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Overview on Solar Plant set up in India

The industrial ages provided us an idea and understanding of sunlight as a source of energy. India is blessed with immense solar energy potential. More than 5,000 trillion KWh per year energy generated over India’s land and mostly the parts are receiving 4-7 KWh per seq. m per day. The conventional method of generating electricity are hydropower, thermal power and nuclear power. Nowadays, solar energy and wind energy are more popular because of the renewal nature of the primary source of energy. This is considered to be effective and most popular way of generating electricity. A solar power plant's typical operation entails a bank of the solar panels receiving sunlight and converting it into DC electricity via photovoltaic (PV) effect produced by PV cells in panels. This DC electricity is fed into a battery, which stores it. This DC power is converted to AC power by an inverter, & inverter's AC output is sent into mains, from which various applications take power.

Categories of Solar power plant

There are three types of solar power plant are:

  1. On-grid
  2. Off-grid and
  3. Hybrid

The on-grid type is compatible with the grid supply's AC power. During the day, this system draws power directly from the solar power plant, and when that supply is insufficient, it draws power from the grid. This method also allows for revenue generation by sending excess power to the grid via net administering. On the other hand, the off grid system is separate from of the grid supply. This is functional when the grid supply is inconsistent or when there is no supply of grid. Hybrid system that uses both off-grid and on-grid power sources. This has a number of benefits, including serving as backup power and generating revenue when excess power is supplied to the grid.

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The below compliance are needed to set up solar power plant

  • Fire NOC
  • Factory License
  • NOC from SPCB

Fire NOC- the Fire NOC shall be issued from the respective states Fire service that verifies and check the resistance of the building or the building can observe any fire related accidents. If all the required guidelines are covered later the Fire department will issue the Fire NOC for both the residential and commercial buildings of the applicant. And the direction of the state may vary from state to state.

Documents required to obtain Fire NOC

  • Model of building
  • Building stability certificate
  • Copy of the aadhar card of the applicant
  • Photograph of the establishment or building taken from the outside
  • The building plans that must contain all the required information being prescribed by the by-laws
  • Sets of building plans through building authority same comprises the site plan, building plan, layout plan, analysis report and form of supervision.

If all the Documents mentioned above correctly provided along with the application to the authority concerned then within 4 weeks the NOC shall be granted from the date of receipt.

Factory License- For the safety of the workers the owner of the property shall provide the healthy environment to the workers. So, the government has introduced the factory act, 1948. As per the act every owner of the factory must register the premises with the local authorities before starting any type of business. Factory license is a Document which is approved by the authorities to commence manufacturing business. Factory Licenses are issued by the Department of Factories and Boilers. The Factories and Boilers Department is responsible for monitoring worker health, safety, and welfare. A factory registering under the Factories Act of 1948 must also acquire the labour and employment department's approval of its building plan before applying for a factory registration.

The government has been laid out the following below guidelines that are required to be followed by those factories which-

  • Minimum 10 workers and consumer power.
  • Have at least 20 workers and do not consume power.

The factory can be bifurcated in two sub-categories:

  • Hazardous
  • Non-hazardous

What are the Documents required?

  • ID and address proof of the applicant
  • A detailed list of all directors
  • MOA,AOA and board resolution
  • Partnership deed if applicable
  • Bank account details
  • Payment details
  • Form-1 (specific room in the factory)
  • Land deeds
  • Particulars of equipment
  • Consent from all authorities
  • Copy of factory building plan

NOC from SPCB - Any individual who wants to set up solar plant needs to acquire consent to operate (CTO) from the State pollution control board (SPCB). And one should comply with the provisions given under section 25 of the waster prevention and control act 1974.

There are two kinds of NOC required by the clearance board:

  1. Consent to establish 
  2. Consent to operate 

Consent to establish 

Consent to establish is a type of Consent required by the concerned Authority to set up or run any manufacturing industry. This is the primary Authority to establish any air and water or noise pollution industry. 

Consent to Operate 

Consent to operate is needed to ensure that the industry maintains or maintains the standards related to operations all the industries required to form this type of Consent to operate. 

How Corpbiz can assist you?

  • Corpbiz can assist you in paper works
  • Obtaining the Licenses for setting up a solar plant
  • Consultation
  • Delivering of License
  • End-to-end support

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