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Overview of Bihar State Pollution Control Board

For maintaining or restoring the Water and prevention and Control of Water and air pollution under the Water (Prevention and Control Pollution) Act, 1974 and the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, the Central and State Pollution Control Boards are established. In Bihar, a Board, namely Bihar State Pollution Control Board, was constituted.

Bihar State Pollution Control Board (BSPCB) was established as a regulatory authority in the year 1974 under the Water Act 1974 to perform a function similar to other State Pollution Control Boards under the provisions of the Water Act. It was established to implement various pollution control laws. The BSPCB focuses on providing a pollution-free environment to the people.

The Bihar State Government has prepared its strategies under the Environmental Policy with the framework of economic and social priorities and with the objective of ensuring environmental conservation. The BSPCB aims at ensuring sustainable development with social and intergenerational equity, enhancing environmental performance and improving the quality of life of its citizens.

The Chairman, with the member secretary, heads the BSPCB. The Central Office is at Patna. The board has two more regional offices at Muzaffarpur and Begusarai. Even the central laboratory and the research & development centre of the BSPCB are also located in Patna. 

The objective of the Bihar State Pollution Control Board

The followings are the objectives of the Bihar State Pollution Control Board:

  • To safeguard and improve the environment.
  • To aim at establishing programmes in the State to protect and restore the quality of the environment in the State.
  • To implement uniform and workable environmental standards that the industries can accept to remove the inconsistency and ambiguity in relation to environmental laws.
  • To monitor Sir and water pollution level in the State and to keep a record of the same.

Functions of the Bihar State Pollution Control Board

The following are the main functions entrusted to the Bihar State Pollution Control Board:

  • To plan programmes for the prevention and control of pollution in the State of Bihar
  • To give time to time advice to the Bihar State Government on the matter of pollution control in the State
  • To collect and disseminate the information related to pollution control
  • To conduct and participate in Research & Development in regard to the water pollution in the State
  • To collaborate with the CPCB in organizing the training and awareness programmes
  • To inspect the treatment plant and their review for the purpose
  • To lay down the standards of sewage and trade effluents
  • To evolve economical and reliable methods of effluent treatment and also to evolve the disposal methods of sewage and trade effluent.
  • To lay down the standards of treatment of sewage and trade effluent
  • To make suitable orders related to the prevention and control of discharge of effluent into streams or concerning the construction of systems for their disposal.
  • To lay down effluent standards for observation by any person causing the discharge of sewage or sludge
  • To advise the state government on the location of the industry
  • To establish or recognize the laboratories for the analysis of the discharge of effluent
  • To perform other functions as prescribed by the CPCB and the state government

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Documents for Bihar State Pollution Control Board consent

The Documents required for filing an application to Bihar State Pollution Control Board are the following:

  • Copy of PAN Card, Aadhar Card or Voted ID of the authorized person
  • Documents related to land or land possession certificate
  • Land change use certificate from the concerned authority
  • Detailed project report
  • Proposed pollution control measures
  • Report on air pollutants to be discharged
  • Location Map
  • Copy of environment clearance report from Ministry of Environment
  • Undertaking regarding the required distance of industry

Procedure for Bihar State Pollution Control Board Consent

The consent by Bihar State Pollution Control Board is, as per the Water and Air Act, is obtained by fulfilling certain conditions with the required fee and by following these steps:

Identification of Category

All new industries have to identify the category first under which they fall, as divided by the Bihar State Pollution Control Board.

Filing of Application

Then in the second step, such new industries have to file an application for consent at the Bihar State Pollution Control Board by submitting Documents with the requisite fee and other required conditions.


The application by the applicant to the BSPCB is then scrutinized by the junior environment engineer and sent to the Member Secretary for further inspection, and then forwarded to the Chairman for the final decision. The board officials also do the site inspection.

Issue of consent

The consent is issued within 120 days by the Chairman of the Bihar State Pollution Control Board.

The validity of consent from the BSPCB is granted for a definite period of five years. The renewal application for it has to be filed before one month from the date of expiry of such consent.

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