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Overview of India UAE CEPA Certificate 

On 18th February 2022, the Government of India and the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. This agreement finally came into force on 1st May 2022. This India UAE CEPA aims to boost bilateral trade between the two countries. The essential products that will benefit are oil and gas, petrochemicals, minerals, textiles, agriculture, jewellery and gems, metals and more. This agreement facilitates mutual recognition of professional degrees in different sectors such as engineering, architecture, medical, nursing, company secretary and accountancy, allowing more effortless mobility of services professionals across the border of these two countries. 

Products of plastics, gold and copper constitute a significant proportion of India's imports from the UAE and here is the list of total products that constitute imports from the UAE:

  • Polymers of Ethylene in Primary Forms
  • Polymers of Propylene or the other olefins in primary forms
  • Polymers of the vinyl chloride or other halogenated olefins in primary forms
  • Gold (including gold plated with platinum) unwrought or in semi-manufactured forms or powder form
  • Articles of jewellery and parts thereof, of precious metals, of Mtl clad with precious metal
  • Copper wire

The CEPA enables traders from India and UAE to avail of preferential treatments and customs benefits related to the importation of various goods. The Department of Commerce, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs of India and the Ministry of Economy in UAE are responsible for the grant of the India UAE CEPA Certificate as a Certificate of origin for preferential treatment. The tariff commitments of India for trade in goods cover a total of 11908 items, and the UAE cover a total of 7581 items. 

Benefits of India UAE CEPA Certificate

Following are the benefits that one can have while holding the India UAE CEPA Certificate under the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between India and UAE:

  • Immediate duty benefits for the notified products in the agreement (CEPA) 
  • Progressive duty reductions on imported goods 
  • Transparency in customs procedures for preferential treatment of imported goods
  • Lower tariffs for trade in goods
  • Simple customs procedures and trade facilitation 
  • Progressive duty reductions over coming years 
  • Facilitation of using third-party invoicing for preferential treatment on cross-border transaction
  • Direct transport condition to avail preferential origin treatment 
  • Facilitation of market entry access for pharmaceutical products
  • Bilateral co-operation on pharmaceutical products
  • Specific origin determination rules for preferential treatment are based on the followings:
  • Wholly obtained goods 
  • Change in harmonised system chapter
  • Change in headings and sub-headings
  • Value-added criteria for products 
  • Sharing of detailed product information with authorities to comply with the preferential treatment
  • Co-operation in relation to an agreement on technical barriers to trade
  • Co-operation on information exchange between tax authorities 
  • Commitments to working towards implementation of the AEO mutual recognition agreement 
  • Granting temporary admission for some gods in specific circumstances 
  • Promotion of trade opportunities for all sized businesses in both countries 
  • Impartiality in Government procurement

Eligible Products for India UAE CEPA Certificate

The product is deemed to be originating in a contracting country and is eligible for preferential treatment if it falls under the followings:

Wholly obtained or produced product (in the territory of the contracting country) such as:

  • The plant grew and harvested in such country.
  • Live animals were born and raised there.
  • Products are obtained from live animals there.
  • Mineral products and natural resources are extracted or taken from such country's soil, waters, seabed or beneath the seabed.
  • The products are obtained from hunting, trapping, fishing or aquaculture conducted in that country.
  • Product of sea fishing and other marine products taken from outside the territorial water of such country by a vessel or produced by a factory ship registered, recorded or licensed with a country and flying its flag.
  • Products other than products of sea fishing and other marine products taken or extracted from seabed or subsoil of the continental shelf or exclusive economic zone of any of the countries.
  • Waste or scrap resulting from the consumption or manufacturing operations conducted in the territory of such country, fit for disposal or recovery of raw materials.
  • Product produced in the territory of the such country exclusively from the products as mentioned above.
  • Has undergone sufficient working or production according to the Product Specific Rules. 

Documents Required for India UAE CEPA Certificate 

Following is the list of required information and Documents for the India UAE CEPA Certificate:

  • Import-Export Code (IEC)
  • A valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) 
  • GSTN details
  • Valid Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC)
  • Commercial invoice 
  • Details including name, designation and contact details of authorities 
  • HS Code
  • Description, quantity and value of the exported product
  • Details of items
  • Details of exporter such as name, address and country 
  • Details of importer such as name, address and country
  • Details of the loading port, discharging port and transit port.  
  • Name of vessels or flight number 
  • Date of shipment, i.e., bill of loading or airway bill date 
  • Item number, marks and numbers, number and kind of packages, tariff classification number and description of each good consigned.
  • Criterion of goods 
  • Quantity of goods 
  • Manufacturer exporter declaration on company's letterhead 
  • Purchase order from the importer party
  • Declaration

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Procedure for Getting India UAE CEPA Certificate

Following are the required steps to be followed while applying for India UAE CEPA Certificate:


An applicant has to apply for this trade agreement certificate at DGFT or any other competent authority by making an appropriate application.


Applicant must provide valid information and attach all the required Documents with the application to prove the origin.

Fees Payment:

The applicant has to make payment of the requisite fees after the successful submission of the application. 


The issuing authority, through a risk management system, selectively conducts pre-export verification of the information provided by the applicant. It may include conducting factory visits. 


Once all the steps mentioned earlier are completed, the competent issuing authority issues the India UAE CEPA Certificate in the applicant's name. 

The Certificate must be in the English language and as per the trade agreement between India and UAE and must contain the HS Code, description and quantity of products, name of the consignee, mane of the exporter, producer or manufacturer, country of origin, etc. the Certificate must include beer signature and official seal of the competent authority, and along with this it must have a unique, sequential serial number separate for each office of issuance and affixed by the issuing authority in exporting country. Such a Certificate is valid for one import and must include one or more products. It must also bear a Quick Response (QR) code for electronic verification.  

The list of authorised government agencies that are allowed to grant India UAE CEPA Certificate is as follows:

  • Export Inspection Council and Export Inspection Agencies for all products
  • Development Commissioner, Handicraft and regional offices for Handicraft
  • Marine Products Export Development Authority and its regional offices for Marine Products
  • Spices Board for Spices and cashew nuts
  • Coir Board for Coir and coir products
  • Textile Committee and regional offices for Textile and clothing
  • Central Silk Board and regional offices for Silk products
  • MEPZ Special Economic Zone for All products by Units in Madras SEZ and EOUs located within the jurisdiction.
  • Kandla Special Economic zone for All products manufactured by Units in Kandla and Surat SEZs and EOUs located within the respective jurisdiction
  • SEEPZ Special Economic Zone for All products manufactured by Units in SEEPZ SEZ and EOUs located within the respective jurisdiction.
  • Cochin Special Economic Zone for All products manufactured by Units in Cochin SEZ and EOUs located within the respective jurisdiction
  • Noida Special Economic Zone for All products manufactured by Units in Noida SEZ and EOUs located within the respective jurisdiction
  • Vishakhapatnam Special Economic Zone Falta Special Economic Zone for All products manufactured by Units in Vishakhapatnam SEZ and EOUs located within the respective jurisdiction All products manufactured by Units
  • Directorate General of Foreign Trade and its other regional offices for All products
  • Tobacco Board for Tobacco and tobacco products
  • Agricultural and Processed Foods Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) for Agricultural products

Frequently Asked Questions

India-UAE CEPA covers trade in goods, rules of origin, trade in services, technical barriers to trade, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, dispute settlement, movement of natural persons, telecom, customs procedure, pharmaceutical products, government procurement, IPR, investment, digital trade and co-operation in other areas.

CAROTAR stands for the Customs Administration of Rules of Origin under Trade Agreement Rules. It is introduced by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) to strengthen the certification procedure and ensure benefits.

To obtain India UAE CEPA Certificate, an applicant must have DSC and IEC prerequisites.

There is a total of 31 items included under TRQ, such as polymers, plastic, PVC, gold and gold jewellery and copper wire.

India UAE CEPA is expected to increase the total value of the bilateral trade between the two countries for trade in goods to over US$100 billion and trade in services to over US$15 billion in the coming five years.

The parties of this CEPA must establish the India-UAE Technical Council on Investment and Trade Promotion and Facilitation with an aim to promote and enhance trade and investment between both parties, hold a consultation on specific matters, facilitate investment and trade flows, etc.

This agreement is valid for an infinite period of time until any party to this agreement terminate it through written notification to the other party.

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