Our team will provide an excellent solution to the client regarding all the queries of trademark registration, and our skilled lawyers will guide you in each registration stage. Our team will also provide other supports like patent, copyright and design registration if the businesses require them.

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